Baby Shark Stolen From Aquarium Finally Brought Home Safe & Sound

Miss Helen the baby horn shark had one crazy rollercoaster of a week. After being swiped by a trio of robbers on Saturday, Miss Helen is safely back at home at the San Antonio Aquarium in Texas.

This odd story began when surveillance video showed a trio of 'sharknappers' suspiciously circling an open marine tank at the aquarium. For more than an hour, the trio scouted out the future crime scene–waiting for a chance to snatch up their catch of the day. As a team, the three criminals followed out this premeditated plan to take Miss Helen. The large open-pool exhibit was home to many other marine lives.

As seen in the video, one of the two men reaches into the kiddie pool with his own net and removes the shark. Another man follows him off camera as the female accomplice stands to the side. When the two return, something can be seen covered in a blanket. One of the men was holding the object in his arms. The female accomplice looked on with a baby in her arm near a stroller. That is when you notice the wrapped object was indeed Miss Helen.

Covered in a wet towel, the 16-inch shark was placed into the baby stroller’s undercarriage. The two male suspects entered a side room where they put Miss Helen into a bucket of water and the three rushed off.

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Miss Helen Stolen Shark
Via: CNN

An aquarium manager did, in fact, catch up with the shark-stealing trio in the parking lot. However, they refused to allow the employee to check their truck or the stroller. Their excuse was that their son was sick and they needed to leave immediately. The police were called and that was when one of the men drove off, leaving the two other accomplices behind.

Once police arrived, they were able to track down the getaway car quickly thanks to the help of the public. The truck belonged to one of the suspects.

The man who stole Miss Helen, Anthony Shannon, has a huge aquarium habitat inside of his garage. Police described it as almost identical to the pool at the aquarium. They also pointed out the vast array of marine life he had and the care that he seemed to have for these animals.

Shannon told reporters that he decided to steal the shark after a friend told him of animals dying often at the aquarium. In his mind, he believed he was doing a good deed and called himself an activist, not a criminal.

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One of the employees at the aquarium said he had noticed Shannon months before when he posed as a salt supplier.

While all this must have been frightening and traumatizing to those around, aquarium workers have shared some good news. Miss Helen seems to be doing fine and acclimating to being back home. The trio is in custody and awaiting charges, except for Shannon, who eventually confessed, and has been charged with felony theft.

It looks like this time justice was served. With Miss Helen back at home safe and sound, the San Antonio Aquarium can rest easy.

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