Watch: Baby Sloth Born At Denver Zoo

A baby sloth was born at the Denver Zoo and it is the cutest thing in the world to watch.

Channel 9News in Denver was the first to report on the new addition to the Zoo. Last Sunday sloth’s Charlotte and Elliot became the proud parents of a new baby sloth, which immediately clung to its mom. The zoo has not released the name of the new bundle of joy or its gender. Last Thursday, the family made their official public debut at Bird World at the Denver Zoo.

Although the family is going public, those that go to see the baby sloth might have an impaired view. See for about six months the new baby will cling to its mom Charlotte. Therefore, Zoo-goers might not get the best glimpse of the little one. Scientists insist this is simply the natural process of a baby and mom sloth bonding.

The baby sloth is the first for Charlotte and Elliott. There has been a lot of speculation surrounding the little one by members of the Denver community, thanks to some teasing by the Zoo. For months leading up to the baby’s arrival, the Zoo launched a social media campaign that used various mysterious ultrasound images to tease the baby sloth’s impending arrival.


Charlotte, Elliott and their new bundle of joy are Linne’s two-toed sloths that are normally found in the South American rainforests. They are nocturnal animals and sleep for about 15 hours a day. Also, they are only active about two hours before sunrise and one hour before sunset.

Actress Kristen Bell will be thrilled to learn that a new baby sloth was born at the Denver Zoo last week and she can watch it on video. Fans of The Good Place star know she is obsessed with sloths, so watching the new baby will be right up her ally. Remember when she cried because her husband Dax Shepard got her a live sloth for her birthday party?

Denver residents should plan a trip to the Zoo to check out Charlotte, Elliott and their new baby sloth, whose name and gender will hopefully be revealed soon.


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