'The Bachelor': A Round-Up Of All The Juicy Drama And Spoilers You've Yet To See

Believe it or not, Arie's journey to find love is halfway over already. Well, at least the televising of his second reality TV attempt at finding love is halfway over from a viewer's perspective. Plenty of drama has unfolded up to this halfway mark—thanks mostly to a breathy girl named Krystal, but the best is still yet to come. Some fans prefer to wait and ride out the tide to see if their Fantasy League picks were an indication that they could make millions in Vegas. Still, others prefer to know about the train wrecks coming their way before they go too far down the tracks. Lucky for them, we have searched high and low to discover and share all of the drama and spoilers yet to be seen on Arie's season of The Bachelor.

15 Arie pulled a Mesnick

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Anyone who has watched The Bachelor for some time now remembers when single dad Jason Mesnick went from hero to horrible in the eyes of all women. It was when he dumped his fiancée on live TV and said he still had feelings for the runner-up. Flash forward to almost a decade later and he is now married to Molly, AKA the runner-up, and the two have a child together. Thus, redeeming himself among the loyal followers of Bachelor Nation.

According to Reality Steve, Arie switching ladies will be much harder to forgive. This might have something to do with him also pulling a Higgins, who once openly admitted that he fell in love with two women. Then, there's Arie's reputation and that ominous tweet by his ex-girlfriend Sydney Stempfley about how he can't choose just one girl.

14 Arie got engaged to Becca Kufrin

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So now that we know Arie pulled a Mesnick, it's time to talk about which woman was the Melissa and which was the Molly in his scenario. First, we have Becca who would be the Melissa to Arie's Jason. What we will see unfold on the final episode of The Bachelor is Arie proposing to Becca and her accepting his proposal. This took place in Peru on November 17. There have been several Instagram slip-ups from the pair that confirm they have spent time together as a couple. Sadly, it was all short-lived, as they stayed together approximately two months before Arie had a change of heart. Reality Steve is positive that the breakup occurred during one of their official couple visits in L.A. and that ABC has film footage of how it all went down.

13 Arie's been seeing Lauren Burnham

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One other thing Arie seems to have in common with Ben Higgins is that he did end up with a Lauren—at least for now. Reality Steve apparently has minion spies all over the U.S., one of whom sent him a photo of the ABC film crew making camp at Lauren's parents' house in Virginia. If they filmed him breaking things off with Becca, then it only makes sense that they would film him going back for the blonde, right?

Arie supposedly called Lauren the night the show premiered, so we can assume that their reconciliation started then. That would mean that the trip to her parents' house wasn't a shocker and that Lauren was already on board to take him back. No, he didn't propose to her or anything, and it's unlikely that he will knowing Arie.

12 Becca's ex-boyfriend shows up and proposes to her

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Arie and Becca's engagement not only ended badly, but it also got off to a rather rocky start. That has nothing to do with their feelings for one another (or at least Becca's feelings for Arie) but rather with another guy coming late to the party. Ross Jirgl, Becca's ex-boyfriend and a former Minnesota State football player, shows up in Peru to win her back. Why he waited until the final filming of the show, nobody knows for sure. Perhaps he thought she'd never make it that far. Regardless, the plotting producers were more than happy to accommodate him crashing the scene and trying to steal Arie's thunder. Before Arie could propose to Becca, Ross gets a chance to do so. That had to make Arie sweat to see a big football player trying to steal back the woman he dated on and off for almost a decade. Lucky for Arie (but not Becca), she turned down Ross' proposal.

11 Becca's been dropping clues that she is single

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Thanks to social media, there is only so much a person can hide nowadays. It goes without saying that we can easily jump to conclusions from what a Bachelor contestant posts or her lack of posts following filming. Still, some clues are more than simply speculation. It's especially ironic when the supposed winner of the show posts content that clearly suggests she is heartbroken or lonely. One post in particular shows Becca with a guy friend, which isn't abnormal, except that she writes something about needing a man to snuggle with when she is alone. Reality Steve has also uncovered some rather sad posts she made within the past two weeks, though it appears she has now deleted them. Becca likely had a ton of people questioning the show's outcome after making that comment about how at least her cat still loves her.

10 Arie's been in contact with another ex-girlfriend

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Arie isn't exactly known for monogamy, even outside of the weird world of reality TV dating. That's why it should shock nobody that he was seeing another woman right before taking on the Bachelor role. Even more importantly, that woman was someone other than Sydney Stempfley or Courtney Robertson. Yes, there's yet another one.

Giustina Lee dated Arie on and off between 2013 and 2017 and spent the weekend with him less than a month before he was declared the Bachelor. The 29-year-old claims the two went to dinner with her mom and roommate, and that they later slept together.

That wasn't the end, though, since Arie called her Giustina in late December after The Bachelor filming had ended. He later saw her parents and told them that he wished she had "showed up." Giustina assumes he meant on the show, making this situation even weirder. She said Arie's confused about what love really is, and we would have to agree.

9 Krystal gets sent home on a 2-on-1 date

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This has been an unusual season, and not solely because we have to watch #NotPeter try and redeem his player status. The first episode made us all think Chelsea would be the villain. She got the first impression rose and talked a lot of smack in her ITM interviews. Then, the tables turned quicker than Arie's hair color has over the past five years, and Krystal took over the super villain status.

After her little temper tantrum in Episode 5, everyone is left to wonder when will she ever go home. Hang tight, Bachelor Nation, her day is soon approaching. Arie finally reprimanded Krystal's diva ways in Episode 5, and Krystal finally gets what she's had coming to her in Episode 6. Arie gives her the ultimate stamp of disapproval by choosing her for the dreaded 2-on-1 date. The other girl on the date is Kendall, who is mega quirky and will apparently eat or mount (take that one how you will) anything. Yet, she's still the more obvious option over Krystal at this point.

8 Jacqueline eliminates herself

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Arie said that Jacqueline is unlike anyone he has ever dated. She has a degree in philosophy, lives in New York and doesn't take every opportunity to show off her cleavage. So, we totally believe him on that one. That also could mean that there's a very good chance Jacqueline doesn't typically date race car drivers.

Arie isn't one to pass up a pretty lady, though, and Jacqueline ends up getting not one but two 1-on-1 dates. These dates occur in back-to-back episodes, which means she must have left Arie wanting more. During Episode 7, Jacqueline actually sends herself home. She didn't feel their relationship progressing and joined the several other contestants in the show's history who have eliminated themselves from the process. In hindsight, we have to wonder if this was all just a social experiment to her since she wants to work in mental health.

7 Tia gets a hometown date

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Small towns are a lot like Arie in that they don't mind ruining a surprise if it helps put them in the limelight. One local Arkansas news source was more than happy to share photos of The Bachelor production team parked outside of Tia Booth's parents' home in Weiner, Arkansas. The article even referred to the fact that Reality Steve, king of spoilers, backed up the evidence that Tia was filming a hometown date with Arie.

Tia landed a 1-on-1 date with the Bachelor in Episode 5, where they took an airboat ride in the swamplands, followed by a private dinner. Arie gladly gave Tia the rose, even though that would be their last personal time together before the hometowns. Of course, the Arkansas news channel had to remind everyone that Raven came from the state as well. Nothing like a claim to fame, huh?

6 Lauren makes up for lost time

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It might seem a little odd to think that Arie is going out with Lauren B. now, since she hasn't played a very big role so far in his love story. That's all about to change, though, as she snags the only 1-on-1 date in Paris, which is arguably the most romantic place on the planet. They stroll through the Luxembourg Gardens and have a self-portrait made of the two of them. He hands her the rose and gives her a second 1-on-1 the following week in Italy. She gets the rose on that date too, which puts her in the final four. According to Reality Steve, she makes it all the way to the end, only to lose out to Becca. Well, until very recently when Arie decided that he wanted to go with her after all.

5 Kendall makes it to the top three without a 1-on-1 date

The Bachelor has a way of letting the front-runners get more and more time with the Bachelor as the show progresses. So, it only seems natural that we would assume the women who have had 1-on-1 dates will be among the final four getting hometown visits. That wasn't the case for Corinne on Nick's season, but we can all suspect she got a hometown because the producers knew everyone wanted to meet Raquel. Plus, she had a way of creating her own 1-on-1 time with Nick.

Kendall is a bit of a surprise, though. It doesn't seem like Arie has as strong a connection with Kendall as he does with most of the other girls. Then there's the fact that Arie actually told her she scared him a little. Still, with all that working against her, Kendall manages to make it into the final three. Perhaps it was only by default since Jacqueline decided to leave, but the point is that she still made it.

4 Chelsea's baby daddy is causing her problems

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Chelsea likely felt the pressure of keeping Arie's attention since she got the curse of the first-impression rose. Sadly, she had bigger problems than that once she got home. She hasn't had the best track record with her baby daddy, Michael Wilson, and things only amplified while Chelsea was away filming The Bachelor.

Last February, Chelsea was permitted a temporary protective order against Michael, claiming that he grabbed and pushed her during an altercation. He then ripped their lab from her arms and dragged the dog to his truck. Michael denied this, and the claim was dropped. Most recently, when Chelsea left to film the show, Michael filed a motion stating that he didn't need to pay child support while she was away. They share custody of Sammy, who stayed with his dad while his mom was on The Bachelor.

3 Krystal's creating drama on social media

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We've already crowned Krystal the queen of drama. Many contestants who receive such an honor dial it down once the show has ended. It could be that they feel a little remorse for the way they acted on the show or because they know that they need to repair their image. Krystal didn't seem to take any of that into consideration though when she created this Instagram post. Anyone who watched Episode 5 knows that Krystal pitched a fit and then sulked the rest of the night in her bath robe. Well, that's what we saw on camera. This behind-the-scenes photo shows her laughing it up with who we assume is a crew member for the show. Not only that, but she took part in desecrating someone else's hair extensions. Needless to say, this didn't sit well with Instagramers.

2 Maquel comments on her mean girl accusations

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According to a girl named Taylor Carraway, Maquel bullied her so badly in high school that she quit going to school. Someone must have mentioned this to Maquel on Instagram, since she felt the need to comment about it. Maquel said that she never bullied anyone and if that girl thinks she did, she is truly sorry. That sounds nice.

The rest of what she said sounds a little condescending, though. Maquel said that she made it a point to make everyone feel special, but she also mentioned that she only spoke like two words to Taylor in her life. She also threw around a few words like "success," "fame" and "limelight," which seem a little over the top for someone who appeared on a few episodes of The Bachelor.

1 Lauren was recently engaged

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Before anyone gets too carried away, we have to clarify that although Lauren was previously engaged to someone other than Arie. She apparently has a thing for athletes because her ex-boyfriend is, Chris Crane, a minor league hockey player. The couple had a wedding date planned for July 8, 2017, but broke up in late 2016. One thing they forgot to do, however, was delete their online wedding registry at Crate&Barrel, which obviously surfaced after she was announced as a contestant on the show. The all-knowing Reality Steve seems to think that having broken off her own engagement in the past might have helped Lauren find the sympathy needed to accept Arie wanting her back.

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