15 Backstage Rumors Circulating The WWE Right Now

WWE is probably having its busiest week of wrestling as we speak. This week, WWE is holding season premieres for Raw, NXT (which had its first live two-hour episode on the USA Network last Wednesday) and SmackDown, which will be premiering on the FOX network this Friday night. Much of the hullabaloo and festivities going around in WWE right now seems to be an attempt to offer counter-programming against new rival promotion, All Elite Wrestling, given that their new show AEW: Dynamite premiered for the very first time on TNT this past Wednesday in the exact same time slot as NXT on the USA Network.

The counter-programming attempt reports are just one of many rumors circulating around WWE right now. With such a big week in WWE, there are sure to be countless other rumors buzzing around the industry. Here are a few of the other biggest rumors coming out of WWE right now.

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15 Seth Rollins deleted his Twitter because of Sasha Banks

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Earlier this week, Seth Rollins posted a tweet hyping up his excitement for fulfilling a dream match vs. Rey Mysterio. Sasha Banks copied his tweet word for word to hype up her own match this week, making fun of Rollins. Rollins tweeted back angrily and got some angry tweets in return from her fans. This is rumored to have been enough to convince him to delete his Twitter, though he reactivated it for Sunday Night Football.

14 John Cena to make surprise SmackDown appearance

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It has been a couple of years since he has appeared on the SmackDown brand, but with this Friday being the show's premiere on FOX and the show's 20th-anniversary show, John Cena is rumored to make an appearance and possibly teased it in his last IG post of a clock. It might be an awkward return considering his ex might be there, too.

13 Nikki Bella returning to wrestling

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Nikki Bella announced her retirement from wrestling in March, but more recently, she posted a video to social media of some blue gear in her closet. This has led to speculation that she will be making an appearance on the SmackDown FOX premiere this Friday, and possibly make an in-ring return.

12 Becky Lynch to be the face of SmackDown

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Ever since pinning Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania 35 to become a double champion, Becky Lynch has been featured primarily on Raw. However, seeing as she is being featured prominently in commercials for SmackDown's big move to the FOX network, some are speculating that she's moving over to SmackDown to be their top face.

11 Vince McMahon hates his writing team

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"Hate" might be a strong word, but we're not sure what else to call it when Vince McMahon has been reported to have ripped up every single SmackDown script lately hours before the show starts and then rewrites it himself as the show goes on. He must hate his writing team.

10 Liv Morgan returning to challenge Bayley

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The last time we saw Liv Morgan on WWE TV was when she lost a match to Charlotte Flair during the summer on SmackDown, but promised that when she comes back, she's "gonna be real."

According to Sportskeeda, WWE is preparing to bring back Morgan, mold her as one of their top good guys, and have her feud with Bayley for the SmackDown Women's Championship; hence why Bayley became a villain recently.

9 Vince McMahon doesn't like new wrestler

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One of the newer wrestlers to the Raw roster is Cedric Alexander. He has spent the last couple months feuding onscreen with long-tenured superstar, AJ Styles, for his United States Championship.

Cedric has lost over, and over, and over again to Styles in ways that fans think make him look weak. The reason being reported by The Wrestling Observer is because Vince McMahon wants to "bury" him; humiliate him.

8 Paige turned down a FOX hosting job

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As WWE continues to look for a host for their upcoming FS1 show, WWE Backstage, one of the people they offered the job to was Paige, who competed as a wrestler some years back before suffering a career-ending injury.

Paige was reportedly offered the gig but turned it down for unknown reasons.

7 Will cancel one of their shows

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Due to little public interest and low ratings on their WWE Network, the company has been rumored recently to be planning to cancel their 205 Live show - which focuses on smaller wrestlers who weigh 205lbs and under - in the near future, then integrating that roster into its NXT program. For now, at least, the show was moved to Friday nights at 10 p.m.

6 They re-signed former champion

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PWInsider broke the story that former Intercontinental Champion John Morrison has re-signed a contract with WWE and will be returning to television soon after leaving Impact Wrestling just a few months back. While Morrison called out PWInsider for the report on Twitter, he also did not deny the rumor.

5 Usos returning soon after DUI incident

via tmz.com

As some readers may remember, Jimmy Uso was arrested on a DUI charge in July; ironically days after John Cena made fun of him and his brother's past DUI  charges. As a result, both The Usos were taken off television (presumably either to suspend Jimmy or give him time to fix his life), but now they are rumored to return on this Friday's SmackDown.

4 Jerry Lawler to be replaced soon

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Jerry Lawler recently returned to the Raw commentary booth, but reports suggest that it won't be a permanent stay. Paul Heyman - who has been booking the show these past few months - wanted to bring newbies Dio Maddin and Vic Joseph to the show's booth, but because Vince McMahon didn't feel comfortable bringing two unproven talents to his A show, he wanted Lawler onboard as well. Once Maddin and Joseph get in the groove and get more comfortable working on Raw after guidance from Lawler, the Hall of Famer is expected to leave soon.

3 They want to sign Cain Velasquez to wrestle Brock Lesnar

via ESPN

In a strange turn of events, Cain Velasquez has become a luchador wrestler and has wrestled in Mexico under a mask. As a result, WWE hopes to sign him to rekindle the magic that he had with Brock Lesnar in UFC; Cain defeated Brock in the octagon. To set up the feud (in case they do manage to sign Cain), they booked Brock to attack Rey Mysterio and his son with the intention that Cain could come in as a Hispanic hero.

2 Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss are beefing for real

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Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss have been rumored to have real beef for years now. Those rumors felt stronger during Banks' hiatus when Bliss sub-tweeted Banks and took subtle jabs at her. Then, after Banks returned last month and the two had a tag team match against each other, Banks kicked Bliss a little too aggressively into a podium. It led some to speculate beef was still brewing.

1 CM Punk is returning to WWE

via thesportster.com

With WWE bringing its SmackDown show to FOX, it will also be having its own show on FS1 called WWE Backstage. Rumors circulated that CM Punk auditioned to host the show and then confirmed he filmed test footage during a Collider interview. Granted, he said he's been dealing with FOX more so than WWE directly, he will be back on WWE TV if he gets the gig.

Sources: F4Wonline.com, sportskeeda.com, Collider

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