15 Dumbest Powers Ever Given To Famous Superheroes

Given the fact that Avengers: Endgame has become the highest-grossing movie of all-time, it certainly is very safe to say that in this day and age people really like superheroes. As a result of the incredible success comic book movies have enjoyed at the box office, the general public is aware of more superheroes today than at any other time in our history.

For the most part, the most popular superheroes are capable of really cool things like flight, telepathy, teleportation, super speed, and other things of that ilk. On the other hand of the spectrum, some of the most famous superheroes have exhibited powers that are pretty lame at one time or another. With that in mind, it is time to take a look at this list of the 15 dumbest powers ever given to famous superheroes.

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15 The Hulk Can See the Astral Dimension

Via screenrant.com & comicvine.gamespot.com

In several Marvel comics and movies, characters like Professor X and Doctor Strange have been seen spending time in the so-called astral plane. During a storyline in the comics, Bruce Banner accidentally took his own father’s life and was afraid he would be haunted by his old man. As a result, he somehow willed The Hulk into being able to see ghosts or in this case, beings on the astral plane.

14 Angel’s Healing Blood

Via gamesradar.com

After Angel had been in the comics for decades, it suddenly was revealed he had the ability to heal other people who were sick or severely injured by injecting his blood into their veins. This power is ridiculous for several reasons, including the fact that its effectiveness varies from storyline to storyline and he can only help others with the same blood type as him.

13 The Green Lantern’s Ring Can Swallow Your Soul

Via ranker.com & dc.fandom.com

During the classic DC storyline Crisis on Infinite Earths, The Green Lantern discovered that a planet called Bolovax Vik was going to be destroyed. Not content to let the planet’s resident’s pass away, he instead absorbed their essences into his ring and later deposited them all onto a new planet which makes it clear he can swallow everyone’s souls.

12 Spider-Man’s Arm Daggers That Deliver Poison

Via fyeahspiderverse.tumblr.com

Every so often, a new comic book writer comes along and extends a character’s core concept in a way that fans can’t get enough of. On the other hand, when someone chose to make Spider-Man more like his namesake by having stingers filled with poison that could cause paralysis and death extend from his wrists it was a really bad idea.

11 Wonder Woman Can Speak With Animals

Via screenrant.com

Clearly one of DC’s most popular superheroes, to say that Wonder Woman has incredible abilities that make her a huge threat to anyone she places in her crosshairs is a huge understatement. Despite that, someone decided she needed a new ability so it was revealed that she could speak to animals which seems like a fever dream now since she really didn’t need another random power.

10 Superman’s Ventriloquism

Via semiontopic.com

When it comes to the powers that Superman has exhibited over the years, it is painfully obvious that at one point writers would give him whatever ability they needed to play into each storyline. For instance, many years ago both Superman and his trusty pet Krypto used “super- ventriloquism" to trick onlookers for convoluted reasons we won’t go into.

9 The Punisher Becomes A Weapon Conjuring Avenging Angel

Via screenrant.com

At his best, The Punisher is a ground-level antihero who is portrayed in a gritty and realistic way. On the other end of the spectrum, there is the time he took his own life only to be rebirthed as a functionally invincible avenging angel who could conjure any weapon of his choice whenever he wanted.

8 Spawn Can Recharge His Batteries By Stealing Dark Energy From Worms

Via screenrant.com & ranker.com

From one entry about a resurrected antihero to another, this time around we are going to look at an aspect of Todd McFarlane’s most famous character, Spawn. A visually spectacular character with many incredible abilities, we really dig Spawn but even for him, it was strange when it was revealed that he could rejuvenate himself by absorbing dark energy from worms.

7 Magneto’s “Magnetic Personality”

Via cracked.com & quora.com

From the very beginning, it has been clear that Magneto’s powers were supposed to be all about manipulating magnetic fields. Despite that, less than 20 issues into the X-Men’s first run in the comics, the supervillain exhibited the ability to mess with people’s minds simply because of his so-called “magnetic personality”.

6 Green Lantern the Party Pooper

Via cbr.com

As any DC fan no doubt knows, every Green Lantern wields an amazing amount of power which is mainly limited by their imagination. That said, it boggles our minds that during one comic book storyline Green Lantern used his ring to instantly make someone sober. That moment left us wondering, how exactly would that ability work?

5 Callisto’s Arms Were Replaced With Several Tentacles

Via timetraveltravez.tumblr.com

Best known for her appearances in stories about the X-Men, Callisto spent several years as the leader of a group of grotesque looking mutants known as the Morlocks. Despite that, for many years she looked like a normal person aside from an eyepatch and her fashion choices. However, after disappearing for a long time, she resurfaced in the comics but where her arms used to be a series of octopus-like tentacles could now be seen.

4 Iron Man’s Entire Body Is Brain Tissue In One Universe

Via screenrant.com

In the comics, at one point Marvel created the Ultimate Universe which featured reimagined versions of their popular characters. For instance, in that universe, Tony Stark’s mother got a mutated monkey’s blood into her mouth when she was pregnant with him. Somehow, this led to him developing neural tissue over all of his body and in an attempt to alter that he turned himself blue.

3 Captain America Gains the Abilities of a Werewolf

Via the13thfloor.tv

As a member of The Avengers, Captain America has tangled with some truly fearsome villains and supernatural beings. For example, during the early ‘90s Cap sought out to help a friend who’d previously been known as Man-Wolf and his efforts led to him battling a slew of werewolves. Eventually bitten by one of those creatures, Capwolf was then born but thankfully he quickly returned to normal.

2 The Punisher Becomes a Version of Frankenstein’s Monster

Via screengeek.net

If you thought that The Punisher becoming an avenging angel was the strangest thing ever done to the character, let us introduce you to FrankenCastle. At one point sliced into pieces by one of his enemies, at first, it seemed like Frank “The Punisher” Castle would be gone for a while. Instead, his remains were then dumped into a sewer where he was stitched back together and turned into a Frankenstein style monster.

1 Superman Emitting Tiny Versions of Himself Out of His Fingertips

Via cbr.com

As we touched on earlier in this list, in the past Superman was given many strange powers in the comics. In yet another example of that, during a 1958 Superman ran into a space ship that blew up in his face. After that explosion, he’d gain the ability to launch miniaturized versions of himself from his fingers. With his tiny duplicates using his powers, the big guy became a regular Joe until they were reabsorbed.

Sources: cbr.com, screenrant.com, newsarama.com

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