Bait & Switch: 21 Times People Tried To Deceive Us

When I was a kid back in the ‘90s, my best friend and I were quite the accomplished dynamic duo in terms of coming up with pranks, practical jokes, and all-around mischief making.

One of our more elaborate (and, looking back, meaner) cons revolved around a classmate of mine from sixth grade—that if I recall correctly—my best friend had a huge crush on. I didn’t know what she saw in him back then, and I certainly can’t figure out what she saw in him then, but she was furious that he rejected her advances and wanted to get revenge.

The phrase “Hades hath no fury like a woman scorned” perfectly summed up my BFF’s mood at the time and being a loyal pal, I went along with the scheme.

We carefully gathered up photos of “Posh Spice” from the Spice Girls and copied them on the copying machine before convincing him that I had a modelesque cousin that was really interested in him.

My friend wrote these long, fake letters over the weekend and I’d faithfully deliver them to him before class — including the copied photos of Posh Spice. He seemed rather intrigued by the idea of a model partner, but like some of the tricksters in the article below, we revealed that it was a bait-and-switch all along.

Needless to say, my classmate was a wee bit disappointed that I didn’t actually have a model cousin that could pass for Victoria Beckham’s twin sister, but he WAS in awe of our prankster skills and probably gained a healthy respect for teenage girls after that stunt.

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21 Never Trust An Advertisement

Via: Imgur

Advertisements that say things like “Remove here for your chance to win a prize” NEVER turn out the way anyone hopes that they will.

All I have to say is: well played, Tim Hortons, well played. Getting everyone’s hopes up that they could win a fabulous prize and then putting “Happy Canada 150” is some A+ trolling and I am in awe of them for doing something like this.

There’s the whole stereotype that Canadians are super polite to everyone, but it sounds like whoever created this advertisement was like “I’m bored, and I want to challenge that trope of Canadians with manners. I’m going to troll customers of Tim Hortons and revel in their dashed hopes of winning cool prizes or free drinks.”

I do feel sorry for Imgur user @Bearman1990 though — he must have been SO excited when he saw this cup and thought that he could get a freebie or two, only to have his hopes cruelly rejected when he rolled the cup up and saw that he got trolled.

Tim Hortons is lucky that he was just confused and dejected that he didn’t win; another customer might have walked back into the store and made a stink about false advertising.

20 Hashtag #MillennialProblems

Via: Imgur

I snickered when I saw that the University of Alabama had a sign for Student Services AND right underneath it another sign that says “Stop.”

Mixed signals much, my dudes? How are students supposed to go in and discuss getting internships if the other sign says stop? This had to be someone’s idea of a practical joke; unless the office was closed for a few days due to renovations or something like that.

Regardless of why there are two conflicting signs, I bet the students at this university were steamed when they saw this door. If this IS a prank, it's not cool to deter students from trying to find internships or part-time jobs, since the economy here in the US is so bad.

Although these two signs really ARE the perfect metaphor for the brutal job prospects that the Millennials got stuck with. Every time anyone my age goes looking for a job and clicks on what SHOULD be an entry-level job, the employers want three to five years of experience and it’s like, REALLY? How on earth is anyone supposed to get that while in college? It’s a rigged system and something really has got to give, since no one can find jobs anymore.

19 Time To Make Friends With The Bathroom Sink

Did anyone else gag when they saw this photo, or was it just me and my very delicate stomach? I swear, my stomach churned and started doing backflips when I realized that @Pollyanna_chris’s brother got him to drink something with MOLD growing on the bottom.

While I applaud his trickster ways, my stomach was like “NOPE, NOPE NOPE” and I almost ran to the bathroom to make friends with my sink after I saw this tweet.

I haven’t felt this nauseous since the time I accidentally went to take a bite of bagel that had mold on it, noticed it in the nick of time and spat everything out.

I then immediately ran to the bathroom and started gargling with mouthwash just to make sure that I got rid of any lingering microscopic moldy bread crumbs that might be hanging around my gums.

After that little incident, I made DARN sure that I carefully inspected any bagel that I was about to eat for breakfast and have taken to keeping them in the refrigerator so that they do not spoil as quickly.

I have a sneaking suspicion that for the next few weeks, @Pollyanna_chris is going to carefully inspect any drink that his brother hands him.

18 Cookie Monster

Via: Reddit

It is a very good thing that the Cookie Monster isn’t real; otherwise he might start weeping when he saw this photo because how DARE this devious prankster desecrate such delicious cookies? He would consider it sacrilege to destroy such a yummy treat all for a short-lived laugh amongst friends.

Jokes aside, I love that this prankster meticulously scrapped off the cream filling from the Oreo cookies — although I do hope they indulged themselves by snacking on it. After all, you shouldn’t let such deliciousness go to waste!

I can’t help but feel a wee bit sorry for whoever has the misfortune to bite into a toothpaste Oreo. Toothpaste is SO bitter and doesn’t taste very good; combined with chocolate and that just makes my taste buds want to revolt. Just imagining biting into that VERY disgusting combination makes my stomach side-eye my imagination and start to turn summersaults.

The only way I think this prankster could improve is to not go TOO hog wild with the toothpaste, since most Oreos have only a thin layer of cream and if there’s too much, then it is going to be glaringly obvious that there’s NOT the usual cream inside of the cookie.

17 The Shrimp Spray Brings All The Cats To The Yard

Via: Imgur

Oh my gosh, this is a BRILLIANT trick to play on enemies, annoying relatives, etc., and I desperately wish that someone had pulled this prank on some of the baddies that frequented the old dog park that I used to go to near my place.

There were SO MANY twits that would bring aggressive dogs to that park and then get all butthurt when people called them out for doing so. It would’ve been AMAZING if someone from the dog park trolled all of those nitwits by pretending to be friendly and then gave them a gift basket with this fake Glade spray.

I’d give ANYTHING to see the look of horror on their faces when they realized that someone pranked them by giving them SHRIMP BAIT instead of an air freshener.

Maybe that would teach them to stop bringing in unsuitable dogs to dog parks and causing a ruckus because of their selfishness? One can only hope, right?

Lovely daydreams of pranking irresponsible dog owners aside, this would make for the perfect April Fool's Day joke on siblings or relatives. I wish that I had seen this when I was younger so I could’ve trolled my little sister with the fake air freshener.

16 Wedding Trolling Level: Expert

I'm not sure what’s funnier — seeing the wide grin on the original poster’s parents in their wedding photo OR the tacky as heck costumes that people chose for what they clearly thought was a masquerade ball.

I’m assuming the lady with the long black hair standing next to the guy in the pinstripe suit is supposed to be Morticia Addams from The Addams Family so that’s a cute costume idea, but my mind is BLOWN by the fact that someone thought it was a good idea to dress up as BLT sandwiches.

In what universe is that a cool costume idea? With all of the costumes you could by at your local Halloween-themed store, THAT is the one you pick for a party? They could’ve went as something cool, like Antony and Cleopatra but NOOO, they had to go for the head-scratcher of a costume.

They must have been half-asleep when they came up with the idea to go as BLT sandwiches, but I can’t believe no one stopped them when they heard of it. I wonder if they ever look back at those old photos and are utterly mortified by their life choices — especially now since it when viral on Instagram?

15 World Class Debater Right Here

Y’know, I thought the aversive dog trainers that go to great lengths to try and prove that we force-free trainers are “wrong” in our methods, despite the studies that show that using punishment-based methods such as prong collars, shock collars, etc., actually cause more harm to our four-legged friends... But this dude makes all of the heated dog training arguments that I have ever seen on social media look like calm, rational, and level-headed professional debaters.

This guy’s ego has to be the size of Texas if he took the time out to edit a flippin’ Wikipedia entry JUST so he could win an argument. Like, dude, TAKE A CHILL PILL. Whatever it was that you were arguing over, it probably isn’t that big of a deal.

Just take some deep breaths and hop onto POPSUGAR Fitness so you can do a yoga workout. BREATHE, bro and pull an Elsa — let it go!

The fact that he STILL did this even though he KNEW he was wrong is mind-blowing. Talk about cognitive dissonance. Did this guy fail debate club when he was in high school and now feels the need to win any and every argument no matter what the cost?

14 Every Kid Is Gasping Like They Found Out Santa Claus Isn't Real

Via: Imgur

My inner child is freaking the heck out at this April Fool’s prank and side-eying the original poster for swapping the two kinds of bread as a way to trick her poor 11-year-old son.

I had a major sweet tooth when I was a little girl, and my weakness was definitely chocolate chip cookies. I would’ve been SO ANGRY if one of my parents played a practical joke like this on me. Ironically though, now that I am an adult, I would happily chow down on cinnamon raisin bread. I love it so much, that now one of my favorite things to eat for breakfast is a cinnamon raisin bagel with peanut butter and jelly.

I just keep imagining some poor 11-year-old boy with a look of sheer horror on his face as he bites down onto what he THINKS is chocolate chip bread, only to spit out dozens of raisins and a dawning look of apprehension as he realizes that his mother pranked him for April Fool’s Day. I have to give the mother props for this one; it’s a devious trick but it’s oh-so-simple and yet so very effective. Loki from the Marvel Cinematic Universe would give her two thumbs up for this trick!

13 What A Way To Get Fired

This sign is so petty and I LOVE IT. At first you think “Oh, it’s going to be one of those things that’s written by people that think they are witty when they’re really not,” but they went straight in for a savage burn against their pianist.

Anyone want to hazard a bet that this is how they fired them?

Although if they think that their piano player is bad, then they haven’t heard some of the local bands that play at the street festivals that occur in my neighborhood in Brooklyn during the summertime.

Some of them are halfway decent, but most of them sound like dying whales screeching over and over again. I’m hard of hearing in my right ear thanks to DELIGHTFUL genetics and environmental factors, such as having a ton of ear infections that went unnoticed when I was an infant, so my hearing is sensitive. That being said, every time I hear one of those brutal bands, it sounds like a thousand jack hammers are hitting my poor eardrums and I have to hustle out of the vicinity as fast as I can.

If the folks at this church think their pianist is a terrible musician sent from the underworld, then most of the bands that play at my local street fairs must have been created by the Devil himself.

12 Pennywise The Dancing Clown Gives This Two Thumbs Up

Via: Imgur

There really should be a scene in the next IT movie where Bill Skarsgard’s Pennywise the Dancing Clown decides to get back at the Loser’s Club by first pranking them with these pretend candy apples. He'd pull this JUST so he can laugh at their horrified expressions before he launches himself at them in an attempt to turn them into mincemeat for messing up the sweet gig he had for himself 20 something years ago.

Okay, okay, I’ll stop clowning around, but this is a BRILLIANT prank and I’d love to try this out on one of my unsuspecting family members for next April Fool’s day. My partner is a little TOO suspicious and would know something was up immediately, but I could easily fool my mother or my little sister. Like me, they have a sweet tooth and would make a beeline for the so-called candy apple.

As much as it would pain me to ruin a yummy treat that I have fond memories of chowing down at the local street fairs when I was a kid, it would be SO WORTH IT to see the look on my mother and sister’s faces when they bite down and realize that they just ate an ONION, not an apple.

11 Example A Of Cats Being World-Class D-Bags

The Internet loves pointing out that cats are rude by posting hilarious videos of them knocking things off of the shelf or pouncing angrily on their owners, but this cat is far sneakier than the rest of the felines that went viral on the Internet. He lured @SafetyFox over with the promise of being able to give this adorable tabby belly rubs, only to start eating grass at the last moment.

This cat must have watched all of the viral videos online and thought to himself “Hah! I could one up all of these fools by being FAR more subtle about it and bringing the humans to tears by denying them the opportunity for tummy rubs.”

Cat, that is rude to us poor humans. I’m mildly allergic to cats and my younger dog is a Sato with WAY too much prey drive thanks to her Beagle, German Shepherd Dog and Siberian Husky ancestry, so owning a cat is not in the cards for me.

I love making friends with any friendly cat that I see when I’m in pet stores or out on the street and it would break my heart if any of them pulled what this sneaky tabby did to @SafetyFox when she was visiting Abu Dhabi.

10 Hear The Sound Of Workers Everywhere Shrieking In Horror

Via: Imgur

This is a hilarious April Fool's Day prank and I can’t help but giggle over how simple yet effective it is. That poor employee must have been SO CONFUSED though when they arrived bleary-eyed at their office and sat down to get to work, only to have their mouse acting as if it was dead and gone.

It’s a good thing that none of my former co-workers ever tried playing such a prank on me, because unlike the employee in the picture, it would take me a good 20 minutes to realize what was happening. I’d be SO TIRED that I’d just start moving the mouse around in circles helplessly until the would-be trickster gave up and told me to look underneath the mouse.

I am SO NOT a morning person and even after a cup of coffee, my brain doesn’t start to wake up until about 11am or even noon on a really bad day. Add in brain fog when the Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder kicks in right before “that time of the month” hits like a flippin’ tsunami. There are some days when my brain isn’t fully activated and 100% awake until after lunch time.

9 Worst Friends Ever

This poor girl. All she wanted was a cool shot to post to social media and her friends went behind her back (LITERALLY) to humiliate her.

No wonder she’s in the market for new friends, that’s just rude flat-out rude.

I thought it was bad when my partner jokingly took a photo of me fighting with my belly dance veil. It's all thanks to an ill-timed gust of wind that almost got me tangled in the fabric. All I did was recruit him to help me take some promotional photos for the American Restaurant Style class I was teaching at a local arts and music studio, but at least I could see what he was doing out of the corner of my eye and so I was in on the joke.

At least I got some funny outtakes to share with my belly dance friends and students out of that photo; all this poor girl got was a really embarrassing photo and proof that her friends have a warped sense of humor.

I'm not sure why she posted the photo to social media anyway; the only thing I can think of is that her friends already posted it to Facebook or Instagram for a laugh, so she figured why not turn the tables and expose their shady photography skills.

8 He Said She Can Go Bye, Bye Bye

This Twitter status was a wild ride from start to finish. I honestly thought that I was going to read some sort of hair-raising tale about some jerk of a boss saying something SUPER DUPER offensive to @FedorhaJerkins, but it turns out that she was just peeved that he fired her. What a let down; I was preparing the popcorn for an epic page turner and then this happened. Bah!

I’m actually a wee bit surprised that her friend didn’t say something snarky about how this story went down. Although it might have been because she was too busy rolling her eyes and/or bashing her head against the keyboard at her pal’s stupidity.

Given her attempt at twisting the truth about what her boss said to her on social media, goodness only knows what the real story is. The only thing that would make this Twitter thread even more entertaining is if the former boss stepped in and explained in excruciating detail just WHY he fired her from her job.

Then again, perhaps it’s a good thing that he didn’t because I could easily imagine this lady getting angry and the thread spawning into an epic example of a flame war.

7 Every Chocolate Lover Is Gagging At The Sight Of This Picture

Via: Imgur

My inner trickster perked up when I spotted this photo of a prank on Imgur and I WISH I had the foresight to come up with this back in my teenaged years when my BFF and I were sharpening our wits; we would’ve had a FIELD DAY with this and probably made our younger sisters cry on April Fool's Day with this one.

Back in the day, my BFF and I were quite the epic tricksters; and prank-calling people from pay phones was our specialty. I trolled quite a few of my classmates that I didn’t like when I was a teenager in the ‘90s. We couldn’t have pulled those sort of practical jokes nowadays, thanks to the rise of cellphones, caller ID and smartphones.

In comparison with my inner trickster, my inner chocolate lover is HORRIFIED that someone would mix Skittles and M&M’s.

I loved both as a kid (heck, who am I kidding, I still love them even though I’m an adult) but I pity the poor fool that picks up the Skittle thinking that it is going to be chocolate-y goodness, only to be met with a tart blast of sugar on their tastebuds and their tongue.

6 Even Gordon Ramsay Would Be Fooled By This

Via: Reddit

It's a very good thing that Gordon Ramsay didn’t see @JBrandona119’s post, otherwise he’d start screaming into the void when he learned that it was actually a cake instead of a salad.

@JBrandona119’s mother must be practicing some kind of witchcraft as a Hogwarts graduate because even my skeptical eyes thought that this was some sort of yummy salad with croutons at first, and it wasn’t until I really zoomed in that I saw that it’s actually a cake.

This lady needs to win ALL the awards on the Internet because I can’t even begin to fathom how long it took for her to bake this thing AND decorate it to the point that it was pretty much unrecognizable from a real salad. I imagine that it took her several hours to complete. She probably had to make sure that no one saw her lest they ruin the joke, but wow, that’s dedication to a prank.

Even though my brain can’t get over how much this cake looks like a salad, my inner dessert over is itching to take a bite out of it because it looks weirdly delicious and I’d be curious to know how it tastes. So, whoever you are baker, please hit me up.

5 Her Brothers Are Nominating Her For Worst Pun Ever Award

Via imgur

I love a good pun, so I cracked up when I saw this chick’s little prank on her brothers for April Fool's Day. I’m sure her brothers, who were probably expecting delicious brownies that morning, were disappointed though.

She better watch her back — I would NOT put it past those guys to prank her in return.

I only have a younger sister, but my partner has regaled me with plenty of stories about how he used to play practical jokes on his little sister back in the day. I think one of the more hair-raising pranks included throwing stink bombs into his sister’s bedroom and then playing innocent when she pitched a fit and demanded to know who did that.

If the original poster’s brothers are ANYTHING like my partner was when he was a kid and a young teenager, then I feel so sorry for this poor woman.

I wouldn’t be shocked if she updated the Imgur post to reveal that her brothers got revenge by cutting off some of her hair while she was asleep or did some sort of food prank. She’s definitely going to have to sleep with one open and do a thorough taste test before eating any sort of food for the next few weeks.

4 Remy From 'Ratatouille' Is Barfing After Viewing This Photo

Via: Reddit

If Remy (the main character from the hit Disney film Ratatouille) saw this before-and-after photo, I’m pretty sure his delicate chef sensibilities would be RIDICULOUSLY offended. He’d probably start barfing at the thought of chocolate-flavored Brussel sprout-pops because that’s just a crime against good cooking.

I’m not a big fan of Brussel sprouts and the thought of that taste combined with chocolate makes my stomach turn summer-saults. Just NOPE, NOPE, NOPE, do not want AT ALL.

I sincerely hope that no one ever tries to prank me with something like this because I LOVE any and all things chocolate. To me, this is definitely a kind of sacrilege for all of my fellow dessert aficionados. I would toss these disgusting chocolate pops at the would-be prankster until they begged for mercy and vowed to never, ever desecrate such a yummy dessert ever again.

To add insult to injury, the person that tried to pull this bait-and-switch on some poor, unsuspecting soul added SUGAR SPRINKLES to make it look more authentic. I can’t even imagine how disgusting the sugary flavor and the taste of Brussel sprouts must have been. Talk about a clash of dueling flavors that no one would ever ask for. Yeesh.

3 Time To Bust Out The Holy Water

Via: Reddit

Having grown up in a superstitious Italian-American family where it was a favorite past time to regale each other with stories of our brushes with the paranormal, I LOVE that this person trolled one of the bigwigs at the company that they worked at like this.

That poor dude must have been having a conniption when he saw the (replaced) copy of The Exorcist in his desk drawer.

How much do you want to bet that he started to reach for a vial of holy water or some salt to protect himself from the insane book that is CLEARLY possessed?

Heck, the dude probably started frantically tweeting at Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki begging them to dress up as their Supernatural characters and get rid of the ghost that was residing in the book.

My question is, however, if the guy was so freaked out by the paranormal, what possessed him to even purchase the book in the first place? I don’t know how old the guy in question is, but even I, who am shockingly not a fan of horror movies, has heard about how scary the film adaption of The Exorcist was and that’s why I’ve neither seen it nor picked up the book to read.

2 Leonardo DaVinci's Ghost Wants To Know If They Snuck A Character From 'Shrek' In There Too

Via: Reddit

I have SO MANY QUESTIONS about this prank war. How did they manage to sneak a painting of @Afschmitt into a charity auction? Was he the one that bought it for $200? And finally, the most burning question of all: is that the cat from Shrek 2?

I'm pretty sure even the ghost of Leonardo DaVinci is squinting at this painting. He's just trying to figure out of @Afschmitt really does have an orange tabby cat that his friends decided to include in their masterpiece. Well, that or if they decided to watch Shrek 2 while working on this delightful piece of art and thought it would be a riot if their buddy posed with Antonio Banderas’s character, Puss in Boots, for the painting.

I got a big kick out of Shrek 2 back in the day, especially when they decided to parody The Lord of The Rings films. So I really, really hope that the latter explanation is the reason why there’s a big fluffy orange tabby cat in this painting.

It is such a shame that his friends didn’t get any footage of when they revealed the painting; I would have LOVED to see what @Afschmitt’s reaction was when he realized that his friends pulled a fast one on him.

1 Flounder Laughs At This Brutal Chef

Via: Facebook

Y’know, when you read a post on Facebook where the person is loudly proclaiming that they cooked a meal for their significant other, the LAST thing you would expect to see is a plate full of egg yolk and a whole sardine — or whatever kind of fish it is. I don’t eat fish, so this could be someone’s pet goldfish that recently kicked the bucket for all I know.

Someone PLEASE enroll this Carla chick into some cooking classes; lest she cause her significant other to puke after seeing this stomach-churning concoction.

I will be the first one to admit that my cooking skills aren’t exactly what we’d call fantastic, but I could at least figure out how to cool a fish so it doesn’t look like it just hopped out of a scene from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Or, y’know, head down to my local grocery store or Costco to buy a piece of fish that I could easily heat up in the microwave or toaster.

The spirit of that fish must be rolling its eyes SO HARD at this woman’s Facebook post and cursing the day that it ever got caught by a fisherman, because her lack of cooking skills is too much for its poor, unfortunate soul.

Sources: Facebook, Imgur, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter

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