The 14 Worst Barbies (And 9 That Are Worth A Fortune)

Barbie Dolls are every girl's favorite toy, no matter how old you are, you’re bound to have plenty of memories with your dolls. Kids dream up entire stories and lifestyles for each and every one of their toys and gain a huge connection to them. In my youth, I threw weddings and events for my Barbies, I even borrowed my mom's disposable camera to take photos and fashion shoots of them. My Barbie dreamhouse was cleaner and organized than my own bedroom.

Many girls even keep their dolls until adulthood, and if they’re lucky, they end up with rare Barbie’s that are worth a ton of money. When it comes to Barbies, there are probably way more absurd dolls than there are expensive ones. There was the controversial pregnant Barbie doll, which parents thought promoted teen pregnancy, so it’s no longer on sale. There are barbies with crazy and unexpected jobs, including a doll with a scooper to clean up after her pet dog. The saddest of all, there are some Barbie dolls that are worth so much money, if you were lucky enough to own one, it could get you out of your student debt. You could even put a down-payment on a house with one of the rarest Barbie dolls, and not a barbie dreamhouse, a real one. If you're lucky, you were one of the kids that took perfect care of your toys, and might just end up with a doll worth some good cash. Keep on scrolling to find out if your old Barbies will make you rich, or if you happen to own one of the weirdest on the list.

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23 Worst: The Birds Barbie

Why would anyone want a Barbie based on a 1963 horror film? Beats me. The Birds Barbie is based on Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, and as you can see, Barbie is being attacked by birds. This doll is creepy and completely unnecessary. It's hard to imagine any child figuring out what to do with a doll that has birds attached to it. The only thing that could make this doll worse is if she had a scared expression on her face. Although, I'm not sure her calm and collective face makes sense considering she has a bird pecking at her head.

22 Worst: George Washington Barbie

I just have one question about the creation of this doll: Why?

We all know Barbie is known to do anything and take on all careers, but was it really necessary to also make her the first president? It's pretty debatable whether this is supposed to be a George Washington Barbie or Pirate Barbie. Which brings me to wonder if there's ever been a Pirate Barbie doll made, and if she has an eyepatch and wooden leg.

21 Fortune: Medusa Barbie- $700

Starting at $699 sold by Mattel themselves on Amazon, the Medusa Barbie is a huge collector's item for Barbie fanatics. This doll is incredibly detailed, intricate, and in my opinion, looks way more upscale than some of the more expensive dolls that will be shown later in the list. The only downfall is that her hair isn't actually made of snakes, instead, they designed her with elegant curls. Even though it's inaccurate to Medusa from Greek Mythology, the doll is still very well made.

20 Worst: Empress Of The Aliens

Barbies can do it all, and I guess that includes being an evil ruler of the galaxies. In all honesty, this is one Barbie doll that I can admire. If we can ignore the insane hair, her makeup is on fleek and I'm pretty sure it's every little girl's dream to grow up and take over the world one day, right? It sure was mine. Although I'm not quite sure this doll belongs in the Barbie collection, it's probably a better fit for Power Rangers. Is it just me, or is the empress doll giving off major Rita Repulsa vibes?

19 Worst: Rendezvous Barbie

This Barbie probably wants your bad romance. Seriously, if this doll weren't made in 1998, I would really think it's supposed to be Lady Gaga. Maybe she's based on the original Gaga, Madonna. Either way, this doll has one of the most extra outfits I've ever seen on a Barbie. It sure is a fashion statement, but probably not one you'd realistically want to wear unless you're a pop star. Even though this doll looks pretty terrible, I'm sure kids managed to have a lot of fun with it.

18 Fortune: Devi Kroell - $1,075

This below-average looking doll was designed by Devi Kroell in 2010. Devi Kroell is known for making luxury shoes and purses. Kroell's doll expense most likely comes from her gold thigh-high boots, since I know it must certainly not come from her cheap greasy-looking hair and unblended makeup. These dolls were auctioned off at an event made by the Council of Fashion Designers in America.

17 Worst: Haunted Beauty Ghost

You'd never think the words "haunted" and "beauty" could go well together until seeing this Barbie doll - and then you'd realize, they actually still don't go well together. Whose idea was it to create a ghost but then make it fashion? Was Tyra Banks behind the making of this doll? You can't be a haunted ghost but also beautiful at the same time, that basically destroys the purpose and would still give kids nightmares regardless. I honestly can't tell if this is a Barbie doll or the lead singer of Evanescence.

16  Worst: Teen Talk

These Barbie's aren't just on the list because of their horrible outfits and terrible hair, but instead for their catchphrases. These Barbies said a variety of things such as, "I love shopping," "Will we ever have enough clothes?" and "Math class is tough!" Plenty of women were especially mad about the comment about math being hard, because these dolls implied that beauty and clothes are more important than school work. Praising clothes while knocking education is not the best influence on young girls.

15 Fortune: Marie Antoinette - $2,129

Beautifully packaged and well designed, the Marie Antoinette Barbie is pretty rare and pricey, but the doll can be found for sale on sites like Amazon. This is one of the most unique looking Barbie dolls I've ever seen. She doesn't even really look like the other Barbies, she has a very classic and vintage design, which is surprising since the doll was created in 2003. This Barbie almost looks like a porcelain doll, but she is in fact not made from glass.

14 Worst: McDonald's Barbie

Barbie Dolls are supposed to be what little girls wish they could be when they grow up, so I can definitely see why some parents could be upset by the McDonald's Barbie set. Included in the set is also a little girl, which can easily be assumed as Barbie's daughter. A Barbie Doll that has a daughter and works at McDonald's is certainly not a good example set for children. Although, I can see why this doll would be desirable for kids, since it would be nice to have a restaurant for the other dolls to attend. But McDonald's of all places? Yikes.

13 Worst: Kissing Barbie

Advertised as "The Doll Who Kisses," the Kissing Barbie is yet another controversial Barbie doll. She has puckered lips and is made ready to kiss another doll. Kissing Barbie is incredibly inappropriate and unnecessary for children. She also comes with a few romantic letters to send to Ken, and also apparently makes a kissing sound. Trust me, if kids wanted their Barbie dolls to kiss, the last thing they need is one ready with puckered lips. It would happen regardless.

12 Fortune: Lorraine Schwartz Barbie - $7,500

It's crazy to think that this is one of the more affordable Barbie's on the list, but it is. Considering the number of diamonds added to the doll, the price tag seems to be a bit low. There were only 12 of these dolls made by jewelry designed Lorraine Schwartz. All 12 dolls that were made have already been auctioned off, so this doll is one of the rarest Barbie's. Personally, I think the hair on this doll looks pretty cheap in comparison to the other dolls, especially the Medusa Barbie, which was thousands of dollars cheaper.

11 Worst: Sun Gold Malibu

The Sun Gold Malibu Barbie, or as I like to call her, the Oompa Loompa Barbie, comes ready to bathe in the sun with glasses and a bathing suit. There's nothing wrong with going out for a tan, but in all honesty, this Barbie appears to be way more sunburnt than she does tanned. Barbie would probably benefit from having sunscreen in her collection. It would also be nice if there were a warning label on the box stating Barbie isn't meant as a water toy, that sure would have saved me from stinky dolls as a kid.

10 Fortune: Barbie In Midnight Pink - $9,695

Barbie's Midnight Pink outfit was an exclusive version of Barbie in Midnight Blue and she came out in 1965. This doll was exclusively sold in Europe and Japan, which makes it even rarer. I've searched for it on Amazon and eBay, and I couldn't find it on sale anywhere. Apparently, it was last sold at an auction for around nine thousand dollars, and that's literally just for the outfit itself. This outfit is nearly identical to the Midnight Blue look, the only reason why it's so expensive is that the pink version was part of an exclusive edition, which makes this totally not worth it.

9 Worst: Baywatch Barbie

Yet another Barbie based on something that children aren't even interested in. Baywatch Barbie also comes with the classic red signature swimsuit, and she probably only runs in slow motion. At least the Baywatch Barbie doesn't come sunburnt like the Malibu doll. Instead, she comes packaged with a sun-visor, binoculars and a dolphin that makes sounds when you squeeze it. Again, where are the warning labels about not putting these toys in the water? And where did she get a dolphin from?

8 Fortune: Barbie In Midnight Red - $11,600

Unlike other expensive dolls on this list, Barbie in Midnight Red's hefty price tag doesn't come from diamonds or gems, instead, she's super expensive solely for being incredibly rare. Just like Barbie in Midnight Pink, this doll was also a limited edition version of Barbie in Midnight Blue. Her outfit alone is what makes the doll so expensive, since it's unique and unlike any other Barbie clothes. This is honestly the least worth it item from the bunch, since you'd be paying 11k on a Barbie outfit that's most likely made from cheap fabric.

7 Worst: Shaving Fun Ken

Ken may not exactly be a Barbie doll, but he is part of the Barbie collection. What more fun can you have than shaving Barbie's boyfriend? Shaving fun Ken comes with shaving cream and a razor so that you can have a blast pretending to shave his face. This Ken doll actually has a color-changing beard that's activated when water is applied to it, so when wet, his beard actually does disappear. It's ridiculous but also low-key cool.

6 Fortune: Pink Diamond Barbie - $15,000

Pink Diamond Barbie was designed by The Blonds and displayed at New York Fashion Week in 2013. The doll is a one of a kind, and was pictured with multiple celebrities such as Adam Lambert and Paris Hilton. She was designed with multiple gems, studded earrings and also came with a faux fur coat. Bidding for the doll was done completely online instead of an auction event. All of the profit made from the doll went towards the MAC Aids Fund Foundation.

5 Worst: Video Girl

Other than the obvious reasons of why a video girl doll could be controversial, such as "video girl" often referring to under-dressed women in music videos dancing, Video Girl Barbie also caused the FBI to issue an alert on the doll. This Barbie doll comes with a hidden camera, which could be used to record inappropriate videos. Apparently, the FBI warning was accidentally released publicly, and there's not much harm in the doll. The hidden camera is used to record videos and watch the recording on a small screen placed on Barbies back.

4 Fortune: Original Barbie - $27,450

The first ever Barbie that ever hit sale was released in 1959, and if you just so happen to have one of these lying around your house, you could get major bucks for her if she's in perfect condition. This doll was originally on sale for just $3 when it first came out. It was most recently auctioned off for 27k. Now I can finally understand why my grandma has such a creepy doll collection. You never know when one of these toys will make you rich.

3 Worst: Mexico Barbie

Inclusion and representation are not only important, but expected. A representation that includes stereotypes, however, is incredibly not okay. The Barbie comes with a Chihuahua, which is a stereotypical pet, and the pet honestly doesn't even match the doll at all. Why wear a fancy dress and have a pet dog? Not only is the pet unnecessary, but she also comes with a passport included. Yikes. Mattel needs to work on this whole thing.

2 Fortune: Stefano Canturi Barbie - $302,500

Stefano Canturi's Barbie doll is the most expensive Barbie ever made. This Barbie is wearing a complete diamond necklace, centered with a 1 carat Australian Argyle pink diamond. She was auctioned off and all of the money that was made went straight to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This doll is definitely an eye-catcher for her elegant dress and expensive appearance. You can tell there was a lot of effort that went into the making of this Barbie. Although, I wonder if she would still look equally as expensive without the diamond necklace.

1 Worst: Hello Barbie

Hello Barbie is probably the creepiest Barbie of them all (Yes, even creepier than Haunted Beauty Ghost), because she actually records kids conversations and transmits the audio back to the corporation. Well, if it works. Most reviews of the doll are under 3-stars, all complaining about how horrible the technology in the doll is. Apparently, it stops working pretty fast and constantly loses signal. Take in, this doll is sold for about $73, so quality is certainly expected.

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