Bark! Pawsitive Petfood Is Offering Free Pet Food For All Government Employees Impacted By The Shutdown

Bark! Pawsitive Petfood Is Offering Free Pet Food For All Government Employees Impacted By The Shutdown

A pet store chain in Maryland is offering free pet food for government workers affected by the shutdown.

It’s been over three weeks since the government stopped paying some 800,000 employees. That means people are missing at least one paycheck, and they’re about to miss a second. Some government employees might be able to miss a paycheck or two without disastrous consequences, but others are really starting to feel the pinch.

But what if you’re a government employee with a dog? You might be considering some pretty hard choices where it comes to Fido. Paying for dog food shouldn’t come at the expense of paying rent, and Bark! Pawsitive Petfood agrees. That’s why this Maryland-based chain of pet stores is giving government employees a free bag of pet food during the government shutdown, no questions asked.

If you’re a government employee, you can wander into any Bark! Pawsitive Petfood location between Washington DC and Baltimore and receive a free bag of doggie or kitty chow (or hamster or fish or whatever). All you need to do is show your government ID and a store employee will grab you a free bag (or jar, or whatever pet food comes in these days).


Bark!’s message is prominently displayed on their website, and a Facebook post has already been shared 62,000 times. Most of the replies are very touching, with one that caught our eye from Eddie Guster: “Bark.. I literally have two days of dog food left for my two Labs. My subscription service on Amazon didn't go through because I had no money in my account. Thank you so much for this."

Show your government employee ID and get a free bag of pet food. #nobarriers

Posted by Bark! on Friday, January 11, 2019

As with any political issue these days, some of the Facebook comments are downright nasty. But you can’t deny that a pet food store helping people feed their pets during this difficult time is a decent thing to do no matter what your political stripes.

So please, don’t give your dog or cat to a shelter if you can’t afford to feed them. Head down to Bark! Pawsitive Petfood and get the chow you need for free. No amount of broken government is worth losing your best furry friend over.


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