This Bartender's Magic Tricks Blew Redditors' Minds

Stephen Molloy has blown his customers and Redditors minds with his bartending magic tricks.

Molloy’s 60-second Reddit post received over 1,400 comments and upvotes, and Redditors can’t seem to get enough of his tricks. With a bartender making your cocktails and performing magic, you better tip them well!

Since bartenders make most of their money through tips, it’s essential that they provide good customer service. While doing tricks can help get you more tips, they’re not necessary to earn a decent pay that day. A simple, friendly chat and making sure the customer is taken care of is enough to get good pay. Those who refuse to give tips to bartenders shouldn’t be out drinking in the first place.

Molloy works in different bars, so his tricks can be seen around the area. The video features him making slices of fruit disappear and reappear depending on where he places his cocktail shaker. At the end of the video, he somehow reunites all the slices into whole pieces of fruit with nothing but a few shakes. Those who really want to figure out his tricks can watch his video on Reddit over and over again until they see the secrets. For the rest of the majority of his fans, we just want to sit back and enjoy the show.

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Molloy isn’t the only bartender who has gone viral with his tricks, although he could be part of a select few who do magic. This Chinese bartender went viral on Tik Tok with her skillful and delicate handling of the glassware. She can be seen juggling flaming bottles, making 12 drinks at once, and opening bottles like a samurai. With such amazing tricks performed, it would be unjust not to hand a good tip to these bartenders, for they spent a lot of time and effort to learn how to do all this.

Whether it be disappearing fruit slices or setting the table on fire, these bartenders have found an audience larger than their customers of the night. Internet users find these trick videos and immediately want to know where they can experience the magic in person. With some trick videos posted online, these bartenders just got more potential tips for their next shift.

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