Baseball Player Surprises His Parents By Ridding Them Of All Of Their Debt

A 22-year-old new prospect player for the Kansas City Royals, a US baseball team, named Brady Singer, gave a heartwarming and surprising gift to his parents this Christmas.

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As a show of his gratitude to his parents, this year, Singer decided to thank his parents for all of their sacrifices throughout the years, by paying off all of their debt. This new pitching prospect for the Kansas City Royals really wanted to thank his parents for all the money and the time that they had invested into their son and for all the support that went into his career. So when he received a signing bonus, which was worth over $4 million (over €3 million), for being the No. 18 overall pick during 2018's Major League Baseball Draft, he figured out just how to repay them and show his gratefulness.

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Singer told both of his parents that he paid off their bank loan, as well as all of their remaining debt, so he could show his appreciation for all the financial sacrifices the two had made in order for them to be able to support his career, while he was going through all of the expensive ranks that come with elite youth travel baseball.

He told his parents this in a letter, which his mother, Jacquelyn, was reading out loud, while he was filming both of their reactions and then posted the video to his Twitter account. In the letter, Singer says that instead of his parents spending any hard-earned money that they had been trying to save so they could pay off their debts, by going to his baseball games, they could finally spend all of that money on themselves.

His mother was reading the letter through tears, seeing how grateful she is for receiving the letter from her son in the first place. When she finally gets to the part where Singer has stated that he has paid off their bank loan as well as their debt, she pauses from shock. She turns to her husband and can barely believe the words that follow when Singer's father gets emotional as well.

Singer concludes the letter saying “Your giving hearts helped to shape my tiny dream into a reality. I love you both more than you could ever imagine and will never forget what you both have done. Now let’s go celebrate. Merry Christmas, love always, Brady.”

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