20 Batman Facts The Movies Keep Screwing Up

Batman is one of the most iconic superheroes ever created. Created in 1939 by Artist Bob Kane and Bill Finger in the late 30s, Batman has captured comic cook, TV, video game, and movie fans for almost eighty years. Over the decades, we’ve seen Batman and the world of Gotham City change to reflect the times in which the art style and story felt fitting. Technology, costumes, villains, and sidekicks were all part of the world of Batman. As technology advance, so did the world of Batman, especially on the big screen.

And as expected, there are some things that the films completely got wrong and exaggerated, causing fans and casuals to question whether the direction of the films were adequately paying homage to the caped crusader. Here are 20 Batman facts the movies keep screwing up.

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20 Spandex Is Bulletproof


Batman’s suit or armor has always been in question. Even the movie The Dark Knight questions its ability to protect the Caped Crusader. We get it, in 1966, cool materials like carbon fiber, carbon-ceramic, and tough-flexible polymers weren’t readily available.

But did they believe that Batman wearing a grey spandex would protect him from bullets, knives, and the Joker’s wind-up teeth? Even in today’s Batman films - with unlimited tech, Batman still finds himself vulnerable to small knives, punches, and even dog bites. Go figure.

19 Batman Is Actually A Master Detective


Batman has earned cool nicknames as Dark Knight, Cape Crusader, and Batsy, but none cooler than the World's Greatest Detective. Even Ra’s Al Ghul properly calls him Detective. Yet, it always seems like the villains in the films are ten steps ahead of him.

The Penguin took remote control of the Batmobile in Batman Returns; Talia Al Ghul, his lover, is the daughter of Ra’s in The Dark Knight Rises; and the Joker kidnaps Rachel and Harvey right under his nose in The Dark Knight. Maybe he should be known as the greatest dunce and not the greatest detective.

18 Master Of Martial Arts


Batman seems to never utilize his ability to not get punched. Learning over ten martial arts styles from the League of Shadows was supposed to make him an unstoppable force; yet he always finds himself being pummeled henchman, throwing punches like a drunk brawler, and even letting the Joker best him at times. Maybe he learned to fight from the school of Dragonfly Jones.

17 Arkham Asylum's Run By An Incompetently Competent Staff

Flickr.com(Tony Johnson)

We're led to believe that Arkham Asylum and Blackgate prison are maximum security facilities capable of housing the worth of the worst. Boy do the movies get this wrong.  In fact, many of them have been committed to Arkham Asylum, a maximum-security psychiatric hospital – prison for the criminally insane, yet they are back on the streets before supper time in every movie.

It's basically a revolving door instead of being a long-term prison for the crazies. From the criminally insane to super villains, they all seem to have the key to the front door to come and go as they please.

16 A Killing Machine


Batman is known to have an arsenal of non-lethal weapons at his disposal.  Truth is, he makes it known that he will not cross the line and become like those he puts away. Yet, many of his enemies have died from ‘indirect’ acts of the Batman: the Joker falling to his death in Batman 89, Harvey Two-Face in Batman Forever and The Dark Knight, and Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.  You can’t deny that the films make Batman out to be a villain himself.

15 More Than A Butler


Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne and Batman’s confidant, is not as the movies portray him. Always seen as soft spoken and wise in the film, he often keeps Batman grounded and focused and Bruce from falling into deep depression. In fact, Alfred was key and highly influential in Batman’s beginnings.

Having been an ex-Spec Ops executive operative in the British Intelligence agency, the ol’ boy taught Bruce a thing or two about gathering intelligence. Give this guy some credit, he helped design some of Batman’s best gear in Batman Begins.

14 Gotham Isn’t A Rave


From time to time, we see Gotham City as a brightly lit city: with neon lights flashing, fluorescent paint scribbled on the walls, and flourishing as if crime is at a record low. Batman Forever was the worst depiction of Gotham, and The Nolan trilogy painted Gotham as a beautiful place in the day.

When in fact, the police are stretched thin, there’s a rise in super villain activity, and it’s all because of Batman. The only film that portrays these dark times correctly were Tim Burton’s adaptations of Gotham.

13 Thomas And Martha Wayne’s Shooter


If there’s one thing that must stay consistent, it’s the motivation of the hero. Why is it that every Batman film has Bruce’s parents murdered by a different thug? One film shows Jack Napier– the Joker before becomes the Clown Prince– the next shows a random street thug, and the next will hide the gunman's face in the blackness of anonymity. Not only does it confuse the fan base, it dilutes the lore of the character.

12 A Man Doing A Boy’s Job


Robin, the Boy Wonder, has always been depicted as a young boy, regardless of which Robin we got. Yet, in the films, he was a bit on the old side, even in the 1966 Batman film. In both Batman and Robin and Batman Forever, Robin was a grown man - not the orphaned child of a slain circus family.

Not only was he too old to be Batman’s sidekick, but it brought about an overly-sexualized tone to the movies. Butt plates, large-nippled breast plates, and massive cup sizes became a norm. This Boy Blunder hit puberty too early for this role.

11 His Secret’s No Secret

YouTube.com(All Batman)

Stop showing your face, Bruce! Batman’s secret identity is part of what makes him the Dark Knight. Hell, I thought all superheroes wanted their identity to remain a secret. But in almost every movie, the Dark Knight’s always taking a moment to make sure his arch-nemeses know he’s Bruce Wayne.

From showing his face to Catwoman in Batman Returns, leading Rachel to know in Batman Begins, to Jim Gordon in The Dark Knight Rises, I think the secret’s out...

10 The Real Two-Face


The Story of Batman is often the one we get when we grab a bowl of popcorn and sit in front of the big screen, but what about Bruce Wayne? Many of the big-screen adaptations of the Dark Knight only show the dark personality, goals, and motivations of Batman himself; when in fact it’s Bruce Wayne’s money, tragedy, and relationships that motivates and makes it possible for Batman to have the coolest gadgets, fastest cars, and the ability to have friends in high places. Let’s give Bruce some love.

9 Gotham’s Location


Where exactly is Gotham City? I don’t even think the writers or directors exactly know. Often being described as somewhere between Chicago and New York, the location often changes to fit the need of each film.

We were recently shown that Gotham City and Metropolis apparently were considered twin cities in Batman V Superman, only separated by a simple bridge. Heck, if this is true, can’t Superman just fly by and cover both?

8 Never In The Same Place At The Same Time


By now you’d think that the writers of today’s Batman movies would have thought of another way to have Bruce not look so obvious when he sneaks away to become the Knight.

It’s almost like it’s become part of his calling card to leave, leaving people in his presence guessing as to where he went. It seems obvious that if Joker shows up, Bruce Wayne leaves and Batman suddenly shows– it’s not because Bruce is afraid of clowns!

7 A Fugitive Of The Law


He catches the worst of criminals and he can’t seem to catch a break. By the GCPD, Batman is and always will be a fugitive of the law. His masked appearance, anonymity, and connection to Commissioner Gordon have always made him a target for the rest of the police force.

Contrary to the belief, because he has a relationship with Gordon, he often works alongside the police, just a bit faster. He doesn’t stop for doughnuts every five minutes.

6 Batman’s Voice


We’ve all wondered, “how is it that the friends and family of superheroes can’t tell their voices?” Well, if you listen closely, you can tell Batman’s changed his voice to throw them off, but it’s done in poor fashion. Sounding like he needs a cough drop, the often-raspy or baritone voice that he takes on is as comical as it is confusing.

5 When Does He Work


Being a billionaire surely comes with its perks, but with Bruce Wayne always dressed as the Caped Crusader, when does he have the time to do his job. Often spending most of his free time continuing his investigations or getting patched up by Alfred after his long nights out, Bruce is very influential in the day to day running’s of Wayne Enterprises.

Though he relies on Lucius Fox to act as his delegate when unavailable, Bruce is very much aware of the business his father began.

4 The Batcave Is Never Used


Every superhero has a base of operation they operate from to get away from the outside world. The Batcave is a place where Batman is supposed to develop new tech, keep the Batmobile, investigate crimes and analyze items from scenes, but we rarely see him in the cave.

After the 1966 Batman film, it became rarer that we got to see the Bat’s stronghold. Fast-forward to the last Batman series created by Christopher Nolan, you’ll find that most of the items that were stored in the Batcave were now under Wayne Towers in the armory.

3 Emotionally Driven


Over the decades, we’ve seen Batman succumb to beautiful women, the loss of friends, and even be intimidated by other heroes in flicks on the big screen. Often taken advantage of by the beautiful woman or outsmarted by the villain (see. Batman V Superman, Batman Forever, Batman 1966), the cinematic Dark Knight has a lot to learn about keeping his emotions in check. Batman is a stone cold, driven, and imposing figure whose emotions never get the best of him.

2 He Never Uses His Utility Belt


Where does Batman keep his Batarangs, his zip-line, or his keys to the Bat-bike? I can assure you it’s not in his utility belt. More of a fashion sense to break up the all-black suit than a multi-tool kit – his utility belt has been part of Batman’s suit since his creation.

With his tools usually being too big to fit around his waist, he’s better off just carrying a backpack and ditching the belt, unless that’s where he keeps his hard candy.

1 A Lone Wolf


You can’t fight crime, run a multi-billion-dollar business and do the laundry all by yourself. Though Batman doesn’t find himself gallivanting about Gotham City with Catwoman or Poison Ivy, he does keep his friends close.

Lucius Fox, Commissioner Gordon, Robin, and Alfred are all instrumental people in Bruce Wayne and Batman’s lives. In fact, Alfred is not only Bruce’s butler, but his confidant, father-figure, companion, but best his friend.

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