Beagle Began To Nurse Two Adopted Kittens

Daisy the beagle fell so hard for the two new kittens in their family that she started producing milk for them. Her owners were shocked at first, but they knew that this means Daisy will love the kittens forever. Even though it’s a bit bizarre, the bond the animals formed is still quite heartwarming.

Daisy’s family really wanted to adopt kittens. Jane, one of her owners, decided to get a baby cat from a neighbouring farm. She was unsure at first because she wasn’t certain that her puppy would be okay with having cats around the house. Especially with what we’ve learned from cartoons when we were young, we tend to assume that cats and dogs don’t get along. When she brought the kitten home, however, her preconceived notions on animals were proven wrong.

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Jane went to adopt her new ginger tabby, Dexter, and she was met with an unexpected surprise. Beside Dexter was a tiny black kitten all on his own. Upon seeing him, Jane’s heart instantly melted. Without thinking twice, they decided to get him too. They named him Fletcher, and along with Dexter, they brought the kittens home.

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They were worried Daisy would hate the kittens, but they couldn’t be more wrong. The beagle had the strongest reaction of all of them, and she bonded so much with the kittens that she started to produce milk. She decided to be their surrogate mother, so the family doesn’t have to worry about their relationship. In fact, Daisy is sure to protect the kittens like they are her own puppies.

According to Metro, it’s safe for dogs to nurse kittens, and the baby cats are also okay to drink the dog’s milk. This claim, however, is still unclear if this is a known fact. While Daisy’s reaction to the kittens is good for their overall bond, her owners need to make sure that the kittens’ bowels are okay. They’re not supposed to be drinking dogs’ milk, so the effects of doing so are uncertain. Even though the animals are bonded, it’s equally important that everyone is healthy and eating well.

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