Beagles Used For Chemical Testing Will Be Released And Up For Adoption

With the help of an online petition signed by over 100,000 people, animal activists have successfully convinced Corteva Agriscience to release three dozen beagles who have been used in chemical testing. The Humane Society was happy to announce that they were able to get the company to agree to transferring the dogs to their care, and the beagles will be up for adoption as soon as their medical screenings are done.

The agriculture division of DowDuPont used the dogs to test the safety of fungicides. 36 beagles were force-fed fungicides at their lab in Michigan, and they were observed for any effects. The dogs that did survive were scheduled to be euthanized at the end of July. While authorities may require certain testing before human trials, the animal rights group claims that the experiments were excessive, unnecessary, and were done with crude methods. With that, they launched an online petition to release the dogs, and they released a graphic video as evidence of the cruelty in the lab.

The public pressure was the Humane Society’s best weapon against Corteva and its experiments. On March 29th, they released a statement on Twitter announcing that the company has agreed to transfer said beagles to their care. After two weeks of evaluation, the organization will focus on finding loving homes for the dogs. All the adoption applications and information will be released on their social media accounts as soon as the dogs are ready to be re-homed.

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Corteva responded to the public outrage by citing requirements from regulatory authorities. They argued that Brazil’s Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária (ANVISA) mandated the experiments on the dogs. Moving forward, they have stated that they are committing to finding “alternative means of obtaining the data necessary to assure [their] products are safe for humans, animals, and the environment.”

While some experiments continue, this specific one with the beagles have stopped, and the dogs are finally free from constant experimentation and observation. It may take some time for them to recover, but it will be worth it. They can finally be the happy, free dogs they were meant to be.

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