Adorable Bear Cubs Get Trapped In Van, Honk Horn To Get Out


A pair of adorable bear cubs managed to get trapped in a van and had to honk the horn to get out.

Okay, we’re pretty sure these cubs, cute as they may be, were not smart enough to realize that the van has a horn they could honk and be rescued. After all, they were dumb enough to get trapped in a van in the first place. But we won’t hold it against them because they’re just so darned cute.

Jeff Stokely works for ASAP Security Systems in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Last Friday, he was out at a customer’s house performing installation and left his van parked on the side of the road.

At some point during his visit, he heard a horn blaring from around the neighborhood, but thought nothing of it. Only after about 20 minutes of occasional toots did it occur to him that the horn he was hearing sounded an awful lot like the one in his van.

So Stokely went back to investigate and found two bear cubs had somehow snuck inside his van and became trapped. In an interview with WBNS 10TV News, Stokley says that he suspects that the cubs both clambered in through the driver's side door and then somehow managed to close and lock the door accidentally from the inside, trapping them both.

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When struck with this predicament, Stokley did the only responsible thing: he got out his cell phone and started recording.

The two cubs didn't seem too alarmed, but they also seemed incapable of understanding the concept of glass. They often come up to the windows and try to claw their way through, which is likely murder on that poor van's upholstery.

Eventually, Stokely tries to let them out by opening the van's rear hatch. One jumps out almost immediately, but the other required a bit of coaxing. Both then take off into the woods surrounding the property.

The real question in this whole ordeal is where was momma bear? Stokley doesn't know. According to him, momma was nowhere to be seen throughout the encounter.

(source: WBNS 10TV News)

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