15 Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of Stranger Things Season 3

Season three of Stranger Things was one of the most hyped releases of all time, with Digital Spy stating that a record-breaking 26.4 million unique viewers tuned in to watch it. This season was a continuation of the science-fiction thriller series which was first released in 2017.

Science-fiction films and TV shows are always so awesome to watch, but they always beg the question, what did this look like while filming it? Intense scenes might look somewhat silly when a big frightening monster is replaced with something funny like a mop or a balloon.

In this article, we will reveal some behind-the-scenes images to give some insight into what the show looked like being filmed, as well as some fun pictures of everyone’s favorite cast!

15 Thumbs Up For Season 3


After the release of a second season of Stranger Things in 2018, fans excitedly awaited the announcement of a third season. The hype for this season was higher than ever as viewers longed for July 4th, the official release date of season three.

This season surely did get a thumbs up from fans and cast alike!

14 Running From Demogorgons

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In this image, Dustin, Lucas, Max, and Joyce are doing what they do best—running from Demogorgons.

This behind-the-scenes shot gives fans some insight into what the show looks like while being filmed. While the monsters surely make it scarier, it definitely still looks intense.

13 "Take A Picture With Me, Nerds!"


Priah Ferguson played a new breakout character on the show named Erika. Erika is Lucas’ hysterical younger sister who is almost as sassy as she is intelligent.

Fans, including Steven King, totally adored this up and coming star’s role in the show. She definitely had us cracking up!

12 Goofing Off Onset


Turns out its not all Demogorgans and teen drama on the set of Stranger Things! In this image, Millie Bobby Brown and Sadie Sink are seen goofing off while *almost* all the cameras were off.

We’re unsure what they’re doing exactly, but they seem to be having a great time!

11 "Now Over There Is Where You'll Sit Shirtless"


Dacre Montgomery plays Max’s villainous and always shirtless older brother on the show. While his character is quite evil, fans did not seem to take issue with this character’s role, most likely because of his charming good looks.

In this scene, it seems that the Duffer Brothers are preparing him for one of many poolside scenes.

10 Binge Watching The Show Before It's Completed


The perks of being part of the cast of the television series, am I right? In this behind-the-scenes shot, Charlie Heaton, who plays Jonathan Byers on the shower, seems to be totally engaged and immersed in a clip of the series.

Either he’s totally impressed with his acting or he’s dying to know what happens next. Same, Charlie, Same!

9 Winona Will Take On Demogorgon But Not A Slight Drizzle


This image might break your vision of the seemingly invincible Joyce Byers, who is willing to take on monsters and believed to be crazy by others just to save her family.

In this picture, Winona Ryder, the actress who plays Joyce, is portrayed having an assistant cover her hair as she walks out in the rain.

8 "Anyone In The Mood For A Swim?"

Just Jared

While all the actors on the show are fantastic, we must admit that Millie Bobby Brown is placed in some of the strangest sets and situations. From the upside-down to exploring the minds of others, her character, Eleven, has seen it all.

In this scene, Eleven has entered the Void and is exploring Billy’s sad memory of a day he spent on the beach as a child.

7 The Cast Admiring El's New Look


In season three of Stranger Things, fans get to watch Eleven’s character develop a lot more than it previously did. From barely speaking in season one, she becomes much more communicative and builds her own personality.

Beyond her character, Max helps El develop her very own sense of style in this season, which is totally funky and seemingly Millie Bobby Brown inspired.

6 The Duffer Brothers Spying On The Cast


In this shot, the Duffer Brothers are seen in deep thought in what appears to be the mall Steve and Robin work in, where the children face the Demogorgon.

They seem to be wondering: “Is this place really big enough to fit a 100-foot-tall monster?” The answer is: “Yes, yes it is.”

5 "Mom, I'm Going To Be On TV!"

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In this image, Charlie Heaton is spotted sitting on a bench outdoors, taking a well-deserved break from filming the third season of the series.

We’re guessing he’s calling his mom to gush about how awesome season three will be, but who’s to know for sure?

4 It's All Fun And Games Off-Screen


Natalia Dyer and Finn Wolfhard seem to be in a lighthearted conversation on-set, as Dyer is spotted cracking up.

Meanwhile, Charlie Heaton is glancing over with loving eyes at Dyer, seeming to be happier about her smile than Finn’s joke!

3 "How Much Longer Do I Need To Wear This Shirt For?"

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Anyone who’s watched season 3 knows how iconic this shirt is. Hopper purchased it to impress Joyce of their first date that’s not really a date but is a date.

He wore this shirt for nearly all of the season, which makes us wonder how sick he probably was of it after filming.

2 Business As Usual


Millie Bobby Brown is often seen in paparazzi images goofing off and laughing with her co-star's onset, as any 15-year-old should, however in this picture she quickly reminds us how much of a boss she is.

She is seen walking and answering texts or emails on her phone looking like a true grown-up.

1 Peace Out!


In this image, Millie Bobby Brown throws up two peace signs which is a perfectly awesome and fun way to wrap up the filming of the third season.

Hopefully, the cast won’t be off-duty for too long because fans are already extremely hyped up for a fourth season!

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