The Benefits Of Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaners are the product of the century as they clean your home with little to no effort on your part. They produce a hot vapor to blast away grime and it transforms your home into an unrecognizable haven of cleanliness. The list of benefits are endless and it is something everyone should own if they strive for a bacteria-free home.

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We have created a list of benefits that steam cleaners have to offer. You might be surprised by what you find as you add this item to your list of things to buy. Keep reading to learn about the 10 benefits of steam cleaning!

10 Total Sanitization and Disinfection

Steam cleaners have the ability to reach temperatures that are hotter than any other product on the market at around 350 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes them the ideal product for sanitizing and disinfecting hard to reach places, like your dirty couch cushions or the seats in your used car.

This product opens up the fabric's pores, which gives it access to every molecule of dirt hiding within your furniture, carpet, kitchen, and more. It is amazing more people haven't bought one as the simplicity of this tool is something most people crave in today's day and age.

9 Eco-Friendly

A product can't get much more eco-friendly than a steam cleaner because it is one of the only products on the market that doesn't use harsh chemicals. When you purchase this, it means you are making the decision to help preserve this world for future generations to come.

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The ozone won't be burning because your pet decided to throw up on the couch or your tile's grout turned brown. No, this product will take care of all of that without hurting our dear friend called Mother Nature.

8 Doesn't Cause Molding

There are many who might assume this product causes molding due to its use of water as the main ingredient, but those people are sorely mistaken. The water you put into the machine is actually converted into extremely hot steam and the output is usually made up of less than 5% of water. The heat combined with the low water content means that everything you use this product on dries very quickly. The result is a clean home without any hint of molding, which is any clean freaks dream.

7 Exterminates Bed Bugs

The major problem with bed bugs is that they dive deep into the folds of your mattress and most cleaning products are unable to truly kill them. This is not true with the steam cleaner, as it blasts bed bugs into a new infinity rather than shoving them deeper into your mattress's depths. The cleaners with pressure settings are perfect for these monsters, as low pressure allows the heat to thoroughly destroy them. You might not have these pests now, but having a steam cleaner on hand could save you if they ever do arrive at your doorstep.

6 No-Risks to Children or Pets

These cleaners do not use any harsh chemicals that might cause harm to your children or pets, like some other deep cleaning products. There is nothing in your steam cleaner except your basic H20 which your children and pets drink every single day, making it the perfect tool to clean up any of their messes.

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Some types offer the option to add detergent, but they have options for all-natural cleaners, so there is no reason you shouldn't already have one sitting in your broom closet.

5 Low-Cost Cleaning

The most expensive thing about this product is the price tag on it at the store because once you bring it home there is virtually no spending involved. This machine operates with electricity and water straight from your tap. It does not require any special odor eliminating chemicals or fancy solutions, because it works perfectly without them. You won't even notice a difference in your water or electricity bill, but you will notice how squeaky clean your home feels after a single-use.

4 Can Be Used on Virtually Anything

This phenomenal product can be used virtually anywhere as long as you have access to a water supply and a source of power. It is safe to use on furniture, in your vehicle, on tile, and more.

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Your grout will come up spotless and that pesky stain in your vehicle will vanish before your very eyes. This will be the new topic of conversation with your friends as you brag about your new steam cleaner and how effortless it is to clean everything you own.

3 It Kills Odors

The main culprit of odors lies with the bacteria festering in your home. The best way to rid your home of odors is to kill its source, which can be best achieved through the use of a steam cleaner. The hot temperatures obliterate the bacteria, and the detergent you can add to your steam cleaner can give it an extra level of scent boosting power. That stinky dog bed or that moldy smelling rug in your bathroom won't be an issue any longer after the bacteria is destroyed by your new steam cleaner.

2 Your Allergies Will Become Nonexistent

Allergy sufferers understand the pain of walking through life with a stuffy nose, but you shouldn't have to suffer that fate within the confines of your own home. A steam cleaner can help mitigate this issue by destroying allergens as they target the microscopic ones the naked eye can't see. It might take a few cleanings before you notice a difference, but if it becomes a weekly routine, then your nose will thank you. Asthma sufferers may also see a reduction in their symptoms as the cause of their issues is wiped away from a portion of their life.

1 No Dirty Water

Many argue the use of a steam cleaner against that of a carpet cleaner, but a steam cleaner does not require the nasty business of dumping a bin full of disgusting water. Steam cleaners blast away the dust, dirt, debris, and bacteria found in the items you clean.

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The washable microfiber cloths they hold on their fronts work to pick up these particles, rather than sucking the grime back into the depths of the machine. This makes for easy cleanup and its a perfect way to avoid getting your own hands dirty.

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