Berlin Zoo’s Elephants Are Eating Leftover Christmas Trees

Berlin Zoo’s Elephants Are Eating Leftover Christmas Trees

Elephants at a Berlin zoo received a very special holiday treat after Christmas.

Last Friday, a special delivery was made to Tierpark Zoo in Berlin, Germany. Christmas trees adorned with the very freshest of needles arrived at the Asian elephant exhibit for a slightly late Christmas celebration.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: “Pine trees? For elephants? Aren’t they a little too… y’know, spikey?” And you’d be correct. The elephants don’t so much eat the Christmas trees as they consume the delectably fresh vegetables that zookeepers place all around the tree as ornaments. Then the elephants just sort of toss around the trees like toys.

They might munch on a few pine needles here and there, but it’s sort of like eating the outside of a pineapple: just a little too sharp.

It also should be noted that these aren’t previously used Christmas trees either. Since Tierpark zookeepers are always concerned about the health of their animals (as any doting parents should) the trees used are only unsold Christmas trees that haven’t been treated by any chemical pesticides. This ensures that the elephants are only given the freshest of trees, free of tampering, poison, and any forgotten Christmas gifts for good German boys and girls.

Tierpark’s Asian elephants aren’t the only beneficiaries of Christmas cheer. The zoo’s Sumatran tigers and Barbary apes also get the gift of Christmas but in their own specific ways.


For the Barbary apes, the trees are once again adorned with vegetables and fruits for the monkeys to eat. Since primates are highly intelligent and need a bit of a challenge, some of the delectable morsels are hidden away in special boxes that the monkeys need to crack open. Others are just hanging off pine branches in the same way that elephants are given their snacks.

Verspätete Weihnachtsüberraschung für Elefant, Affe und Tiger im Tierpark Berlin

Die einen spielen damit, die anderen verputzen sie gleich komplett: Unsere Asiatischen Elefanten, Sumatra-Tiger und Berberaffen durften sich heute über besonders lecker geschmückte Tannenbäume freuen. Dafür ein besonders großes Dankeschön an unsere Tierpfleger. Ganz wichtig: Unsere Tiere bekommen ausschließlich die nicht-verkauften Weihnachtsbäume bestimmter Händler. Nur so können wir sicherstellen, dass die Bäume qualitativ unbedenklich und somit für unsere Tiere auch geeignet sind.

Posted by Tierpark Berlin on Friday, January 4, 2019

A bright red tomato replaces the usual star that tips a traditional Christmas tree.

And for the Sumatran tigers, their tree is just covered in raw meat. Like Lady Gaga’s Christmas tree circa 2010 only a little more fashionable because they’re tigers, and certainly more delicious.

Well, to tigers. Most of the writers here at TheThings prefer their meat cooked.

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