The 10 Most Ridiculous Burgers You Can Make At Home

The US is filled with people that like to make food, and filled with even more people who like to mess with food. What we wanted to do is take a look at some of the most ridiculous burgers that anyone can make at home. Yes, we don't have to go out to find absolutely outrageous burgers, as the ingredients for these can be put together in the home. We're not saying that all of these burgers are going to be delicious or anything, but they are definitely worth the effort just to say that they've been eaten before!

10 Ramen Burger

Every college student out there will admit that there's nothing better out there than a bit of Ramen, so it's no surprise that somebody decided to take the humble hamburger and throw it between two sets of circular Ramen. The best thing about this burger is that people can choose to use their favorite flavor of packet noodles. We know that some people won't be that interested in this one, with the idea of cheese and Ramen not going together so well, but we also know that there are hundreds of students out there already trying this one out!

9 The Luther Burger

We've never understood people that don't like their salty with their sweet, and this one is definitely for people who like to put those two great flavors together! Yes, buying a donut and slicing it in half creates a brilliantly sweet burger bun.

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Then, all people have to do is put in the meat, the bacon, and the cheese. Not only that, but people can choose what sort of donut they want to use before making the filling. Whether the person eating the burger wants to keep it simple or put together something more elaborate, it's completely on their donut choice.

8 Triple Cheeseburger

Okay, so we know that this one is pretty simple compared to many of the others that we've included in this list, but sometimes we don't always have to go for an absolutely out there burger all the time. If somebody is interested in a big burger that won't break the bank, then we suggest that they go for the triple cheeseburger. Sure, it's not the most outrageous burger of all time, but we all know that this is something that will taste delicious while also filling us up on a pretty small budget, so it deserves its place on this list.

7 Spaghetti Burger

This is essentially the Ramen burger for people who are too grown up for that sort of thing, so they decide to put together a bun made of spaghetti rather than Ramen noodles. As people can see from this image, people can fry the noodles off so that they harden and can be picked up.

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One of the greatest things about this burger is that it calls for a marinara sauce, rather than just a layer of tomatoes along with some ketchup. This is the burger that we made when we officially decided that we have become adults!

6 Kangaroo Burger

Okay, so to anyone living in Australia, this probably isn't that interesting a burger, but we know for a fact that most of the people that live in the US haven't yet had the pleasure of a kangaroo burger, which definitely needs to change. For those that don't know, this ridiculous meat is actually some of the leanest and most nutritional meat that people can get their heads on. Throw in the fact that it's also known for being delicious and it's no surprise that the people of Australia choose to use this meat in their burgers over any other.

5 The Triple Coronary Bypass Burger

Of all the burgers we've included here, we have to admit that this is the one that is going to take a bit of work on the part of the chef, but for those that are truly committed to bringing the ridiculous burger to their own kitchen, this one should definitely be on their bucket list. The fries and tater tots are optional, but the burger itself consists of three grilled cheese sandwiches that help support a tower that includes bacon, cheese, and the patty itself. It should come as no surprise to anyone that people struggle to complete this monster.

4 Cheeseburger In A Can

Funny to think that we're actually including a riduclous burger on this list that we can't believe anybody would actually want to eat, but then the world is absolutely filled with food that some people love despite all of the reasons not to! Yes, it is possible to buy a hamburger in a can, take it home, and crack it open, but just looking at the image is enough to keep us from wanting to try this culinary mess... We imagine they were first created for people who wanted to ensure they had hamburgers that can be stored for a long time, but it isn't worth it.

3 Fat Magnum

If this list has taught us anything, it's the fact that there's not really a set amount of rules that need to be followed to help create a burger. Believe it or not, but this roll in considered by some to be a burger, and we can sort of understand why!

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The filling that goes between the bits of bread are made up of mostly burger patties, so is this not also a hamburger?! Not only that, but we think the layer of cheese, ketchup, and mayo that sits underneath the mountain of fries is enough to get anyone salivating.

2 Fatty Melt

We can understand why anyone would want to include more grilled cheese sandwiches in their diet, so pairing them with a hamburger patty just makes a lot of sense! While most of these ridiculous burgers ask for a lot of time and ingredients, we think it's good to include burgers that are a little more minimal as well. While the grilled cheese sandwiches that make up the bread may take an inexperienced chef some time, we refuse to believe that anyone out there can't leave some meat to fry and properly slice up a tomato!

1 Nut Burger

This one won't work for anyone that lives without a food processor, but we would argue that nobody should be living without a food processor, so this is a perfect excuse for people to go out and buy one if they feel that this burger looks delicious to them. It may look like a fairly standard burger to a lot of people reading this, but there's actually a lot going on here that people may not be seeing. Believe it or not, but there are peanuts in that mayo. Mix up the mayo with some peanuts and throw them between two buns along with a tomato, some pickles and a patty!

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