10 Hilarious Louise Belcher Quotes That We Can All Relate To

There are a lot of truly hilarious animated television shows these days. However, one of the best ones is Bob’s Burgers. Once you have seen an episode or two of it, it is really hard not to get hooked on this show. It is fictional, but there are a couple of episodes of this show that are about very realistic situations. To be honest, that just makes it even more hilarious.

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All the characters on the show have comical lines that fans like to quote, but some of the best ones come from the youngest member of the Belcher family.

10 “This Is Gonna Be The Longest Hour Of My Life!”

Louise Belcher is not a very patient person, which is proven multiple times throughout the series. During this specific episode, which is called “The Kids Run The Restaurant,” her impatience becomes even more apparent when she says this line.

In this episode, Louise opens up a casino in the basement of the restaurant while her parents are away. Tina becomes a waitress at the casino, and Gene tries to get an all-female band, which he had formed the day before, to perform there. Louise allows the power to go to her head, and she begins to treat the others poorly.

9 “If She Was A Spice, She’d Be Flour.”

Louise doesn’t seem to have many friends, which is a bit concerning to her mother. So, in the fourth season of Bob’s Burgers, Linda decides that Louise should invite some of her classmates over for a sleepover.

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That would normally sound fun, but the problem is that Louise does not like them. One of her guests talks too much, another one is a germophobe, and the third one is obsessed with braiding hair. But the fourth one, according to Louise, is boring. When Louise is talking to Linda, she compares the girl to flour to demonstrate how uninteresting she is.

8 “I Wanna Be Rich!”

Sometimes Louise says some pretty strange, yet hilarious things. But on the other hand, she also has a lot of lines we can all relate to, and this is definitely one of them. After all, who doesn’t want to become rich one day?

Louise says this line to her father in “Torpedo,” which is the finale episode of season one. Louise, Tina, and their father are discussing some of the things that Mr. Fischoeder owns, and Louise talks about her interest in marrying him. This doesn’t go over well with Bob, and he tells her she won’t be doing that.

7 “Hey, I Don’t Appreciate Your Lack Of Sarcasm.”

One of the things that makes Louise such a funny character is her sarcasm. She just would not be the same without it. Also, she doesn’t appear to be terribly excited when one of her classmates compliments her dad, which is when she says this line.

At this point in the series, Bob decides to help Mr. Frond by filling in as a home economics teacher. Bob later finds out that the class is just a place for the school to put the kids who get low test scores. So, he inspires them by teaching the kids how to cook.

6 “What Is This Feeling I’m Having? It’s Like I’m Feeling Sad For Someone Other Than Myself. Is That A Thing? Am I Going Crazy?”

During the third episode of season three, which is called “Bob Fires The Kids,” Louise says this line, which possibly shows that she is no longer as self-centered as she once was. To clear things up a little bit, the children do not get fired for any negative reasons.

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Bob simply realizes that he basically spent his whole life working in restaurants, and he did not have much fun when he was a kid. He wants Tina, Gene, and Louise to have fun and be able to enjoy their summer vacation from school without worrying about working at the restaurant.

5 “I Can Smell Fear On You.”

This Bob’s Burgers line appeared in the second season of the popular television show. When Louise first meets a television personality, she says this line. During this time in the show, Linda encourages Bob to audition to be a part of a cooking segment on a news program.

However, Gene pops into the audition video, and he is wearing a mask. Both Bob and Gene are cast in the show, but it puts a strain on their relationship. Meanwhile. Louise is helping both Bob and Gene prank each other, and neither one knows that she is helping the other person.

4 “Yeah! Messing With Tina Is A Privilege, Not A Right!”

Tammy certainly adds to the humor of the show, but she has been known to do some pretty terrible things, especially where Tina is concerned. But if Louise has anything to say about it, nobody messes with Tina and gets away with it.

When Tammy first enters the scene, she’s a bad influence on Tina. But then something happens and she blackmails Tina with very personal fictional stories she wrote about her friends. This obviously does not sit well with Louise and Gene, both of whom are upset about the situation. So, Louise simply voices her thoughts on the matter.

3 “Quiet Dignity? Have You Met Us?”

If there is one word that does not describe any of the Belcher children (or even the parents, for that matter) it is “quiet.” But Louise knows that, and she says this line in the episode that is titled “The Unnatural.”

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At this point in the series, Tina discovers that she likes espressos, thanks to the new espresso machine that Bob and Linda have recently added to the restaurant. Moreover, Gene makes the unfortunate discovery that he is not skilled at sports, and Bob thinks he should quit with quiet dignity. But Louise knows they don’t have much of that.

2 “Ugh, It’s No Fun Having You Down If I’m Not The One Who Got You There.”

All of the episodes of this show are great, but this one, which is called “Boyz 4 Now,” is a really important one that shows some character growth for Louise. The plot involves Tina and Louise planning to attend a concert with their Aunt Gayle.

However, Aunt Gayle cannot make it because she has an emergency, which upsets Tina because she was looking forward to the concert. Tina’s mood causes Louise to say this quote right before she tells Tina they will go to the concert anyway. Then Louise discovers she has a crush on one of the band members.

1 “You’re Peddling Like Crazy And Not Getting Anywhere – Just Like Your Life!”

The Belcher family members are pretty good at delivering some humorous insults to one another. But, despite the fact that she is the youngest of the bunch, Louise often delivers the lines that have the biggest sting, and the first episode of season six of Bobs’ Burgers is proof of that.

She says this line to her dad while he is exercising. Later in the episode, Bob and Linda talk about how they met. When they first saw each other, Linda was already engaged to Hugo the health inspector. But she fell in love with Bob because of his mustache.

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