10 Most Satisfying Cleanups From Trashtag Challenge

The #Trashtag trash challenge is probably the most unproblematic social media challenge ever. It’s not just a cool dance, or weird craze, it’s actually urging people to care about the world around them. It’s so awesome. We’re just so happy no one is trying to sell us tummy teas with this one. There have been massive cleanup efforts around the world, and we are getting so much life browsing the internet looking at before and afters of the trashiest areas. So we decided to share a few. Here’s our 10 most satisfying cleanups from the #trashtag challenge.

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10 Small Patch Of Earth

Via Twitter (@To112life)

Social media is used for a lot of things, but we cherish it the most when it’s used to heal the world. The #Trashtag #Trashchallenge has really given this little patch, a new life. Once neglected and filled with trash, the pretty green grass can now thrive and be beautiful in the world again. It’s crazy to think that all this beauty was underneath that horrible pile of trash. We love that this before and after of this small patch of Earth has so much strength. It makes us believe that if we all just clean our one little patch, we can clean the world.

9 Beachy Bliss

Via Twitter(@rcc_pipes)

Based on the before picture, it’s really hard to believe this is a beach. Honestly, there’s so much trash covering the ground, you can barely see the sand, but the special thing about this clean up is that 500 people helped to make this happen. All those people came together on this beach in Mumbai, and made a difference in the world around them. This is so satisfying, and we could all take a page out of their book. This #Trashtag cleanup makes our hearts so warm, and we hope this inspires more people to clean up their neighborhoods and the world.

8 Beach-tiful

Via Twitter (@rcc_pipes)

It’s so incredibly satisfying to know that all that plastic ended up in the trash and not the belly of some unsuspecting sea creature. If you thought the trash in the last one was bad, this next one is even worse. This beach cleanup definitely makes us want to get out there and clean something. As you can see from the before picture, the trash on Mahim beach was so unbearable, there was no clear path to even get to the water. However, thanks to many selfless and compassionate people, this beach can now be the oasis it was always meant to be.

7 Bountiful Beach Paradise

Via Twitter (@scuba18542933)

Somebody has some explaining to do. How can there even be this much waste? It’s kind of crazy how dirty our beaches are, but also extremely satisfying when they are returned to former glory with these #trashtag cleanups. So, here’s another beautiful beach transformation.

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This long-neglected beach has taken on a new life, and became the bountiful beach paradise it always wanted to be. Once a sore spot for the people who live here, this beach is once again a place they can relax and have fun. We’re just mad nobody invited us to the party (just kidding).

6 The Little Stream

Via Twitter (@veritybuckley)

This little creek is probably one of our favorites on the list. This before and after is so satisfying because you can almost see the Earth smiling. This small corner of the Earth has been restored, and can be beautiful again. We love this one the most because it shows how the smallest gestures make the biggest difference. There wasn’t a crazy amount of trash to clean up, but this clean up made a big impact on the world. If we all pick a patch of Earth and decided to clean it up, the world would be a way cleaner place.

5 Beach Tires?

Via Twitter (@plogolution)

First of all, how did these tires get here? Second of all, this clean up is awesome! We love this clean up because this beach was definitely crying out for help. There was so much trash here, it was looking more like a landfill than a beach. It’s almost crazy to think about all that beautiful sand that laid underneath all that awful trash for so long. At least now this beach can be beautiful again. This #Trashtag hashtag has literally brought new life to the Earth. Who knew social media could be used for more than cat videos and tummy teas.

4 Dirtiest Bay

Via Reddit

As you can see, we love a satisfying beach clean up. This next beautiful beach transformation makes me want to just bask in the setting sun. Manila was once considered one of the dirtiest bays in the world, until an order by the supreme court and thousands of volunteers made a difference.

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After years of being ugly and riddled with trash, this gorgeous beach shakes its’ “dirtiest bay” name tag. Seems to us like it’s time the rest of the world get it together. This #trashtag hashtag is really challenging people to care about the world around them and we are so here for it.

3 Do Your Part

Via Twitter (@hozaifa82)

We’re kinda impressed that they really groomed the dirt on this one. We know what we said before but, this next before and after is actually our favorite on the list. We might need to go find some gloves, and our own little patch of Earth. Although this clean up seems insignificant, it’s satisfying to find peace in the little things. This wasn’t the biggest cleanup but that patch of dirt is super clean, and we admire these guys for doing their part. We have the privilege of living on this beautiful planet, the least we could do is keep it clean.

2 Highway Cleanup

Via Twitter (@fizhbee)

Here we go people! This is what we’re talking about. We love that this hashtag is likely the most unproblematic hashtag ever, and it’s really getting people to make a difference. Honestly, why don’t more people know about this? They’re not trying to sell us anything or pretend to be anyone. This family just pulled over on the side of the road and decided to clean up trash. This is so satisfying. We hope all people will take this before and after as inspiration to get out there and pick up even one piece of trash. Because we are all responsible for healing the world.

1 Trash Forest

Via Twitter (@flexyike)

At this point, we’re just wondering what took the world so long to think of #Trashtag. Does this forest seem brighter after the cleanup? Like they gave this forest a reason to be sunny again. We really love this last one. It’s so satisfyingly clean. If these two can clean up all that trash by themselves, then the rest of us have no excuse. This before and after is so satisfying to us because when we think about all the possibilities these guys have opened up for this fabulously forested area, our hearts smile. That’s it, where’s our gloves and rain boots.

After all that talking, we’re ready to get out there and do our part. But what did we miss? Let us know some of your most satisfying #Trashtag clean ups! Tell us in the comments!

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