10 Of The Best Vegan Options At Fast Food Spots

Vegan options are on the rise, and it’s no shock when you see just how quickly the community is growing. Veganism has seen a 600% increase in the United States alone over the last three years. Whether someone chooses this lifestyle to protect animals, help the environment, better their health, or all of the above, it’s amazing to see how veganism touches each individual. Although veganism is more than just a change in diet, making specific food decisions is a crucial role. Even with the steady rise of options out there, it can still be difficult at times. However, there are many menu items that are “accidentally vegan,” meaning that they weren’t made just for vegans, but happen to be that way.

Even if you aren’t vegan, there’s no reason that you can’t enjoy the options out there! Taking even one day a week to support veganism is an awesome decision, and there’s no wrong way to take on that task. Although veganism sounds like it’s always a healthy choice, there are ways to be vegan and only consume junk food! The options on this list are from fast food chains, but you should remember to take in more whole foods, and only go to these when you’re looking for a treat. There are many more options out there than what is represented on this list, but here are a few examples that will show you that there’s no need to sacrifice taste when going vegan.

10 Crunchwrap Supreme At Taco Bell

There are quite a few options at Taco Bell that can easily be made vegan, but the best one is probably the Crunchwrap Supreme! Ask for vegan orders “fresco style,” which will let the staff know to remove all dairy products and replace them with pico de gallo. Next, substitute the seasoned beef out for black beans, and if you love potatoes (who doesn’t?) you can add them in for just a bit extra. This version might even taste better than the original one and won’t feel as heavy once you’ve devoured it. When you’re too hungry to be filled up by just one menu item, add the well-priced Bean Burrito (fresco style as well) for an added delight.

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9 Dutch Apple Pie At Burger King

It can be difficult trying to find vegan desserts, and they’re often pricey when they do appear. However, Burger King happens to have an “accidentally vegan” apple pie that will grant you the instant sugary gratification you crave. It comes in a cute triangular box, and, as far as fast food is concerned, it’s great! Another option that can be turned from breakfast option to dessert fulfillment is their French Toast Sticks. Although they might not be the best thing to eat when you’re starting the day, they are satisfying. The hash browns there are vegan as well, so you can add those to your morning.

8 Breadsticks At Olive Garden

It’s a blessing to know that Olive Garden’s endless breadsticks are actually vegan! They appear to be topped with butter, but it’s actually made from soy. Bread is one of the best foods on the planet, and although it isn’t a healthy option by any means, it’s still an option that can’t be discounted. There are also a lot of great kinds of pasta there that are vegan, so you can order one of those lest you seem like you just came to eat piles of free breadsticks. Though we wouldn't judge if that was your goal, it’s probably a good idea to hide your intentions and eat more of a variety.

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7 Pizza At PizzaRev, Blaze, And Pieology

These assembly-line style pizza chains offer a variety of vegan options with all of the flavors and textures of a non-vegan meal! The gluten-free crusts are especially delicious and crunchy, so don’t count them out even if you’re not intolerant to gluten. Many of them use Daiya cheese as a replacement and, when baked, it’s as delicious as typical pizza cheeses. Vegan sausages are also common, and loading the pizza with vegetables is always a fun task. Watch out for certain sauces, like pesto, which might not be vegan. You can always ask about this, but their red sauces are typically good options.

6 Impossible Burger At Various Locations

You’ll have to do some quick research to see which restaurants around you are carrying this amazing burger, but it’s worth the hunt! The Impossible Burger is easily the closest thing to an actual meat burger in the plant-based patty market. The website boasts that it uses “95% less land, 74% less water, and creates 87% less greenhouse gas emissions” because it isn’t based around cows! Ask each restaurant about which items accompany the patty because not all of them are topped with vegan items. If you’re looking for a burger that will fool your meat-eating friends, this is the best choice.

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5 Potatoes At Wendy’s

There’s never a bad time to consume excessive quantities of potatoes. The French fries at Wendy’s are thankfully vegan, and the healthier option of grabbing a baked potato is also vegan if you get it plain. Potatoes are actually healthy outside of the times that they’re being drenched in old oil and fried, so baked potatoes should be appreciated more often. If a plain baked potato sounds boring, you can also add a garden side salad to your meal, and the red Italian dressing, which is vegan. Asking for a veggie sandwich will result in you receiving everything that is on a burger except, of course, the meat.

4 Avocado Toast At Cheesecake Factory

If avocado toast is a luxury that’s preventing people from owning homes, then it’s a pretty good one. Cheesecake Factory has a long list of vegan options, ranging from soups and salads to pasta and a burger. The avocado toast is a winner because it comes with marinated tomatoes, extra-virgin olive oil, red onion, radish, watercress, and is finished off with some lemon citrus. It comes in the perfect shareable portion—although it might be hard to let go of—and looks much more hearty than what you envision when you think of avocados and bread. Add a side to turn this into an amazing meal.

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3 Sofritas At Chipotle

Tofu can be very hit or miss, but Chipotle got it right when they began offering their sofritas. This vegan option is organic tofu with braised peppers and various spices. It has a great texture and kick to it, unlike some tofu that feels chewy and sad. You can add this meat substitute to any bowl, taco, burrito, or salad, and choose everything else you’d like to mix with it. Chipotle’s pinto beans, black beans, brown and white rice, guacamole, and fajita veggies are all vegan as well! Adding chips and salsa might be a great way to complete this meal.

2 Burger At The Habit

The veggie patty that they use at The Habit is actually vegan! Choose the French roll or seeded bun, and say no to any dressing. Adding avocado will make up for any condiments that aren’t vegan, and bring in flavor that will make you forget all about cheese. It comes with the typical lettuce, tomato, and cucumber, but you can also get creative and add a side right under the bun. Sweet potato fries might be the perfect addition, or even the French fries, as they’re also vegan. Tempura green beans are an unusual, but necessary option for a fast food place, so check them out as well.

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1 Ice Cream At Baskin Robbins and Ben & Jerry’s

It would be painful to live in a world without ice cream, but chains around the globe are starting to offer vegan options! Baskin Robbins has sorbet and “ice” flavors that are vegan, and if you’re looking for a flavor to test, the Horchata Ice is still relatively new! This option has a creamy feel thanks to the coconut, and a cinnamon taste that anyone could enjoy. Ben & Jerry’s has a variety of flavors as well, including P.B. & Cookies, and Chocolate Fudge Brownie! Be sure to check your grocery store for vegan ice cream flavors as well, as many brands now have at least a few amazing options!

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