Beyoncé Gives Birth: The 16 Most Extra Reactions That Nearly Broke The Internet

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Beyoncé Gives Birth: The 16 Most Extra Reactions That Nearly Broke The Internet

The Beyhive can get into a tizzy when Beyoncé leaves the house, so rumors about her twins being born have put everyone in overdrive. For the past few weeks, questions like, “what if she’s already a mother of three now and we just don’t know it?” have been swirling the internet. If she can film two visual albums with absolutely no leaks, then she can definitely give birth in secret.

Well, Queen Bey did, in fact, give birth to the twins. And the suspense leading up to it was really getting to some of her fans. A few of them, understandably, as shown in the reactions below, are losing their chill.

16. This person whose emotions were running really high

You can’t just approach a Queen Bey fan like you would any other person right now. Here’s what you need to realize: we feel like these are our twins. So, not knowing about their current state was very stressful. You couldn’t talk to us like a normal person (for goodness sake, we’re out here acting like we’ll meet these twins someday), so we hope you knew to approach us carefully. The best bet is to not make any sudden movement and avoid all eye contact if you don’t want to be subjected to a rant about how Beyoncé is being very unfair by not telling us every detail about her life. If you do happened to get pulled into that rant, just nod and agree. You don’t want to test us right now.

15. This Beyhive loyalist who cannot stay calm

Fans have had since February, but there’s really no way to prepare for this. The level of hype around this pregnancy is way more than what we felt with Blue Ivy. That go around, she was a first-time mom who’d still been pretty tight-lipped about her personal life. Now that we’ve gotten glimpses of her as a mother and wife, this pregnancy is quadrupled in impact for the Beyhive. Basically, this is not something you can emotionally prepare for, so we’re at red alert here, people, and you need to start following the proper protocols. At the time, an announcement could have been made at any time, and so we needed to be prepared for any scenario and we didn’t know what our time limit is. If you saw us moving quickly, we hope you knew to just get out of the way.

14. This fan who’s ready to shout it from the rooftop

Trust us, there are a lot of people who have had their GIFs, memes, etc. ready for the big reveal. If you’re not into Beyoncé, then you might want to get off of social media for a few days, especially now that we officially know that the twins were born. By “not into Beyoncé,” we mean that if you don’t know the words to every album, own everything she’s done since “Bills, Bills, Bills” and can spout off at least four random facts about her life without preparation, then you’re not at the same level as the people who’ll be flooding your feed. If this is like Blue Ivy’s birth announcement, the twins will have their own website and photos, so get ready for links and pictures galore. You better not complain about it publicly or you will get called out by the Beygency.

13. The fan who’s just managing to keep it together

Life is hard. It seems like the older you get, the more you work and the more your bills cost. Plus, we’re all dealing with all of the tragedy we seem to see more and more in the news lately, along with emotions from any personal issues we may be facing. That’s why we need beautiful things like celebrity pregnancies to bring us some much-need positivity. Seriously, we need this. So, just jump on the bandwagon as the Beyhive loses its collective chill because this is our lifeline right now. One of the world’s best performers just gave birth to two miracles and will probably be back on stage in a couple of months. Just let people enjoy this and tie all of their hopes and dreams to it for a little while.

12. This person who’s preparing for the inevitable

If you see your co-worker wearing a wig tomorrow after the baby announcement, don’t acknowledge it. No one wants to relive the pain of their edges once again being snatched by a Beyoncé reveal. Also, you probably won’t even understand the flurry of emotions that led to it because, frankly, most fans don’t either. Blue Ivy was an adorable baby and Queen Bey was basically glowing in all of the photos with her newborn. If we’re about to get double that with the twins, you better believe we’ll need to grab a wig because all of our edges will be gone. Just compliment us on the new ‘do and leave some money in the our fundraising jar to help us get that hair treatment we’ll need to get our follicles back in order.

11. The Twitter user who’s getting a little too familiar

Here’s what you need to remember: Beyoncé has been performing since she was 15 years old. So, a lot of fans feel like they’ve known her for about two decades. That means they can sometimes get a little too familiar. That’s how some of them end up thinking it’s OK to grab her butt while she’s onstage or change their last name to “Knowles” and tell her that their her husband. (Those are actual things that have happened at her concerts, by the way.) Keeping that in mind, it’s not weird for people to think it’s totally fine to ask if they can pop by when the twins get home and have a chat with the new mom. This “no chill” level is pretty extreme, so you won’t see it often.

10. This fan who had begun to lose patience

The Beyhive has been fielding these birth rumors for almost a week. It had been exhausting to hear all of this speculation, but never get any answers from the only person who can give them to you. Until now. Before the birth, this meant that there was some aggression from fans. That’s why we knew it was best not to make eye contact with some of them. Did you really want to be pushed against a wall and berated all because of something Beyoncé isn’t doing? No. It’s not like you could change anything, anyway. In the days before this, the atmosphere was bad. So bad, in fact, that if you saw your friend who loves Beyoncé walking through the mall, you would have had to turn in the other direction. It was just too risky then, and so you had to stay very far away.

9. The fan who needs photo evidence

Some people just need an announcement on Twitter or through reps for the Carters but others were waiting for the photo evidence. As the kids say on the internet, “pics or it didn’t happen.” Beyoncé not only has the 103 million followers on Instagram waiting for just one snapshot of the new additions but she also has the millions of people who stalk her website hoping for new photos. With Blue Ivy, we weren’t used to see photos or anything else about her personal life, but now we expect to see big life events. A lot of fans aren’t going to really get into the spirit of celebration until they see two sweet little baby faces on social media. Just like everyone else, they’re starting to get impatient. Can you throw us a bone, Beyoncé?

8. The person waiting for an announcement only Queen Bey could deliver

This wouldn’t be the first time Beyoncé has surprised us with a new release. Her 2013 self-titled album came out in the middle of the night with no announcement. No one even knew she was working on anything, for goodness sake. We only got about a week to prepare for Lemonade and we had no idea of the masterpiece it would turn out to be (don’t fight fans on this assertion, whether we’re waiting for babies or not). So, if she decided to release a visual album starting with personal videos of her pregnancy and ending with the birth of the twins, then it wouldn’t be shocking. It would probably be the best-selling work of the year. Don’t be surprised if there’s a promo on HBO for her next work of art.

7. The fan who knows the twins’ first reaction

Is it crazy to believe that even unborn babies would understand the power and wonder of Beyoncé? Right now, the Beyhive doesn’t think so. Celebrity children like to act like they don’t know what big deals their parents are, but do you really think that J-Lo’s twins don’t understand that their mother is a huge star? Or that North West doesn’t understand the power she holds? Blue Ivy definitely knows her celebrity and the kid even seems to embrace it openly. So, we can only imagine that when the babies were born and they got the first glimpse at their mother, they knew they hit the lottery. They’re going to grow up on sprawling estates, travel the world and will probably inherit musical talent from one or both of their parents. They’ve got it made.

6. The tweeter who doesn’t have time for small talk

Nobody cares what team won in the latest sporting event or how mild the weather has been lately. The only thing that matters right now is that Beyoncé gave birth to the twins. We don’t want to hear about your latest horror date. No one cares that you just got a great deal on a brand new car. Don’t even try to come to us and talk about that petty Katy Perry and Taylor Swift drama. The only celebrity we have time for now is Beyoncé. If you don’t want to talk about her babies, then you don’t want to talk to any true Beyhive member right now. Keep it to our Queen and her magical birth in conversation and you’ll be just fine.

5. The Beyhiver with a conspiracy to share

Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcements get so much attention because most of us are surprised she even let us know. No one would be shocked if she didn’t say anything until they were 3 years old. Let’s not forget that she didn’t even confirm her marriage to Jay Z for at least a year and we never even saw a photo from the ceremony until she released them herself years later. She can also record entire albums and film conceptual videos for each song without anyone being the wiser. If Queen Bey knows anything, it’s how to keep a secret. If were to find out that all of these pregnancy photos were from a year ago, it wouldn’t exactly be shocking. We’d still want to see photos of the twins, though.

4. The person trying to find a way into the delivery room

This is really the definition of no chill. The hottest seat in the house right now is in the delivery room. The only people who’ll probably have any access are the twins’ grandparents, big sister and Aunt Solange. Everyone else will probably be shut out. (There’s even a rumor that Beyoncé’s shut down an entire floor of the hospital to make sure they can keep their privacy.) So, there were some people fantasizing about sneaking their way into the delivery room to be there for the birth. Of course, that would never happen. You can’t get to Queen Bey on a good day. If she’s trying to protect her children from potentially crazy fans, then she’ll be more guarded than the president. It’s funny to see people speculate about what would happen if they did get in, though.

3. The person thinking about how this could hurt another celebrity

A lot of Beyhive fans like to think that Kim Kardashian is extremely bothered every time she tried to do something and comes up short compared to Beyoncé. Since Kim’s finances depend on her ability to keep interest around her personal life, it’s not really out of the realm of possibility. Kim’s daughter, North, turned 4 years old on June 15. That’s around the same time rumors started swirling that Beyoncé had given birth. The birth of two Carters would tremendously overshadow North’s birthday for the rest of her life. Didn’t happen, but imagine how hilariously sad that would have been?

She’ll would have had to plan her birthday parties around theirs because if most people in Hollywood had to choose between spending the day with Beyoncé and Jay Z (sans a camera crew from a reality show) or spending it with the Kardashians, we all know what most of them would choose.

2. This fan who knew it was cutthroat in the labor & delivery wing

Of course, we know she has her own doctor. We wouldn’t be surprised if she hired an entire team that’s been painstakingly briefed on her entire medical history. But what if this doctor got stuck in traffic? It would have led to a physician stampede in the halls. Forget about all decorum and any other patients you might have to see. If you’ve got a chance to deliver American royalty, you’ll probably push people into the street or down a flight of stairs to get that opportunity (doctors are very competitive, after all). So, if you were in a Los Angeles hospital and saw employees running towards the labor and delivery floor, you probably knew that Beyoncé was getting ready to give birth to greatness. Don’t count on seeing your doctor any time soon.

1. The fan who really needs some answers

At the end of the day, we all just wanted some answers. The radio silence in the midst of so many rumors was deafening. We wondered: should we be rolling out the welcome mat for the twins? Is the birthing process going according to plan? Does Beyoncé need someone to go on store runs while she’s laid up in the house praying for labor to come soon? Back then, we really just wanted a status update that we knew is legitimate. Luckily, they didn’t keep us waiting for too long. As you could tell, some people really didn’t have many more days until they totally cracked and so, thank goodness, we can all breathe a sigh of relief that the newest additions to the Beyhive are here.

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