Totally Real Biblical Prophecy Calls For End Of The World In December 2019

Totally Real Biblical Prophecy Calls For End Of The World In December 2019

A totally real and not at all bogus biblical prophecy is calling for the end of the world next December.

You know, after the whole Mayan calendar predicting the apocalypse in December of 2012, we were pretty sure that doomsday prophecies would go out of style. Maybe we could have a decade where we don’t expect the end of days to come every few years and we could just expect life to go on uninterrupted.

But no, a peaceful world is a boring world, and a boring world doesn’t sell alarmist books that use thinly layered biblical references to justify people’s growing sense of unease.

According to renowned historian and “prophecy scholar” David Montaigne, the world will end on December 28th, 2019.

How did he get that date? Well, first we go back to the 2012 Mayan apocalypse, only apparently the planets were just a little out of alignment so they got the specific year wrong. The world wasn’t scheduled to end in 2012, it was scheduled to end in 2019. Right.

To add some extra credibility to his claim, Montaigne throws in a few Bible passages and blends them all together to come to a 2019 rapture date as well, and then just uses the verse and line numbers to arrive at December. Because Jesus was all about hiding the exact time of Judgement Day in a book he never wrote.


We have an interesting few days to look forward to come December. Apparently, something called a “pole shift” will occur where the Earth’s crust will start sliding around on the planet’s molten core like the shell of an egg if you consider the yolk to be anchored in space by gravity. This will cause massive earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, and all manner of devastating natural disasters.

Totally Real Biblical Prophecy Calls For End Of The World In December 2019
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There’s just enough science in there to sound plausible, but it’s not. “Pole shift” refers to a geomagnetic reversal, which is the way the Earth’s magnetic poles swap places every million years or so. There are a few theories that link these reversals to mass extinctions, but scientists haven’t found any link between the two.

Anyway, we’re not going to start prepping our doomsday bunker quite yet. This is the same author that penned the best-selling doomsday book Nostradamus World War III 2002, and that clearly was a prophecy that went bust. Expect this guy to author a corrective book that calls for World War III sometime after 2019.


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