Big Bang Theory: 10 Fan Theories That Ruin The Show (10 That Make It Better)

Few shows ever reached the heights that The Big Bang Theory did. The show became a significant hit and money maker. Indeed, the cast members all became world-famous celebs. The show recently had its final episode. Of course, that hasn't stopped all the wild fan conspiracy theories.

Fans continue to debate about the show and these wild claims. Some of these theories make some sense. They're still out there but work with the premise of the show. On the other hand, some theories are just too wacky. Indeed, they ruin the show. Here's a look at The Big Bang Theory: 10 Fan Theories That Ruin The Show (10 That Make It Better).

20 Bernadette Clones - Ruin


At first, Bernadette appears as a sweet and shy person. Of course, she later becomes mean and very blunt. In other words, she hurt a lot of feelings. One fan theory suggests, Bernadette is a series of clones designed by her work. The theory explains her change in attitude over the years.

She has the memories of the other Bernadettes but also resents Howard. The theory isn't too wacky, but it would mean everything that happened between them doesn't matter.

19 The Guys Are In A Coma - Makes It Better


At first, this theory might seem a bit out there. However, it does make a lot of sense and could be possible. The theory proposes that Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, and Howard all passed away when they set off a rocket that broke the elevator. They're either in a coma or in limbo, and the show takes place in their mind.

That explains why the elevator is not working for the entire show. It only starts working when they achieve specific goals in life.

18 Sheldon Is Barney In An Alternate Universe -Ruin

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It's safe to say that the show wouldn't be the same without Sheldon Cooper. He's controlling, stubborn and anti-social. He's the odd one in a group of oddballs. One fan theory suggests that Sheldon is Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother in the opposite world.

The evidence is pretty weak. It claims that because they're opposites, they must be the same person.

17 Howard Is Howard The Duck - Makes It Better


Howard Wolowitz is nerdy and unattractive, but that doesn't stop him from chasing women. Indeed, he has confidence very few men have. Of course, he probably shouldn't feel that confident. One theory suggests that Howard is the alter ego of Howard The Duck. They both believe they can get any woman they want.

On the surface, the theory makes little sense. However, due to the connection to comic books, there may be an alternate Big Bang Theory universe.

16 The Show Displays A Marxist Ideology - Ruin


One theory proposes the idea that the show pushes a Marxist ideology. It suggests that the show is an unfolding tragedy. The show has a much deeper meaning than being about a bunch of nerds. Of course, the show isn't displaying any ideology. It's only a comedy about the nerds getting the girls and reading comic books.

15 The Guys Cause The Apocalypse - Make It Better


Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard are all brilliant scientists. They could change the world, save the planet, or cure diseases. Instead, they try to pick up women, play video games, and hang out at the comic book store.

This theory proposes that because they are not using their smarts for good, they'll end up causing the end of the world.

14 Sheldon Is A Robot Created By Professor Proton - Ruin


Sheldon has always been a bit odd. His friends even joke that he's a robot. He does show a lot of robot traits. This theory proposes that Sheldon's hero Professor Proton created Sheldon in a lab. The Professor struggled to make money at children's birthday parties and was looking for a way back into the science community. Building a Sheldon robot could make that happen.

Of course, that means Sheldon's not real and that's disappointing.

13 Cooper From Interstellar Is Sheldon’s Son - Make It Better

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Fans believe that they find connections to other shows all the time. One interesting theory suggests Joseph Cooper from Interstellar is Sheldon Cooper's son. They're both brilliant and highly skilled scientists. Also, Joseph's father doesn't appear in the film. Instead, he confides in his father-in-law.

Many fans are sure the two characters are relatives. Judging by the time frame, that would make Joseph Sheldon's son.

12 Sheldon Is Spock - Ruin

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It's no secret that Sheldon is a big fan of Spock. That's because he's always been able to relate to Spock. They're both emotionless and struggle to make human connections. The theory suggests that Sheldon is Spock. Spock from a different dimension accidentally crosses over to the Big Bang Theory universe. He then tries his best to fit in with the people of Earth. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but fans of the theory believe it to be true. There's a better chance the writers used Spock as inspiration when creating Sheldon.

11 Sheldon Cooper In ICarly - Make It Better


Many theories suggest Sheldon's in a mental institution. He's creating the events of the show in his mind. Fans point out that Jim Parsons appears in an episode of ICarly. The main characters visit a mental hospital, and Parsons appears. The theory suggests that this is in fact, Sheldon. Sheldon lost his mind a long time ago and is creating the events of the show in his mind. His appearance in ICarly works but the show not being real ruins it a bit.

10 Mary Cooper Is Jackie From Roseanne In Witness Protection - Ruin


Big Bang Theory has many connections to other shows. The most obvious being Roseanne. Indeed, several actors appear in both shows. Of course, this theory suggests the connection is much more profound.

This theory proposes that Mary Cooper was formally Jackie Harris from Roseanne. She's forced into witness protection and goes into hiding. She changes her name to Mary Cooper, and her son Andy becomes Sheldon. The theory makes little sense and doesn't add to the show.

9 Bernadette Is A Cyborg - Make It Better


Howard might have been a ladies man, but he wasn't very good with the ladies. Indeed, for years, he talked about building a robot girlfriend. Of course, he didn't need to since he meets Bernadette. Well, this theory suggests Howard did build a cyborg girlfriend, and it's Bernadette.

The theory might seem crazy, but it makes a lot of sense. She's totally out of his league.

8 Penny's A Spy - Ruin


It might seem odd that a beautiful girl like Penny would want to be with a guy like Leonard. Well, it doesn't make any sense to anyone. Fans had to come up with some explanation. One theory suggests Penny's a spy sent by the U.S. government. She is sent after the guys launch a rocket that destroys the elevator. She's sent to keep an eye on them and make sure they don't destroy the world.

7 Amy Is Using Sheldon As A Test Subject - Make It Better


Amy and Sheldon have a strange but loving relationship. They genuinely love each other even if they don't show it. Of course, they also love their jobs. Indeed, some fans think they uncovered Amy's real plan.

The theory proposes that Amy is experimenting with Sheldon. There have been many tests, including holding hands for the first time and being more social. The relationship is just one big science experiment.

6 Sheldon Is In Leonard’s Head - Ruin


Leonard and Sheldon have a complicated relationship. They've best friends, but they are two very different people. They often argue about the roommate agreement and comic books. Of course, Sheldon is always right.

Some fans believe Sheldon doesn't exist at all. He's simply in Leonard's head and never existed. The theory suggests they are in a Fight Club type of situation.

5 Penny Is Under Witness Protection - Make It Better


Penny's a mysterious person. For instance, she's into Leonard. Of course, the biggest mystery involves her last name. Penny never reveals her last name in the show until she takes Leonard's. Before that, she was simply Penny. One theory proposes that she's under witness protection and changed her name when she went into hiding.

4 Howard’s Mom Never Existed - Ruin


The show features many stand out characters. Of course, nothing compares to Howard's mother. She's loud but never appears on the screen. She's simply a voice yelling at Howard from a distance. However, one theory suggests Howard's mother doesn't exist. It's Howard projecting his voice. Essentially, he's Norman Bates from Psycho. The theory could work, but it takes away one of the show's most beloved characters.

3 Raj Can't Talk To Women Because His Father Was Never Around - Make It Better 


Talking to women isn't easy for any man. Of course, Raj struggles with it at a different level. Indeed, he can't say a word to a woman without some liquid courage. One theory suggests Raj has this problem because his father wasn't around when he grew up. Therefore he was raised by his mother. She's controlling and very nurturing. He couldn't talk to women because they're not like his mother.

2 The Show Is All In Sheldon’s Head - Ruin


Sheldon is brilliant but also a bit crazy. He always has to be right and in control. His strange behavior has resulted in some wild theories. One theory proposes that Sheldon's in a mental hospital and the shows all takes place in his head. That means all his family and friends are not real or are patients at the hospital. Of course, that means nothing in the show matters or happened.

1 They’re The Cosmic Joke - Make It Better


The theme song for the show is just as popular as the show itself. It's a theme song just about every person has sung at one point. Many fans believe the theme song has a much deeper meaning. It's a song about the cosmic change and history of the world. Of course, the show has nothing to do with that. It's about four nerds reading comics and dating women who are out of their league. It's like one big cosmic joke.

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