Big Bang Theory: 20 Facts About Howard And Bernadette's Relationship

The Big Bang Theory has long been one of the most popular shows on television and a big part of that is all of the great characters. While Howard and Bernadette aren't the main stars of the show, there is no doubt that they're popular. While they're quirky, weird and sometimes they make no sense together, there is another side of them, too. They're also romantic, made for each other and soulmates.

Yes, that's right, I said they were romantic. Think about it, they were the first couple on the show to marry and to have a baby, and despite all of their differences they truly make their marriage work, and what's more romantic than that when you come right down to it?

If you'd like to read more about this odd but lovable couple, read on. Here are 20 facts and about Howard and Bernadette's relationship on The Big Bang Theory.

20 They Don't Have Much in Common

Howard is really into magic, World of Warcraft, video games and Marvel movies. Bernadette could care less about any of these things. And let's face it, Howard doesn't care about anything that Bernadette is into either. Yet somehow they make it work. The results of your relationship may vary.

19 Bernadette is a Lot Like His Mom

Howard and his mom have a pretty strong relationship, and although Howard doesn't really notice it, at least at first, Bernadette and his mother are pretty similar. Most guys either pick a woman who is exactly like their mother or is the total opposite. It's pretty obvious what Howard chose.

18 She Didn't Want Him to go to Space

When you think about it, what loving wife would want her husband to go into space? When Howard made plans to go to space, Bernadette was totally against it, and even tried to sabotage his adventure. One might put her down for that, but if you ask me she's just being a good wife.

17 They were the First of Their Friends to Marry

While Howard and Bernadette might not be what one would typically think of as being a romantic couple, they were the first of the friends on the show to marry. Sometimes even when things don't seem like they're perfect in a relationship, you've got to commit to it and put a ring on it. And they did.

16 Howard Married Up

There is no doubt about it when you look at these two; Howard definitely married up and Bernadette married down. She's pretty, intelligent, she makes a lot of money, and she isn't nearly as big of a nerd as he is. She tends to remind him that she married down, too. Not that he could forget it.

15 She Makes More Money

When it comes to marriages, it tends to make it easier if both people in the relationship make the same amount of money. But if there is going to be a big difference in earnings, it's usually better to be the one that makes less. Howard is one lucky man because Bernadette makes way more than he does.

14 World of Warcraft Almost Came Between Them

As someone who used to play World of Warcraft, I know how easy it is to get hooked into the game, and that can cause an issue in one's relationship without a doubt. It is truly addictive. This happened with Howard and Bernadette, in large part because at one point he got involved with a troll.

13 She Isn't Into Magic

Okay, let's be honest, how many women would really be into it if their boyfriend was into magic? Not many and Bernadette is no exception. She is fairly supportive of Howard's magic and even helps him as an assistant from time to time, but let's be real, she isn't into it at all.

12 Bernadette is Smarter

While at first Bernadette pretends to think that Howard is smarter than she is, the reality is she is smarter and she knows it, and deep down he knows it too. Is it just that the reason Bernadette hangs out with Sheldon is that she wants to feel superior to him all the time? Your guess is as good as mine.

11 They Both Make Fun of Sheldon

One way that Bernadette and Howard bond is by making fun of Sheldon. And when you think about it, who could blame them? I mean the guy is just so easy to tease, even though he hates it. Sheldon makes fun of the two of them too, although it appears like he doesn't even know he is doing it.

10 She Hates His Childhood Home

When Howard's mother died, it definitely was a sad moment on the show. Bernadette and Howard decided to move into his childhood home but it was really hard for Bernadette to enjoy living there. In the end, she remodeled the house and that made her enjoy living there much more.

9 They Couldn't Agree on a Name For Their Kid

When you bring a child into the world, picking out a name is important, so much so that couples tend to fight over it. Originally Bernadette was going to name their baby Michael, but Howard didn't like that name at all. It became a big sticking point between the two of them.

8 Howard's Only Other Close Relationship Was With Raj

Usually, when a woman ends up hanging out with a guy, she has to worry about being jealous of all of his old relationships. That's not so much the case when it comes to Howard and Bernadette, though. The most serious relationship he has ever had in his life was platonic, with his best friend Raj.

7 She Controls the Funds

One of the things that happens when one person makes more money than the other is they tend to argue about financial decisions. At one point Bernadette took Howard off the checking account because she was so concerned with his spending habits. I guess if he doesn't like it he can always make more money.

6 He is Kind of Afraid of Her

Let's be real, shall we? Bernadette loves Howard, but a big part of the reason she is with him is that she is the boss. She always tells him that's he is lucky to be with her and she is right. Howard always tries to lie to her when he knows telling the truth might make her mad. She freaks him out!

5 Howard was Super Close to his Mother

One of the things that went on in the early stages of their relationship was Howard being torn between two strong women: Bernadette and his mom. All of you momma's boys out there know what I am talking about, it's hard to move on and become married when your mom still takes care of you.

4 She Wears the Pants

It isn't just that Bernadette makes more money than Howard, or is smarter than him, she is also more responsible too. It's hard to tell whether Bernadette wears the pants in the relationship because she wants to, or she feels like she has to, but there is no doubt that she does.

3 She Didn't Want Kids

Howard always wanted to have kids and dreamed of being a father, while Bernadette thought that she didn't want to have kids at all. At first, this was a big issue between them, one that they fought about all the time. But once she became pregnant they worked it out pretty quickly.

2 She Wasn't Going to Say Yes

At one point Bernadette was thinking about breaking up with Howard while in the meantime he was thinking of proposing to her. Talk about an awkward situation. He finally asked her to marry him, and much to everyone's surprise she said yes. And the rest is history.

1 Howard Wants Someone to Take Care of Him

As one can tell from Howard's relationship with his mother, he is the kind of guy that wants someone to take care of him. This explains why he lets Bernadette push him around so much. We all like what we like, and Howard was lucky to find someone that meets his needs so well.

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