Big Bang Theory: 18 Off-Set Pics Of The Female Cast

When Big Bang Theory first came out, it gave everyone one of the first successful mainstream comedies that took a look at nerd culture without completely making fun of it.

Yes, it was a chance for nerds to come together and see that they actually were becoming more respected by society. Sure, they were the punchline of a lot of jokes, but they ended up with some absolutely astonishing women as well!

Okay, so it wasn't very realistic, but that doesn't change the fact that it gave us all a chance to check them outside of the show as well. These women are incredible, so these are the images that we think everyone should be looking at!

18 Did They Let Her Keep That Dress?

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We don't think that it would be possible to dress up a woman like this, make her look this good, and then not let her keep the dress. It's only right that the rest of the world gets to see somethings this beautiful, so we hope they let her walk out into the world with it on!

17 Famous Women Get Dressed Up Fancy!

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We will always understand the modelling jobs where they're trying to get people to buy clothes, but what is the point in making Rauch look like this?! It's not as if people are going to be able to dress like this while they're walking down the street is it!

16 She Knows What That Look Means

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Cuoco is known for giving a knowing look in Big Bang Theory, but it's even better to see her doing it unprompted. No script told her to look like this at the camera, and she knows exactly what it's going to make the viewer think of...

15 One For The Artsy Crowd...

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We think that Melissa Rauch looks good no matter what picture we're looking at of her, but some people prefer their images to have an artistic feel to them. This shot from one of her many photoshoots definitely has an artistic feel to it when placed against the rest of her other snaps.

14 Who Needs Clothes?

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We decided as a species a long time ago that it was better to cover ourselves up with clothes so that we could keep warm and save our modesty. However, when we see images like this, it really does make us reconsider how much we all need to be wearing clothes.

13 The Country Look

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After Jessica Simpsons made this sort of look popular, many different people have decided to take it on themselves. While we know for a fact that some people will be less interested in it, nobody can deny that those shorts look bad on any women out there.

12 Good To See Her Keeping Fit

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While we do think it's fascinating to see the most beautiful people out there, looking so unlike the rest of us, we often forget that they do have to do things to keep themselves looking so great. Good to see that Cuoco keeps her body looking as good as possible!

11 So Talented

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We now know that Cuoco can take on any show that is thrown her way, as well as any modelling, but this photo shows that she can lip sync with the best of them as well! We're glad to know that there's no end to the talents she has behind the scenes.

10 This Doesn't Look Staged

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We know that this must be staged, that this is clearly a woman who has been set up to look as good as possible, but the look in her eyes makes it seem like we've just caught her off guard, which is definitely more attractive...

9 What Is She Watching?

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We don't want to speculate or anything, but we can only imagine what a woman like this would wear while inside a hotel room alone... She may not be to everyone's tastes, but we have to say that she is definitely more beautiful than most women on television these days.

8 She Doesn't Get The Right Jobs

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Honestly, we think that this woman is often cast in the wrong jobs in both television and cinema. She is often paid to play a slightly odd or ugly woman. We can't understand it, as she is definitely one of the most attractive modern actors out there.

7 We Don't Even Care!

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The thing is, we all make mistakes from time to time. No matter who we are, we will always end up embarrassing ourselves. If anything, this comedy shot just makes Rauch even more endearing to us than beforehand!

6 What Is She Planning...?

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Not only is the tight top driving us wild, but that look must make any man out there swoon. We will never know what is going on inside her mind, which is why it will always drive us wild trying to figure it out...

5 They Can Get Away With Anything...

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Maybe people properly into fashion will tell us we're wrong here, but this sort of outfit could never be worn by someone who looks normal... This is the sort of crazy fashion that only works on a body that looks better than most of the world's population.

4 Some People Are Made For It

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Most people would admit that sitting around in clothes is one of the easiest jobs in the world, but the look on Cuoco's face here shows that she knows exactly how to work a camera. This is a woman that will always manage to get the best out of a modelling shoot.

3 What Is She Looking At?

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Without going into too much detail, anyone out there will know that making a woman make this face can only be a good thing. This is a woman that is surprised but happy to see something. If only we could see what she's looking at...

2 What Is She Thinking About?

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We can't speak for everyone else, but we have to admit that when a beautiful woman like Rauch has a look like this on her face, it just makes us wish that we could read people's minds. Who knows what is going on in there...

1 Her Hair Is Amazing!

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Nobody can deny that Cuoco has a timeless look, a look that has got her cast in numerous projects throughout her time in showbiz. However, it's great to see her try something new out like this. We think she should always have her hair dyed now...

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