Big Bang Theory: 20 Pics Of Amy's Transformation Through The Years

Let’s start with a little backstory, shall we? Amy Farrah Fowler is one of the key women in the show The Big Bang Theory. Found on a dating app (but so much more than a romantic subplot), Amy Farrah Fowler eventually became Sheldon’s partner. We love their dynamic so much, and love the fact that Amy merged so well into the group. Even if Shamy, the loving couples nickname fans gave to the Sheldon/Amy relationship, hadn’t worked out, we still believe that she would be part of the friend group for life. After all, she’s taught Bernadette and Penny so much! Not to mention how Bernadette and Penny have taught her so much, too.

The one thing they couldn’t teach her? Style. We’ve looked through the series and found the fashion highlights (and flops) of Amy Farrah Fowler. Get ready for this fashion transformation; it’s a big one!

20 We Have To Start At The Beginning


Okay, we know that this fashion example doesn’t come from the season in which Amy makes her first appearance. However, it’s a great example of the style she’s got: weird mixes of colors, very practical fabrics, lots of patterns, and a huge smile. The grin is in, and Amy Farrah Fowler knows that. If only the outfits were better!

19 Like, The Very Beginning, All The Way Back In Season 3


Yes, those of us who are super fans know that she didn’t actually appear until season three. At that point it was pretty clear what her character’s role would be on the show. As a foil for Sheldon and his eventual romantic interest, why wouldn’t she dress as wildly as him? This striped sweater set the tone for much of her future outfits in this season.

18 The Patterns Were Everywhere


See? Patterns! More and more patterns. It’s almost like she went to the store and bought the same shirt in every pattern they had. Don’t worry, though, there’s some variety in here too. The colour of her skirts would switch up every episode. Before you breathe a sigh of relief, though, we need to point out that they never matched. Ever.

17 As Were Those Striped Cardigans


Speaking of more and more patterns, we also need to point out the fact that there’s more and more stripes. That idea that she maybe just went to the store and bought the same button up in a different pattern? Yeah, she definitely also did that for those striped sweaters. And they weren’t always a great color combination.

16 She Had One Or Two Token Fancy Outfits


Make no mistake, it wasn’t all opaque tights and striped cardigans. Amy Farrah Fowler totally knows how to dress up. If “dressing up” means putting on your mom’s Sunday best and attaching a senior prom style corsage to your wrist. She looks very sweet, but it’s not exactly the vibe we’d choose for going out.

15 But Even In Season 6 The Outfits Were Pretty Much The Same


After three seasons of being on the show, one would think that there’d be a little adjustment in her style, right? Some life events happened, she’s getting closer with the friend group. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the fashion shift is really happening. At least those striped cardigans are gone.

14 With The Exception Of One Or Two Variations On The Theme


Clearly we spoke too soon. Those striped cardigans aren’t going to disappear until we take them to the dumpster out back ourselves. They’re just the epitome of mid-2000s poor fashion choices. Although, at least season six showed us she could match colors pretty well. The in-your-face-ness of the patterns finally calmed down too!

13 Was Amy Despairing Over Her Wardrobe In Season 7, Or Sheldon's Indecision?


Inquiring minds want to know! Was she really despairing over how long Sheldon took to decide, or is her mind actually on how uncomfortable she is in that tan-brown tone? On the bright side, season seven is the season where Amy really started to hone in on a better style. Yes, we are implying that sweater vests are a “better style”.

12 Needless To Say, We're Sensing A Style Theme


Like, don’t get us wrong, sweater vests are never a good choice. We wouldn’t want to wear them everyday, though, and we definitely wouldn’t wear them for any of the practical reasons people normally wear sweaters. Or, like, out in public. But Amy Farrah Fowler definitely makes them look kind of good!

11 It's Almost Like She Owned Nothing Else


On the one hand, we don’t necessarily hate this outfit or style of outfit. On the other hand, however, we would do everything in our power to take those sweater vests and turn them into a more practical blanket for cozying up in by the fire. Nobody needs a sweater without sleeves, but it seems like Amy owns these almost exclusively.

10 Except For The Holiday Ascott, Of Course


The one addendum we’d like to make to that previous point is this holiday ascott. It’s like a neck sweater, which is probably part of the reason that Amy owns it in the first place. Drawn to the fluffy, ruffled feature, this is one of the only times we’ve seen her accessorize with anything that isn’t practical!

9 And That Token Wardrobe Dress


It’s appeared in a few different seasons, but mostly in the latter half of the series arc. Rejoice, all: Amy Farrah Fowler does have something in her closet that can change up her look! Unfortunately, it could easily be mistaken for another vest/skirt combo. Hey, we won’t complain. At least the color of this dress looks good on her.

8 We'll Admit, She Doesn't Look That Out Of Place With The Other Ladies


Penny wears brightly patterned shirts and Bernadette loves a good cardigan. Is this a sign that Amy Farrah Fowler was meant to fit in with them all along? As the fashion love child between the two of them, it makes sense that she doesn’t look out of place. Not to mention the similarities in the colour palette between them! Wow!

7 Season 10 Saw Her Gaining A Little More Confidence


Season 10 was Amy’s season for sure. Not only did we start to see her coming into her own in terms of emotional dynamics and standing up for what she wants, but she also really matured in a style sense as well. The bright primaries and weak pastels were replaced with rich gem tones and more grown up sweaters.

6 And Corduroy Vests! Wow!


It’s not good, but at least it’s not season four kind of bad. Her style in this season is distinctly Amy. We can’t really think of a better way to describe it other than that. No one else can really rock a corduroy vest like she can, so why not turn it into a whole tan-toned outfit? Fantastic.

5 But There Was A Little More Fashion-Forward Styling


We’ve all got that one piece in our closets that seems a little out of place, but doesn’t necessarily not fit with our personal style. This dress, if it was on a hanger in the store, might not be the first thing we’d put Amy Farrah Fowler in. The pattern and color palette totally fits, though, and it’s a great fashion-forward style for her.

4 Her And Sheldon Matched For Most Of Season 11


It’s like those suburban couples we see mowing their lawn together in the middle of the summer: they clearly shop at the same store for the same kind of items, and accidentally match because of it. These two cuties dressed that way for most of season eleven, which might be part of the reason they looked so cute together.

3 Season 12 Saw Her Slipping Back Into Those Sweater Vests


And we don’t mean those nice jewel-toned ones either. This was a season full of slightly louder shirts and obvious sweater vest action. At this point it’s hard to see where there was any kind of style change. Even her hair and glasses have stayed the same throughout her character arc!

2 Though Her Color Palette Was A Little More Calm


The one part of this that we will concede is the fact that her color palette shifted significantly from the days of neon yellow stripes. The cardigans that we disliked so strongly back in season three haven’t been seen since. Instead we see this slightly more grown up version, a proper sweater and (almost) matching shirt underneath.

1 Don't Worry: She Eventually Did Glow Up


Finally, we’ve got Amy’s final form: her fancy, well put together style which was assisted by Raj. We personally think she looks great, and really appreciate this plot twist that they gave her. TVLine explains that they wanted to show a diversification in Amy’s interests, which we appreciate. Who says she can’t be smart AND pretty, right?

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