15 Facts Johnny Galecki Doesn't Want You To Know About His Kid

We’ll forever remember Johnny Galecki as Leonard Hofstadter from The Big Bang Theory. Even though the series recently came to an end, the actor has found his very own real-life Penny in his girlfriend, model Alaina Meyer! Not only has the adorable couple been practically inseparable this past year, but they recently announced they’re hitting a new milestone.

Just a month ago, the couple confirmed via social media Alaina is pregnant with their first child. Since we never got to see Leonard have his own kids on Big Bang, it’s extra exciting for fans to learn the 44 year old is going to be a dad in real life. Although the couple hasn’t revealed too many details about their impending arrival, here’s what we know so far.

15 The Baby Will Likely Be Born In The Fall

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Although Johnny and his pregnant girlfriend Alaina haven’t revealed exactly when their bundle of joy is due, it appears that it will likely be in the fall.

Based on recent photos published of the couple, Alaina doesn’t seem more than five months along, which means it’s likely the baby will be born in September or October at the earliest.

14 And It’s Going To Be A Boy!

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Only a few weeks after announcing their pregnancy, Johnny and Alaina uploaded photos from their gender reveal. In the pictures, the couple was covered in blue paint, making it clear they’re expecting a little boy.

“To all those who voted boy you were right!” Alaina captioned her post, while Johnny wrote, “A day I’ll never forget.”

13 But Johnny Was (Really) Hoping For A Girl

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Johnny has been candid about the fact he was hoping for a little girl.

“I got superstitious that I was manifesting a boy, when I kind of prefer a girl,” he said during an appearance on The Talk in May. “I painted my nails pink to try to even out the energy there.”

He added that he hopes his future child never hears a recording of him saying this.

12 His Baby Mama Is A Model

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As soon as Johnny revealed the news that he was going to be a father, fans wanted to know everything about his girlfriend and soon-to-be baby mama, Alaina Meyer.

While Alaina isn’t as famous as Johnny, she does work in show business as a model. According to The Sun, she previously worked as a fabricator manager.

11 He’s 20 Years Older Than Her

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One of the most surprising things about Johnny and Alaina’s relationship is their age difference. While he’s already 44 years old, she’s only 21, meaning there’s more than two decades separating the soon-to-be parents.

However, judging by their lovey-dovey posts on social media, it seems like age is just a number for these two.

10 They’ve Only Been Together For About A Year

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Johnny has had several long-term relationships in the past, but the actor and his girlfriend didn’t wait long before becoming pregnant. In fact, it appears the couple has only been together for about a year (or even less, possibly).

They first went public with their romance in September of 2018. But, judging by their cute photographs together, they’re head over heels for each other.

9 It’s Unclear If They’re Living Together

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Given that they’ve travelled the country together and are about to welcome a baby, fans find it hard to believe that Johnny and Alaina haven’t already moved in together.

However, the couple has yet to confirm if they’ve taken that next step. But given how PDA-packed their social media feeds are, they’re definitely always together if not already living under the same roof.

8 They’ve Already Sparked Engagement Rumours

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Although neither Johnny nor Alaina have confirmed if they’re considering walking down the aisle, the rumours have already begun.

Just last December, Johnny posted a selfie in which they were wearing rings on their fingers, prompting fans to question in the comments if they’d gotten hitched. Alaina responded to the rumours be uploading the same selfie with the caption #notmarried.

7 They Always Wear Matching Bands

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Even though Johnny and Alaina’s first selfie featuring rings on their wedding fingers caused a stir, the couple hasn’t ceased to wear them. There have been various times when cameras have caught them rocking their matching bands.

So, even though they’ve confirmed they’re not legally wed, it definitely appears to be on their mind.

6 Johnny Will Take Time Off To Help With The Baby

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Don’t expect Johnny to return to TV just yet! Now that The Big Bang Theory has wrapped up, sources say the actor is looking forward to time off - likely so he can focus on his growing family!

“Of course [he’s] sad like the rest of the cast,” an insider told Hollywood Life, “[But he’s] relieved and excited for a bit of a break.”

5 He May Even Go MIA From Social Media

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Even though Alaina and Johnny are both very active online, it sounds like he may take a step back when the baby comes.

“He’s been joking with friends that he’s going on a deserted island for a while to relax and unplug for a while,” the same source told Hollywood Life, implying the actor wants a break from the spotlight.

4 They Got Tattoos Of Their Initials

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Although a baby is pretty permanent, it sounds like Johnny and Alaina have already cemented their love in another long-lasting way. Specifically, The Sun confirms that Johnny has already had a tattoo of his pregnant girlfriend’s initials, and she has one of his.

The publication adds that Alaina is quite the tattoo enthusiast and has ink covering most of her body, which may have inspired Johnny to take the plunge.

3 Don’t Expect Them To Post Pictures Of The Baby

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Even though Johnny and Alaina post tons of cute photos of each other online, fans can expect they may tone things down once their little boy arrives. In their baby announcement, they hinted that privacy is number one for them right now.

“We ask that you please respect our privacy during this celebratory time for us and our families,” they said in a statement, People reports. “There truly is love out there for all.”

2 But They’ll Likely Take The Kiddo Travelling

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Based on their social media accounts, Johnny and Alaina are huge travel enthusiasts. Alaina has visited her man on set and accompanied him on work trips. Even before they got together, her pages were filled with photos from her travels, like her 2017 trip to Norway.

We doubt that a newborn is going to slow her down, especially since Johnny’s job will likely continue to take him away!

1 Johnny’s Big Bang Character Didn't Have Kids

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Johnny’s baby news comes just as his iconic show The Big Bang Theory comes to an end. While the actor's next chapter includes parenthood, the same can’t be said for his character Leonard and on-screen wife Penny.

The final season closed with Leonard telling her he changed his mind on having kids since she was so adamantly against it.

Sources: People, The Sun, Hollywood Life

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