'Big Brother': 20 Contestants And What They’re Doing Now

Big Brother is one of the longest-running reality TV shows, and that’s not surprising because when you put a group of strangers in a house for a lengthy amount of time and make them compete against each other, there is going to be a lot of drama. There's also going to be a lot of show-mances, and viewers can’t get enough of those.

Over the last 20 seasons, there have been a lot of contestants, and while most of these people are pretty forgettable and no one really wonders where they are or what they have been doing since their reality TV stint, there are others we can’t forget.

There are winners like Will Kirby, Nicole Franzel, and Dan Gheesling (he may be the best Big Brother player in the show’s history considering he won a season and came second in another) who have gone on to achieve great things. And then there are those contestants who didn’t come out on top but have still managed to forge a successful career in the entertainment industry. Lastly, there are those whose lives didn’t turn out the way they had planned, with arrests and stints in jail.

Below are 20 memorable contestants from Big Brother, and the interesting things that they’re doing now.

20 Will Kirby Is A Successful Dermatologist And Businessman

Despite being a master manipulator, Will Kirby won Big Brother US season two, ending up with $500,000 that season. He spoke to Us Weekly about his time on the show and what it was like to win, saying, “I was a manipulator so I should have been hated, but the irony was I was really well liked…[Fans] want someone who’s forthright and comfortable with who they are, and that is definitely what I brought to the table. I was manipulative and ruthless, but I was unrelentingly ruthless. And I think that’s what people responded to.”

His life seems pretty great and he is a dermatologist who spends his time between his practices and businesses Strike/Social and Laseraway.net, the publication reports.

TMZ notes that he has worked as the national spokesperson for Johnson & Johnson's Neutrogena Dermatologics and Kimberly Clark's Truist Skin Care lines. He also hasn’t completely disappeared from the limelight and has appeared on the E! Show, Dr. 90210 as well as The DoctorsUs Weekly also notes that in 2015, he returned to Big Brother to host the jury roundtable for the third consecutive year.

He’s also married to a woman named Erin Brodie, and the pair have two children.

19 Jeff Schroeder Has It All: A Career And A Beautiful Family

Jeff Schroeder was first on season 11 of Big Brother, where he placed fifth, and despite not winning the big money, he did win the hearts of America and was voted as America's Favorite House Guest. But the reason that Schroeder stands out in so many people’s minds is because of his showmance with fellow contestant, Jordan Lloyd. The pair later joined the cast of Big Brother: All-Stars, where he then placed seventh.

And if you were wondering what happened to this couple several years on, well, they are still together and actually, they are married.

According to Daily Mail, they had planned on getting married in Mexico, but in 2016, after Lloyd learned that she was pregnant, they instead got married at the Beverly Hills courthouse. They had their son in October of that year, and in March of 2018, they announced that they would be expanding their family and were expecting a second child. The announcement was made on Daily Blast LIVE, a daytime news, and entertainment program that stars Schroeder.

The cameras clearly love him, and in 2017, it was announced by CBS that Schroeder would host Big Brother and welcome the season 19's guests into the house, introducing them to the fans.

18 Frankie Grande Landed A Role In A Broadway Musical

You may think that by being the brother of Ariana Grande, Frankie Grande would have been pretty high up in the popularity stakes during Season 16 of Big Brother, but he wasn’t.

Actually, according to The Atlantic, he was one of the most disliked of the contestants to have ever starred on Big Brother.

They note one of the main reasons for this is because he instigated the removal of housemate Zach Rance. This was a surprising move considering the two men had a bit of a bromance while they were in the house together.

There was that, and then also the fact that Grande was very controversial in the things that he said, making insensitive comments on more than one occasion. He placed fifth, and it should come as no surprise that he's still active on social media, because he even revealed in his CBS bio (in response to a question about what he would be doing if the show made him famous), that he would not change his career.

He said, “Exactly what I am doing, but hopefully on an even bigger scale with worldwide reach, bigger shows, and bigger tours.”

He has also landed a role on Broadway in the musical Cruel Intentions, in which he plays the character Blaine, and held a guest role on Nickelodeon show, Henry Danger.

17 Eddie McGee Has Launched A Long-Standing Entertainment Career

Up until this point on this list, most of the people who were featured on Big Brother now have a strong social media presence, but for Eddie McGee that does not appear to be the case. You may remember McGee as the first person to win Big Brother when it aired in 2000, although he had not expected to come in first place and ABC reports that he told host Julie Chen he was shocked. He said, "I am awestruck. I did not expect to win. It's wild. My heart is pumping like you wouldn't believe. I have to remind myself to breathe.”

Since his time on the show, McGee has become comfortable in front of the camera and according to his IMDB page, he has held several small roles, including an appearance in the TV series, Shooter, and NCIS: Los Angeles, as well as the character Boots in a 2017 short drama film, Aberration.

He was also interviewed on Rob Has A Podcast in 2016, to speak about what he has been up to since his time on Big Brother. He said, “I’ve been working in film and television, right after the show I went up to Toronto to shoot my first feature film in 2001 [Drop Dead Roses].” He revealed he got an agent in New York and then moved to Los Angeles where he says he has been “happily working since then.”

16 Josh Souza Runs A Model Agency And Even Made A Show Out Of It

Josh Souza was on the first season of Big Brother along with Eddie McGee, except instead of winning, he came second. According to Closer Weekly, since being on the show, Souza founded his own modeling company, Ocean Models agency located in Miami Beach.

The company was founded with another former reality TV star, Kaya Wittenburg, from Temptation Island, and it made headlines in 2011 as CBS Miami reported that it was the first modeling agency to be located on a yacht.

Souza spoke to them about the idea, saying, “We went around the world to 20 countries and saw 5000 models. Since we had girls from all around the world need to be in an awesome location.”

Souza also seemed to boast about the success of the company he was enjoying, saying, “Our girls grace the covers of Vogue, Elle Magazine and some of the biggest spreads as well as high fashion runways in the world” — as well as being able to sit in the hot tub of the yacht and cruise the ocean. But it seems Souza was always destined to be in the entertainment industry. According to his IMDB page, in 2013, he created a reality TV show about his modeling agency called Ocean Models.

Before venturing into the modeling world, Souza is believed to have been working as a real estate executive from 2006 to 2010.

15 Victoria Rafaeli Considers Herself A Social Influencer

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Victoria Rafaeli was a young photographer who told CBS before her appearance on the show that the accomplishment she was most proud of was her work achievements. She said, “At the age of 21, I ran and owned a successful photography business. I am so thankful that my clients trust me and allow me to capture their special and most precious moments!” She joined the cast of Big Brother Season 16 and finished in third place, but her time in the house wasn’t always joyous. There was a moment where her health became a concern and housemate Nicole Franzel found her on the floor.

Bustle revealed that what had happened was Rafaeli had almost passed out because of the pain of her wisdom teeth coming in. She was okay, and returned later.

Now, fast forward a few years, she is now very active on Instagram where she writes in her bio that she is a blogger and digital influencer. This appears to be something that Rafaeli always wanted to do, because when asked by CBS what she would do if she gained fame from Big Brother, she revealed she intended to “Go along with the ride and enjoy every second of it. I would promote my photography business as well.”

14 Janelle Pierzina Is Good At Real Estate Because People Like Her

Janelle Pierzina is a person who has appeared in Big Brother multiple times; first, she appeared in season six and finished in third place, then she appeared in the next year’s season for Big Brother: All Stars, where she placed third again. Then, for season 14, she decided to make an appearance again, telling CBS that she was hoping to make it past third place this time around and that her strategy for doing this was to “try and keep my team together as much as possible and possibly pick up some other alliance members along the way.”

Her personal life is also pretty great as she is married and a mother to three children. From her Instagram account, it seems that she has now left her Big Brother days (and reality TV) behind her.

In 2017, Star Tribune reported on how Pierzina had shifted her attention to a career in real estate. Although, the publication notes that she has had to use some of her Big Brother skills. She revealed that one of the most important things about selling real estate is: “You have to be very, very good socially, and I feel like real estate’s the same. People have to like you; that’s the biggest thing."

13 Jenn Arroyo Has Opted For A Quieter Life

When Jenn Arroyo joined the cast of Big Brother Season 14, she was a musician and the former bassist of a metal girl group called Kittie, and it seemed her experience as a musician helped her when it came to having no contact with the outside world.

When asked by CBS what the hardest part of being stuck in a house with other people was going to be, she revealed that it would be not having any contact with the outside world, but she was used to that. She said, “It will be tough, but I have been on very long tours far away from my loved ones and survived, so I can do this.”

She played a good game, and ended up in fifth place, having told CBS that her strategy for being stuck inside the house was to just be herself. But what is Arroyo doing these days? Well, unlike some of the other Big Brother stars, Arroyo appears to have chosen a life away from the limelight and there is very little known about what she’s up to now. But her Instagram seems to suggest that she’s interested in boxing and has been working out a ton. She is also still a musician (or reminiscing about the days she was), and celebrated the 20th anniversary of Kittie on March 30, 2018. She posted a photo of the band on Instagram, along with a mention that there would be a documentary and CD release.

12 Dan Gheesling Is An Author And Motivational Speaker

Dan Gheesling was the star of Big Brother not just once, but twice. He first appeared in season 10, where he placed first (and won by unanimous vote) but later returned to the Big Brother house during season 14, and he made it right to the end, finishing in second place.

We know he’s great at getting people on his side, and according to Fandom, he is the first and only player to make it to the final two on two appearances of the show.

According to CBS, in between the two seasons, he coached his football team to a state championship, got married, and penned two books. Now he has a website dangheesling.com, where he updates fans (or anyone interested, really) about what he’s been getting up to these days. It seems he’s a very busy man because, in addition to being a reality TV winner, author, and coach, he can now add entrepreneur and speaker to this list. The website reveals that he travels across the nation speaking to universities about leadership and he has also penned a fourth book titled, Clean Your Own Mirror: 6 Necessary Duties to Lead and Influence People.

As for his personal life, well, a glance at his Instagram account will show you that he’s a proud dad to one, and that baby two is on the way!

11 Krista Stegall Has Had A Few Problems Over The Years

Most people who appear on Big Brother have used their experience and their exposure to create something better for their lives, but unfortunately, Krista Stegall is one of those “celebrities” who fell off the wagon a little. She first came onto everyone’s radar when she appeared in Big Brother season two, and while on the show she had a romance with Mike "Boogie" Malin, who was so smitten he even proposed to her on the finale night.

Their relationship didn’t last long outside of the house and in November of 2001, Entertainment Weekly revealed they had ended their engagement and gone their separate ways, with Stegall telling them, “Mike’s a great guy, but it’s not the same as it was in the house.”

Then in 2010, she made headlines for an altercation with Survivor's Kenward "Boo" Bernis, which Stegall told TMZ happened in the bathroom at Bootleggers Bar in Lafayette. And in 2015, she made headlines about an allegation she made about her ex-husband. TMZ reports that she filed a false police report claiming that her ex-husband’s house was unfit for their children, but sources told the publication that there was nothing wrong with the house and this is when police filed an arrest warrant for Stegall.

OhNoTheyDidn’t! notes that since Stegall’s time on the show she has worked at a phone company, as a waitress, and as an on-air radio personality.

10 Paulie Calafiore Has Found Love With A 'Bachelor' Contestant

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Paulie Calafiore was a contestant on Big Brother Season 18. Actually, since the show, Calafiore’s interests have remained much the same, as prior to his appearance on Big Brother, he revealed to CBS that his interests included a lot of sports.

He said, “I love various martial arts, exercise, and instruments…” and if you glance at his Instagram page, you will see that he still trains hard.

Outside of the house, Romper reports that his job revolves around fitness, and in addition to being a model with an impressive physique, he is also a personal trainer and co-owner of Sweat Elite Fitness.This is something that he appears to be incredibly passionate about and his Instagram often features workout videos and comments about his fitness.

As for his personal life, well that seems to be going very well too, and he is with a woman named Danielle Maltby, who fans may recognize from Bachelor in Paradise, as well as The Bachelor, where she competed for the affections of Nick Viall. According to Romper, they have been dating since January of 2018, and their Instagram pages are filled with photos of the two of them. They also appear to be very happy.

9 Spencer Pratt And Heidi Montag Are Now Proud Parents

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag don’t really need much introduction because everyone knows them from their time on the MTV series, The Hills (in which Spencer earned the reputation of being a bit of a villain). But what you may not have realized is that this pair are also Big Brother stars who joined the cast of Celebrity Big Brother U.K..

Their first appearance on the show was in 2013, and according to MTV News, they became one of the most disliked people, despite placing second behind Rylan Clark who won the season.

Then in 2017, they returned to the Celebrity Big Brother house, and according to TMZ, their appearance did not come cheap, despite the show usually having a cap of $250,000, the couple is reported to have taken a paycheck of $700,000 for their second appearance. And the reason for the producers wanting to fork out the cash is because they were hoping the couple could stir up drama.

It’s unlikely they will be returning to Big Brother in the future though because the couple announced in 2017 that they were expecting a baby. Pratt told Us Weekly (via MTV News), “The look on her face, I can’t even describe it. She was literally glowing. I thought she was about to say she made muffins or banana bread. Heidi said, ‘I’m pregnant.’ I was like, ‘Whoa, that’s way more exciting than banana bread!’"

Montag has since given birth to a baby boy named Gunner.

8 Derrick Levasseur Has Penned A Book And Worked On Crime Shows

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When Derrick Levasseur appeared on Big Brother Season 16, he won, and he told CBS prior to his appearance that he had thought out his strategy which would involve three phases.

He said, “First, attempt to find common interests with as many houseguests as I can, while developing a profile on them. Second, start using the facts I learned about the houseguests against them. Finally, if I’m able to win a few HOH's/POV's late in the game, I can make some moves that will determine the winner.”

He clearly did something right, but then again, Levasseur has been trained to get to know people because he first worked as an undercover officer, and later became a Police Sergeant.

Keeping his background in mind, it should come as no surprise that since his time as a reality TV star he has continued to work on law enforcement related ventures. According to his Instagram biography, he is an investigator on Discovery ID’s Breaking Homicide, as well as the author of The Undercover Edge. But he has also used his work as a police officer to land a television gig on Is O.J. Innocent?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, he said, "I’m just a guy who happened to be on a reality show. And now I'm on an investigative network. I'm a cop. I didn't try to be an actor. This is what I do for a living."

7 Zach Rance Has Tried His Hand At Everything Really

Zach Rance appeared on Big Brother Season 16, where he finished ninth place, and while on the show struck up a friendship with Frankie Grande (who eventually turned on him), and won over viewers everywhere. But his result of ninth place must have been disappointing for Rance, considering he viewed himself as a bit of a con-artist. Ahead of his stint on the show, CBS reports he was a self-described “con-artist,” who claimed to have a definite strategy to win the season — that didn’t happen.

Following his appearance on the show, Rance released a rap single "Sawagoo” which he created under the name Rizzle. According to Bustle, the track addressed some of the rumors on the show, and this may have been his attempt to make it as a big star in Hollywood. But what has actually happened to Rance after the Big Brother fame went away?

Bustle reports that he has co-written an e-book, a thriller novel called Ghetto Uprising, which was released in 2015. He has also appeared on the long-running series, Bold & The Beautiful, and he has ventured into fashion. He has a series of T-shirts available with either a ZR logo or the name Sawgago featured on them. He also appears to be in the real-estate business and an Instagram page, which appears to belong to him, features a number of properties he works with in Palm Beach County.

6 After Some Legal Drama, Adam Jasinski Turned His Life Around

Like Krista Stegall, Adam Jasinski is another former Big Brother stars whose life didn’t improve drastically after his reality TV stint. Jasinski was the winner of season nine, but in the years that followed he made headlines for less pleasant things and according to TMZ, in 2009 he was arrested after it was revealed that he used his money on a prescription pill ring. His actions left a lot of people upset and disappointed, including his former Big Brother co-star Sheila Kennedy, who had placed third in the season.

She told the publication when the news of Jasinski’s arrest made headlines, "I was bawling my eyes out ... I was crying ... It made me sick to my stomach he got involved in this."

However, this is a story that has a happy ending, and after Jasinski served his time, he changed his life in a remarkable way. The Fix reports that he is sober, and has also penned a book My Kid's On Drugs. Now What? in which he discusses how parents can know if their child is using. He told the publication his book “is a playbook for parents, the biggest hurdle is denial, parents don’t believe that their kids are on drugs. It all hinges on how you talk to your kids.”

He has also become a public speaker, and the publication reports that he speaks at seminars about how society should approach addiction and mental illness.

5 Nicole Franzel Has Become Obsessed With Travel And Paid Promotions

Nicole Franzel won Big Brother Season 18, and even before her appearance on the show she told CBS that her biggest accomplishment was “Getting a callback from Big Brother Casting.”

Then in 2017, she caught up with CBS and discussed what she had been up to after her win. She said, “I've been traveling a ton! Before my first run on Big Brother, I don't think I had many plans of leaving my town—let alone state—and now I'm making it a goal to visit every state and as many places in the world as I can. I'm obsessed with maps and globes — plus, we all know I could use some work in the geography area.”

She is also doing a lot of wedding stuff apparently; she revealed at the time she was not getting married herself, but she was involved in three weddings. And aside from travel and wedding planning, she claims she has just been doing typical things like spending time with her family and friends, and “day-dreaming of getting a coffee shop up and running.”

She also uses Instagram a lot, and in addition to posting photos of her life and her boyfriend, she also uses the platform to share paid promotions, including one for BlanQuil Blanket and thredUP.

4 Shannon Dragoo Is A Mom Who Has Stayed Out The Limelight

Shannon Dragoo was one of the first Big Brother contestants, competing in season three. She placed ninth, and she is probably best remembered for her romance with Will Kirby during their time in the house.

New York Daily News reports that at the time she was cozying up to Kirby she had a boyfriend at home, Jim, who watched her romance play out while she was in the house.

Dragoo spoke about this after being evicted, saying, "I can't worry what people think of me. Getting close to Will wasn't a game strategy. Any feelings we had in that house were genuine, and I had a good time with it.”

But she was unhappy that producers interviewed her boyfriend about what was happening in the house. Kirby ended up winning Big Brother, and following the show, CBS reports that the pair moved in together for a time, although it was ultimately not meant to be.

In 2013, My San Antonio reported that Dragoo’s mom commented on her daughter’s time on the show, saying that she's left it in her past and now works as a paramedic in Florida. She is also married with two children. But aside from this small bit of information, it seems that Dragoo prefers to live a life that’s far, far away from the limelight.

3 Daniele Donato Found Love On 'Big Brother' And Her Life Is Great

Daniele Donato was on Big Brother Season Eight in 2007, where she was runner-up to her dad, Dick Donato. In 2015, she spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about how awful it was to come in second place, saying, "Coming in second place, imagine how much that would haunt you for so long being runner-up. Every day for a really long time you think, 'What did I do wrong? Was my speech wrong?'"

But this was not to be her last stint on reality TV, she returned to compete with the housemates of season 13, in 2011. And it’s a good thing she did because it was there that she met Dominic Briones. Donato and Briones fell in love after the show (she admitted to People, via Life&Style, that she had initially only liked him as a friend but after the finale, they became “inseparable.” They married two years later in a romantic ceremony in Huntington Beach, California.

And then in 2018, they announced that Donato was pregnant with their first child. They revealed the news on Instagram and Donato wrote, “Happy Valentine’s Day!! Hoping this year everyone’s hearts are as full as mine and @dominic.phillip’s hearts .. and my belly. Baby Briones coming this August.”

2 Hayden Moss Competed On 'Survivor' And Took On Tech Investment

Hayden Moss told CBS ahead of competing on Big Brother Season 12 that the hardest part for him being stuck in a house with complete strangers would be “Being around people that I don't agree with 24/7.”

That said, he seemed to do a good job because he ended up winning the season, and then went on to compete in another reality show, Survivor Blood vs. Water, which he almost won.

He spoke to Entertainment Weekly after, and they asked which game was harder to play, his response was: “It’s apples and oranges out there. They are two totally different games. Survivor is by far physically harder and physically more demanding. I think the mental side of Big Brother and the wear of 90 days is a little bit harder on your mindset. But it’s so hard to try and say this game is harder, or that game is harder. There are bits and pieces of Survivor that are harder and bits and pieces of Big Brother that are way harder.”

Since finishing both competitions, CBS reports that Moss took up tech investment and is in a relationship with a former NBA dancer named Kellie Janeski. Let'shope nothing but good things for these two in the future.

1 Amanda Zuckerman Is A Leading Real-Estate Agent And A Soon-To-Be Mom

You may remember Amanda Zuckerman from Big Brother Season 15, although she didn’t make it past seventh place and according to The Hollywood Reporter, when she walked out of the house she was met by mostly boos. In response to whether the person she was in the house was a reflection of who she is in real-life, Zuckerman told the publication, "I am a strong person. I fight for my clients. I fight for what's right. In the game, you have to be more manipulative about it, but overall, I am a strong woman."

But she has moved on from her time as a reality star, and focused her attention on real-estate and her Instagram bio reveals a link to the company website of MVRealty. On the website, she’s listed as the lead broker and a leading real estate agent with MV Realty in South Florida.

Her personal life is also going well. Zuckerman is married to a man named Mike Zachman and she seems to be very happily married to because she is forever posting photos of him on her Instagram account. The two are also going to become parents, and they revealed in May of 2018 that a baby Zachman was on the way.

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