10 Big Dog Names For The Gentle Giant In Your Life

Having a big dog can be one of the best things ever. Big dogs often have the biggest hearts. There are many beautiful big dog breeds that make wonderful pets. From Golden Retrievers to German Shepherds to Great Danes, a big dog can protect you and offer you loyal love and care. If you’re adopting a new big dog, whether it’s still a small puppy or is a full-grown adult, you want to find the perfect name to match their personality and give them a name that suits them perfectly. If you’re looking for the perfect name, you want to pick one that matches their large stature as well as their personality.

We’ve put together a list of 10 names that are perfect for your new big dog.

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Thor is the perfect name for a large, athletic dog who is protective of his family and has a sweet personality, just like Thor from the Marvel films. This name is especially perfect if you’re a Marvel fan and love the God of Thunder. If your big dog is a muscular pup that seems to have a hard exterior but is actually super adorable with a kind heart once you get to know him, then Thor could be the perfect name for your statuesque dog.


Beethoven is probably one of the most popular dogs in pop culture. Beethoven is definitely the perfect name for a St. Bernard dog, but it can also suit dogs of other breeds if you want to buck a trend and switch it up. This name might be popular, but it’s such a good one it had to be included on this list. If your big dog can be depended on to help you out and protect you, the name Beethoven is likely the ideal choice for your new big puppy.


Storm is a name that invokes power as well as beauty. If you have a female big dog that needs a strong name, Storm is perfect.

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This name is also great if you’re a fan of comic books and the X-Men as it’s the name one of the most powerful mutants in those comics. If your dog is elegant and has a leadership personality, then Storm could be the perfect name for her.


Diana is another name that has some comic book roots. This is the name of Wonder Woman from DC comics, making it the perfect choice if you’re a fan of this comic book universe. Diana is the name for a big dog who is muscular, beautiful, and also has a really sweet heart.

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Diana is a character who is all about sticking up for and taking care of people who need help, so it’s ideal for a dog who has a protective streak and is always concerned about their family.


Everest is the tallest mountain in the world. This makes this name perfect for a gentle giant. The name evokes wonder and stature, so if you have a really big dog such as a Great Dane, Everest could be the right choice of name for your dog. Everest is also a good name because it can work for both male and female dogs. If your dog is really big and loves to adventure and see the world. Everest could fit their personality perfectly.


Names from mythology are ideal for big dogs because these names bring up power as well as a beauty and elegance that many big dogs possess. If you have a large male dog, Hercules is ideal because it brings up strength.

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If you want to give your female dog a strong name from mythology, then Athena could work really well as Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom and war. This makes this name ideal for a dog who has a wisdom and a strength about her.


While names from movies or mythology can be perfect for a big pupper, sometimes you want to go with a name that’s a little more simple. When naming a dog, another thing to consider is how easy it is to say the name and have the name be recognized by your dog. Blue is one of these names that is simple to say and is also really adorable. If you have a big dog with hair or fur that is a bluish or grey tint, this name will sit just right.


Moose is a sweet name for a sweet, adorable dog. While moose in nature might be a bit aggressive at times, this is only when they are provoked or trying to protect their young. So, if you have a large dog who is always trying to protect you from harm, Moose is a great choice. This is also a good name for your big dog if you love the outdoors and taking your dog out with you to explore, go on hikes, and go camping. If you have a big chocolate lab, Moose could be the ideal name for them.


Ranger is the perfect name for an observant and explorative dog. Some dogs just love going on walks and being outside, and they love to sniff around and discover everything they can about the world around them.

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If your dog has the need to go and see, Ranger could be the perfect name for them. Some big dogs have a lot of energy, if this sounds like your pup, you need to give them a name that suits that personality.


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River is another name that is connected to nature. This name is great for both male and female dogs. Rivers are a strong element that has aspects of elegance and flow to them as well as extreme power. If your dog is stunning to look at and has a calm personality but a lot of strength within, River is worth considering as the perfect name.

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