10 Biggest Uninhabited Haunted Houses In North America

Abandoned and haunted houses have been a running staple in pop culture. We’ve seen movies where teenagers venture in an uninhabited home harboring an evil clown and spirits terrorizing new homeowners for the sake of fun. Amusement parks like Cedar Point and tourist sites feature abandoned homes said to be haunted. What can we say, some people just love a good scare. Here are 10 of the biggest uninhabited haunted houses in North America!

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10 The Pennywise House

Horror movies usually feature a haunted house or two. Of course, we don’t believe the house to be haunted itself. It’s only a prompt, right? Though in some cases, these fortresses are real-life condemned houses. This old Victorian house was the major set production for the 2016 reboot of Stephen King’s It. The director spoke of an evil spirit haunting the set. On several occasions the lawnmower would turn on by itself. Talk about spooky!

9 The Asylum Home

Another location that horror movies tend to be set in are abandoned asylums. Once a home to the mentally and physically disabled, they're now home to ghosts and evil spirits. The NY estate has gained a lot of attention from trespassers and in the same instance, has managed to send them home running. Some intruders reported hearing voices throughout the home and being stalked by the ghosts down the halls. We bet they’ll think twice before breaking into that asylum again.

8 The Whaley House

This 18-century Californian house, now turned historic museum, has much to offer tourists—that is if they enjoy being scared to death. This house, often dubbed The Whaley House, offers showings of silent movies and actually hosts tours dedicated to witnessing the presence of ghosts. Some visitors report seeing the ghost Yankee Jim Robinson, the former homeowner and criminal who died right on the property years ago. Creepy!

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7 The Joshua Ward House

What do we know about witches? They fly on brooms, cast spells, and spend an awful lot of time with black cats. The Joshua Ward House was known to hold private interrogations of suspected persons of witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials. Several of these cases were led and carried out by High Sheriff of Essex County, George Corwin. Nineteen witches were murdered on his property, and still to this day, those evil spirits haunt his home. With $900,000 as the asking price, the buyer won’t be selling the home any time soon.

6 The Lizzie Borden House

Have you ever of the childhood rhyme “Lizzie Borden”? If so, you’ll know that the wealthy banker, Andrew Borden’s daughter, Lizzie, murdered her parents in this very house. People, both celebs and, unfortunately, cold-blooded murders, have gained so much national attention that they eventually get their own movie. Years ago, Lifetime featured a mini-series to Lizzie Borden’s life as an ax-killing murderess. The house is said to be haunted by Borden’s father and stepmother still to this day.

5 The Franklin Castle House

Unlike some of the house’s on this list, Franklin Castle definitely fits the classic standard of a haunted house. Since its construction in 1865, the Ohioan home has been known for unexplained murders and usual disasters. The house is so condemned that the state won’t even allow visitors to go inside. For the state of Ohio to ban visitors from touring the inside, must mean there are some pretty angry spirits living there.

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4 The Sowden House

This house may look like it’s worth a million dollars, but it harbors a dark secret, one that involves a classic Hollywood murder. Some may have heard the story of Elizabeth Short, a young aspiring actress known famously as “The Black Dahlia”, who was murdered on the grounds of this very house. Oddly enough, pop indie band XX shot a music video at the home and our favorite Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown was on set. It may have received a stamp of approval from a big-time celeb, but we wouldn’t try our luck with this house.

3 The Lemp Mansion

In St. Louis, Missouri sits a 33-room mansion that once belonged to a wealthy brewery family called the Lemps. The house is cursed with tragedy: a son that died from heart failure, a father that took his own life, and later, a grandchild born with Down Syndrome, who was locked in the attic for years, passed away. The house continues to be haunted by the ghosts of the Lemp family to this day. Not only was this house bad luck, but the family that lived there was bad news from the start.

2 The Winchester House

Some homeowners are paranoid and take extreme measures when it comes to protecting their property. However, paranoia is an understatement for Sarah Winchester. She was a black widow on the run from the spirits of victims who were slain by her family’s famous rifles. The victims ended up following the poor women to her new home in California, which has been known as “The Mystery House”. The house has even become part of mainstream culture, starring in its feature-length film based around Sarah Winchester’s life.

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1 The Kreischer Mansion

You’d think at some point condemned homes would stop being haunted. This Staten Island Manson’s history of evil spirits and tragedy spans over the course of several years, from 1885 to 2008. The original owner, Edward Kreischer, died in the house alone and was said to have haunted the house for years. A recent owner of the home committed a grisly murder and his ghost haunts the house as well. A string of tragic events that span over years should definitely be a red flag to any home buyer.

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