20 Biking Fails Drivers Will Get A Guilty Laugh Out Of

When children ride their bicycles in traffic, we make sure they know the traffic rules, and we've never heard of anyone who gets annoyed with children riding their bikes.

Even teens seem to get it right. Seriously, the most rebellious creatures on the planet usually don't annoy us when riding their bicycles - because they seem to be sensible when doing so.

But something must happen to the cyclist's brain once he is considered to be a grown-up. All of a sudden the traffic rules no longer seem to apply to them. There will be 2, 3, even 4 riders next to each other, blocking all the traffic. They seem to think they don't have to stop at red lights. Even if it's just one cyclist, he'll make sure to be in the middle of the road when going uphill.

Today, we'll have the last laugh!

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20 Faceplant

via Business Insider

We don't know what he was trying to do, but crocs and bicycle clearly don't mix! He's lucky he's just eating grass from this fall. Imagine if it happened on a dirt trail or on the road... This is just more proof that cyclists need really good insurance and dental plans.

19 Flying

via Cycleplan

We're not entirely sure if this is real or not, but it doesn't really matter. The important thing is that maybe, just maybe, a cyclist will see it and hopefully think twice about going for a ride on public roads. Then again, we're probably being too optimistic and asking for too much here.

18 Look, Mom, No Handlebars

via Pinterest

This is probably not going to end well. Luckily he's still a kid - which means he's made mostly of rubber and magic - so he'll just bounce right back and will barely have a scratch. If this happens when you're older, you risk being hospitalized for weeks... which is why grown men shouldn't play with bikes.

17 No Wheel

via Hearstapps

There are some who successfully pull off this stunt - however, judging by the look on this guy's face, he doesn't seem to be one of those people. In a weird way, we guess you could call him lucky since it happened on the lawn, and not while he was riding on the road.

16 Oh Deer

via Pinterest

We really feel sorry for the deer in this pic... although, they can be just as annoying as cyclists when they're crossing the road. In fact, you could say that both the deer and the cyclist got what was coming to them. Come to think of it, we don't feel sorry for the deer at all anymore!

15 Almost Landed It

via Pink Bike

This seems to be a front-flip gone wrong. The thing we like the most about pictures like this is guessing where the bike will land. Will it hit the rider someplace it hurts? It seems like his Sunday morning ride is about to turn into a few days of limping.

14 Superman

via Daily Hogar

This poor guy was prepared for his cycling run in every possible way. He trained hard, ate right, got all the expensive equipment... only to do his best Superman impression. We bet he didn't expect this to happen. At least he had his helmet on - safety is important you know.

13 Over The Wall

via Daily Mail

Head over wheels! This unfortunate cyclist misjudged the corner, crashed into the brick wall at high speed, flipped over it, and landed face first in someone's garden. - but the funniest thing about the dramatic accident is that it failed to faze that dozing border collie. Perhaps it's a common occurrence and the dog is used to this kind of thing happening?

12 Prepare For Impact

via Factory Media

Ever gone for a walk in the park, only to have BMX'ers zooming past you on one wheel, jumping over park benches and sliding down the stair handrails? It's annoying! But every once in a while karma does its thing, and we get to witness moments like this. Hopefully, he's got insurance.

11 Slammed

via Top Best Pics

We're not quite sure how this is even possible. It's not like he wasn't able to see that massive wall right in front of him. It could be a stunt that went wrong, which makes us even more intrigued... what stunt could he possibly be trying that involves riding straight into a wall?

10 Smashed His Important Parts

via Sport.be

Look at this poor guy. One of his feet is still clipped into the pedals, and he is desperately trying to put his other foot on the ground to avoid falling. Spoiler alert: He's still going down! It looks like he smashed his wedding night bits on the handlebar in the process as well.

9 Still Clipped In

via Bike198

Oh, this is gonna hurt so bad. We don't really have a problem with mountain bikers, they stay off the roads and don't disturb traffic. However, crashes like this deserve a mention in this list. The poor guy is still clipped in - guess where the bike will hit him when he lands.

8 Drone Crash

via Road

Cyclists aren't the only annoying things we experience during summer - almost as annoying are the drones buzzing around. And that's why this is one of our favorite entries - a bicycle crash caused by a drone flying into the front wheel. Perhaps in the future, the bookies will accept bets on that kind of thing happening?

7 That Face

via Pinterest

The look on this rider's face says it all. There's the terror from falling, knowing he's in for some pain and will have trouble walking the next week, and then there's the realization that the race is over for him. We'd be sad for him if it wasn't for the fact that we've been stuck behind cyclists in traffic way too often!

6 Thousands Worth Of Damage

via Pinterest

These race bikes cost thousands and thousands of dollars, so here we're potentially looking at damages that can rival the price of a brand new mid-sized German car. That'll teach them for blocking the roads and using them as their personal race track. Fewer bikes on the roads will definitely help lower people's blood pressure.

5 Universally Disliked

via Pinterest

Clearly, it's not just us motorists who get annoyed by these lycra-clad road hogs. In fact, we can't think of anyone who likes cyclists - other than other cyclists. While it's pretty much illegal for us to do anything about these road-pests, they're gonna have some problems taking a bull to court.

4 Wheel Failure

via The Tango

Ouch! This looks like it's gonna hurt. We have no idea what could possibly cause a cycle wheel to fail like this. It looks like it's just collapsing, and the terrain isn't even all that rough. Oh well, whoever snapped that picture had perfect timing and gave us a good giggle.

3 Pile Up

via Rincondelmusculo

Those who've tried to get somewhere when cycle races are being held knows that it's almost impossible due to most roads being closed off. Therefore we crack a smile when this happens. This pic is from a massive pile-up at the sprint finish of Stage 4 of the Tour Suisse. A cycling race that's the final preparation for those taking part in the much more famous Tour de France.

2 Group Oops

via AOL

This looks pretty bad. We almost feel guilty about sharing it. Almost! That poor guy who went down hard gets hit by the guy following him. And you can tell it was a powerful impact - it literally sent him and his bike flying. At least they weren't out playing in traffic the following day.

1 The Human Bike Rack

via Road

Ooooh, this poor guy will not be walking right for weeks. First, he falls off his own bike, smashing his knee and hip on the asphalt. Then, the guy following him decides to use him as a human bike rack. That is just not a polite place to park your bike.

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