Man Receives Thousands Of Birthday Messages After Sons Put His Number On Billboard

A man in New Jersey has been inundated with calls and texts after his sons put his cellphone number up on a billboard to celebrate his birthday.

We all have a birthday, yet that day means something very different to all of us. When you're a child, it's a day you normally look forward to all year round. You get to have a party, people buy you gifts, it's one of the best days of the year. As you get older, unless it's a milestone it doesn't tend to be that big of a deal, especially if you have kids of your own.

However, in some instances, once your children get old enough they will want to help you celebrate your birthdays with each passing year. That's what two loving sons living in Florida have done anyway. The pair's father lives in New Jersey and he will be celebrating his 62nd birthday on Saturday, March 16. Rather than sending a card or a present, they hired out a billboard, reports BBC.


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The billboard greets motorists as they drive into Chris Ferry's (the birthday boy) native of Linwood, New Jersey. Along with a photo of Chris and a message from his sons asking people to wish him a happy birthday is his phone number. Up there for the world to see as not only is it on a billboard, but it has quickly gone viral on social media and spread like wildfire.

The sign has now been up for over a week, and the influx of well wishes started with one from a man named Nick. When Chris asked how he had gotten his number, Nick replied that he had seen it on a billboard. Since then, the 61-year-old claims to have received tens of thousands of calls and messages, some from as far afield as places like the Philippines, Ireland, and Nepal.

The good news is, if you are reading this on or before March 16, you still have time to send Chris a message yourself. The bad news is you will probably not get a reply. While Chris revealed that he was trying to reply to every message to begin with, it has now reached a point where he simply can't keep up with them. He also admitted that he's looking forward to his birthday coming and going so that he can use his phone normally again.


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