Bison Does Adorable 'Happy Dance' To Celebrate The End Of Winter

Bison Does Adorable 'Happy Dance' To Celebrate The End Of Winter

A female bison performed an adorable “happy dance” to celebrate the coming of spring at the North Carolina Zoo.

Lots of us celebrated the arrival of spring in our own special ways. Some of us went outside without our winter jackets. Others drove around town with the windows down. Still more got out their gardening tools and got to work planting this year’s azaleas.

Animals have their own way of celebrating the arrival of spring, and we’d argue it’s probably the best way to do it. They dance.

Here we have Calf, a young 800-pound bison (not a buffalo) at the North Carolina Zoo. They get cooped up indoors when it gets too cold over the winter months, but once the spring thaw happens and grass starts growing again they get let out along with the rest of the ungulates to start chowing down on some fresh green.

North Carolina Zoo Bison Happy Dance

Our bison at the North Carolina Zoo is doing her happy dance for the first day of spring! #HappyDance #bison #notabuffalo #1stdayofspring #nczoo

Posted by North Carolina Zoo on Wednesday, March 20, 2019

And some of them get so happy about it, they dance. Or in Calf’s case, dance for a bit, then lie down and rub herself in the dirt, then get up, dance some more, chase around a herd of elk, and then return to her small herd of bison.

The video of Calf’s antics quickly went viral after arriving on Facebook last Wednesday, and so far has 240,000 views and 3,700 likes.

North Carolina Zoo currently has a small herd of 4 American bison, all female, and ranging in age from 10 to 20 years old. At one point, bison were in danger of going the way of the buffalo and were down to 541 examples in the late 19th century. Now there are over 30,000 individuals in North America thanks to concerted conservation efforts.


This isn’t the first time North Carolina Zoo staff have caught their bison dancing. Back in 2017, Lucy was seen head-bobbing as part of Drake’s #KikiChallenge.

And it’s not uncommon to see similar dancing behavior in dairy cows after being let out with the spring thaw. Cows can be so overwhelmed with joy after being presented fresh green grass that they jump, skip, and dance across the fields, turning into giant bundles of grass-munching ecstacy.

We will probably never know that sort of joy. It’s enough to make a guy jealous.


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