A Black Panther Was On The Prowl Across A Small Town In France

Depending on where you live, certain wild animals are bound to be spotted off and on. Some are relatively harmless, but others won't hesitate to eat you up if they get the chance. When it comes to animals that are more prone to the latter, it's important to stay vigilant so that nothing happens to you or your family.

In a small town known as Armentières, France, residents are currently doing this due to a black panther. This wild cat has been spotted prowling about the rooftops of homes for some time now, much to the alarm of citizens and emergency services personnel alike. Images of the young black panther strolling in and out of an open window this past Wednesday. It's said to be about 45 lbs. at age five or six months old- roughly the size of a small Labrador.

The northern French town was worried about someone being attacked by the black panther. Fortunately, after police made a cordon, wildlife rescuers entered the building in a careful manner. That way, they wouldn't end up disturbing the cat and provoking it to attack them. A vet eventually tranquilized it with a dart gun before it was safely removed from the property.

via Evening Standard


After being knocked out cold by the tranquilizer dart, the animal was caged and turned over to wildlife officials. Those wildlife officials from the French government later turned the black panther over to the Animal Protection League organization in Lille, France. As of now, the animal has been transferred to what's currently an undisclosed location.

Amazingly, this black panther was domesticated and not considered to be aggressive whatsoever. Even witnesses who saw it enter one apartment confirmed that it wasn't acting aggressively at all. This turned out to be a good thing because the police later admitted that they would've shot it if it's calm attitude had changed for the worse. More interestingly, its claws were clipped, and the panther seemed to have a clean bill of health overall. It appears as though it was somebody's domesticated pet.

With that in mind, French police are currently on the hunt for the black panther's owner. They want to figure out where they found the animal from, what the animal's living conditions were, and letting the owner know that their actions had endangered so many innocent individuals. Given the fact that police have explained that only a zoo would have the right to obtain a permit to keep such an animal, it's currently a mystery as to how or why an individual would keep a black panther as a pet in their home.

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