Black Widow: 20 Facts About Her Anatomy

When it comes to super spy Natasha Romanoff, there's always more than what meets the eye. She goes by different names, Natalia Alianovna Romanova, Nancy Rushman and Laura Matthers, among many others. However, she's known by all through a name that strikes fear in the hearts of crime syndicates everywhere, The Black Widow.

Natasha might come off as a straightforward Avenger, always focused on succeeding in their mission at any cost. However, there's great depth to her psyche. You see, her past is as complicated as her personality. Even the Avengers themselves have a hard time figuring her out despite being with her on countless missions!

What makes Black Widow such an intriguing character? Is it her mesmerizing, timeless beauty? Is it her charm? Is it the fact that there's a lethal assassin hiding behind that pretty face of hers? Or maybe it's because she can kick major behind without breaking a sweat? Here we'll find out why Natasha isn't your average spy, as we delve into 20 secrets that make up the notorious Black Widow.

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20 Almost Brainwashed As An Evil Assassin

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Black Widow wasn't always the strong, independent figure we all know today. When she was younger and more vulnerable, she was almost brainwashed! It's a good thing Captain America was around to rescue her when that almost happened. If it weren't for Cap, Natasha would've been an evil assassin by now. Of course, she is now capable of getting out of these sticky situations all by herself, now that's improvement!

19 She's Anti-Aging

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Ever wondered how Black Widow maintains her youthful appearance after all these years? She's been alive since WWII yet she looks like she hasn't aged past her early 20s! That's because Natasha was injected with a super-soldier serum that basically slows her aging process down to a crawl. She's not just, well, forever young, she also never gets sick since the serum also enhanced her immune system.

18 As Agile As Humanly Possible

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While Black Widow might not have any superpowers, she still benefits from the enhancements that the super serum gave her. It literally imbued her with Olympic-level athleticism! Her agility, speed and endurance operates at the pinnacle of what humans are capable of reaching. It's no wonder why she makes quick work out of thugs, her reflexes are topnotch.

17 Has A Spider's Bite

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Among Black Widow's signature weapons is her “Widow's Bite.” She keeps these concealed on her wrists so that bad guys won't see it coming. She can zap anyone who gets near her with about 30,000 volts of electricity! Anyone who keeps their distance aren't exactly safe either. Her Widow's Bite can also electrocute and incapacitate anyone standing from 20 feet away!

16 Does Whatever A Spider Can

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Natasha's Black Widow mantle is more than just a mere moniker. She can actually maneuver like a spider! Minus the webs, of course. Natasha's suit contains tiny suction cups on both her hands and feet. This helps her stick to most surfaces undetected. In addition, she can also swing around with her grappling hooks! Watch out Spider-Man, you're not the only one who does whatever a Spider can.

15 She's Built For Combat

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No other spy is as well-quipped for combat as Black Widow. She's basically trained to wield all kinds of weapons, including ones that are literally out of this world! Natasha even wears a bulletproof suit that carries all sorts of tech. In fact, she often carries explosives on her waist that are equivalent to over three pounds of TNT! When it comes to fighting, she's the bomb, literally.

14 Can Speak More Than Five Languages

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A big portion of Natasha's persuasive nature is thanks to the fact that she can speak over five different languages including Chinese, German and of course, Russian. Natasha has a knack for impersonating various personalities to talk herself out of sticky situations. No wonder she has a slew of international aliases like Nancy Rushman, Lottie Hederman and Czarina, to name a few .

13 Can Lift More Than Thrice Her Weight

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There's nothing superhuman about Natasha's stature. It's actually quite average, standing at 5'7'' and weighing only about 131 pounds. However, she can still lift a lot of weight despite her small frame. It's said that she could even lift as much as 500 pounds! Well, guess that explains how she can easily thrash around villains twice her size.

12 Wasn't Equipped To Become A Mother

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Before she came to be known as the notorious Black Widow, Natasha fell in love with a Russian soldier named Nikolai. However, Nikolai perished during the war and Natasha suffered from a miscarriage. Who knows, if she fell in love during a time when war wasn't so rampant, she might not have been the super spy we know today.

11 She Had A Doppelgänger

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There was a time when Natasha's rival Yelena Belova looked exactly like her. No, not because she was jealous of Natasha's pretty face. In fact, she was actually forced to undergo surgery by none other than Natasha herself! Natasha did this so she could both save her rival and teach her a lesson at the same time. Spies sure do have a weird way of saying 'I care,' right?

10 Master Of Martial Arts

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Sure, Black Widow won't have any issues handling any type of weapon but at the same time, she still won't have problems when there's no weapon available either. That's because Natasha has perfected various forms of martial arts including Judo, Karate, Savate and more. When utilized alongside her superior speed and agility, she's able to use all her limbs for combat at their full extent!

9 Her Hands Are Made For Hacking

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Black Widow is no stranger when it comes whacking criminals but her hands are also used for more than just combat. Whenever she's not hacking at waves of crooks, she often opts to hack computers instead. This way, she's able to covertly extract secret information and possibly hijack enemy computers to do her bidding. Why use brawn when you can let your brain do the heavy lifting?

8 Cold Outside, Warm Inside

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Despite being seemingly devoid of emotions, Natasha has mourned and cried for her friends numerous times. Her empathy towards the Avengers on the big screen is just a small glimpse of what she's really like in the comics. She grieved when the Avengers were seemingly defeated by the monstrous Onslaught and was deeply saddened when she thought Hawkeye had passed away. Even cold assassins have feelings too, after all.

7 Used To Be Happily Married

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Black Widow isn't called a widow for nothing. In fact, Natasha has been married numerous times. Aside from her marriage with her departed lover Nikolai, she was also engaged to Alexei Shostakov, played by David Harbour in the upcoming Black Widow movie. They were happily married until the KGB faked Shostakov's death, turning him into the villainous Red Guardian. Unfortunately for spies like Natasha, happy endings don't last very long.

6 Her Mind Has Always Been Foggy

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In the MCU films, fans often see Black Widow frequently having flashbacks, visions of the past depicting numerous ballerinas. Among these ballerinas is presumably young Natasha. However, these memories didn't exactly happen as the government had been tampering with Natasha's memories, giving her false ones to keep her in check. Poor Natasha, the government isn't just feeding her lies, they're literally injecting them straight into her mind!

5 Her Natural Charm Led To Multiple Relationships

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It's safe to say that Natasha is a natural charmer. After all, she has captivated the eyes of many notable figures. Natasha shared intimate moments with Daredevil, while Hawkeye basically proposed to her. She was also romantically involved with, not just Captain America, but his best friend Bucky Barnes as well! For such a strong fighter, she's quite the lover.

4 She Has Plenty Of Clones

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Natasha is so good at what she does that many tried replicating her, literally! Dr. Bong created a Natasha clone so he could have her commit atrocities without much suspicion. The Red Room also made Natasha clones just in case the Black Widow perishes during one of her dangerous missions. Given her perfect mixture of brains, brawn and beauty, it's no surprise why many organizations would want to clone her.

3 She's Seemingly Death Proof

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Black Widow came so close to meeting her demise on multiple occasions. Both Captain America and Bucky saved her from close calls. However, her life was ultimately ended by the evil version of Cap. Of course, fans know that Natasha won't go down that easily. Her clone eventually resurfaced, with all her memories intact too! She still continues her espionage exploits to this day. Well, in the comics, at least.

2 Forever No Home

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It wouldn't be a stretch to call Natasha a nomad, she basically doesn't have a permanent address. As a spy, her life is constantly in danger. Her situation often gets so desperate that she even had to ask her rival Yelena to help find her a place to stay. Permanent sleep-overs aren't fun but what choice do spies have when they're always on the run?

1 Not The Only One

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The Red Room produced some of the best assassins through their Black Widow program. There had been over 20 individuals who took on the Black Widow mantle after proving their worth to the organization. Other notable products of the Black Widow program include Ant-Man's daughter Nadia Pym, femme fatale Ninotchka and Natasha's rival Yelena Belova.

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