Bless These 25 Celebrities And Their Big Hearts

It’s pretty difficult to separate celebrities' real personalities from characters they portray or the personas they keep in the public eye. Of course, that persona is carefully crafted by teams of people who are paid professionals in not letting the public know when a star is being rude. But usually if someone is a creep, it gets out eventually.

So while a celebrity doing a super nice thing isn’t proof they’re not a rude person (some rudeness could still exist within them), it’s a little bit of insurance that they’re not all that bad. Or at least that they spent that moment being nice before going back to being mean. Or, like most of us, they’re mixes of good and bad traits and all they can do is try and improve.

Unlike most of us — celebrities also have seemingly limitless amounts of money, which makes doing nice things for strangers much easier. Along with being a tad more dramatic and on a larger scale than what we can pull off. Not all of these deeds involve money, though, some are just interactions that cost no one anything but left impressions on the people involved. Of course, they’re more interesting than a typical story about a kind stranger. Y’know, because these strangers are usually Tom Hanks.

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25 When Lady Gaga Planned For Snacks

After a cancelled show in Canada, Lady Gaga retreated to her hotel room instead of putting on a show for all her monsters (aka fans, if our readers have been living in a mud heap for the last decade) as was planned.

Pizza wasn’t what they were there for, but in my opinion, pizza is the Lady Gaga of foods. It's always appropriate, able to reinvent itself an infinite amount of times and, um… Italian? I think she’s Italian... Anyway, she knew the fans were out there missing her, so she sent them a gift to know they weren’t all forgotten — they had to keep their bellies full.

That’s pretty adorable, if anyone asks me. Partially because I like imagining Lady Gaga on the phone ordering about 100 pizzas. It wouldn't be possible to even order toppings for all those — just set up half as cheese and let the employees have their way with the other 50.

Oh, I also like imagining a fleet of Domino's employees descending to this hotel and Lady Gaga looking down on this sight from her bedroom, wishing she could partake. I feel like this was all on a moonless night with a light drizzle, but that has more to do with me.

24 When Zac Efron Made It Up To This Guy

Hopefully Zac also invested in a sturdy case for this dude! If anyone needs an Otterbox, it’s a guy who gets so excited for selfies he flings his phone around. Or maybe he just has incredibly sweaty hands, but there’s a medication for that. I have no idea how to get those pills, but I’m pretty sure they exist. In the meantime, get a case with some traction.

This was a crazy sweet gesture and it was the right thing to do, although he definitely didn’t have to. I feel like buying a new phone is such an involved, slow process as far as deciding whether or not insurance is worth it and how much data one should get… but that’s definitely not what phone shopping is like for Zac. That’s definitely the kind of thing he has someone else do for him and just foots the bill.

Regardless, this is adorable. Also, somehow even Zac Efron’s biceps look sympathetic to this guy’s plight. I think that’s just another level that only the cast of Baywatch can ever hope to attain. It takes a certain level of bronze and 10,000 hours of working out like it’s one's job (because it is) to have muscles that can sympathize with fans.

23 When The Rock Spread Bald Pride

While we’re on the subject of the cast of Baywatch being next level… it seems like this kid’s obsession with The Rock comes from his baldness, and also why the entire world loves him, which is his insane charisma and super surprisingly good acting.

No one ever deserved for The Rock to be as charming and talented as he is, let alone wrestling fans. I have no idea how we ever got such a good guy with him.

It would have been totally acceptable if he was just a wrestler and didn’t have other skills, let alone a super winning personality. But acting aside, this note is adorable. Tater’s note is precious, but also The Rock’s response, obviously. One is written in crayon and the other has emojis, but they’re both heartwarming.

I have a feeling that The Rock gives the biggest of bear hugs. Like the kind of hug that would make you feel weightless and like a baby all over again. If The Rock gets sick of acting and doesn’t start a music career (that feels like the next logical step), he could just hang out on street corners with a sign advertising hug therapy. That doesn’t exist yet, but only because The Rock hasn’t invented it.

22 When TayTay Made It

Taylor Swift has done a lot of nice things for her fans (we’ll get to those soon, don’t you worry). I couldn’t ignore them if I tried and I don’t really want to try. The most dramatic of those acts usually have to do with paying for them to attend college or other major, life-changing financial contributions. Those make sense since she’s incredibly rich, although that doesn’t make their impact any less meaningful to the people she’s helped.

This one is just as sweet because it required Taylor to take time out of her day and visit someone she doesn't know. Of course, this much of Taylor’s time is probably typically worth a year at college, but that’s not the point. I don’t know what Taylor charges hourly and I really don’t need to know. It’s just really sweet she made the time for this important moment in her fan’s life.

Also, I think this was around when Taylor chopped off her hair and it’s a weird kind of adorable that her fan was one of the first people to see this transformation. I’m sure her gift was totally insane but that’s just gravy to this delicious little dish of goodness.

21 When Ariana Was The Best Mom

There’s the kind of snacks you give out when the show is cancelled (pizza) and the kind of snacks when you want your fans to stay warm and get ready for the show that’s about to rain down on them (hot cocoa and cookies).

What’s more fueling than a mug of cocoa?

Actually, that would make me want to head straight home and curl up instead of staying out for a concert, but it’s still super cute. This is the most grandmother thing I’ve seen anyone do in a long time... and those cookies are the cutest. I want to call them biscuits more than anything. Those are the kind of cookies that aren’t too sweet, usually have some floral extract in them, and come in a tartan tin. And that little flower on the table? Get out of here, Ariana. It’s all in the details and nothing says that like this little table set up, and of course, these signed cups. Of course, she sent out the snacks because it was a cold, rainy night so the cups could have easily disintegrated. But that doesn’t make the effort any less and her hand must have been sore after signing all these.

20 When Biebs Brought The Xmas Spirit

What better encapsulates the spirit of Christmas than Justin Bieber a few years ago in a plaid, short-sleeve shirt in front of a theater of children? What’s that? Santa Claus and his reindeers? Families celebrating the holiday together? Taking a grubby homeless man into your home and offering him food, lodging, a shower, and eventually welcoming that man into your family and changing his life? Back off. Justin Bieber giving gifts in front of an audience dying to watch his movie is way more Christmas-y than anything.

You can take Mrs. Claus baking a fresh batch of gingerbread men out of her oven and feeding it to the elves after a long day of toy-making and get out of here. Take all your Christmas trees and charity and leave me with this surprise appearance from the Biebs at a movie theater.

You can tell this is dated since Justin Bieber’s outfit still kind of makes sense and he’s not riddled with tattoos. This was definitely the screening of his movie Believe, but it’s still adorable to see this picture of a little toddler with her gift. Unless she’s giving him a present? He doesn’t need anything from her — he has enough gifts he buys himself. 

19 When Emma & Andrew Took Advantage Of An Opportunity

Oh man, so many things about this picture take us back to the days when Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were a thing. Oh well, we’re here now and they’re no longer a thing, and I think we’re all better for it. Personally, I’d rather have a red-headed Emma Stone than an Emma Stone with Andrew Garfield (If I had to choose, which I guess I don’t. But I have chosen).

If you’re not over that break up, sorry dude. I don’t know what to tell you.

I guess if anything was going to remind you of how good they were, it’d be a picture like this where they were surprised by the paparazzi and turned the game back on the paparazzi with these little napkin signs.

That’s a pretty solid list of charity’s websites and I really like imagining them brainstorming which websites to squeeze in on their sign. Also, I wonder which one of them wrote this since that person has pretty great handwriting. It could honestly be either of them, but I feel like it had to be only one of them. Are there couples out there where both people have great handwriting? I don’t trust that.

18 When Ryan Gosling Kept A Low Profile

Ryan Gosling doesn't need to share his itinerary with anybody in the world and that’s only because they’d be overwhelmed by how adorable it is. Sure, we also don’t need to track his coming’s and going’s because he’s an adult with his own privacy but also, it’d only hurt our hearts with how cute it is.

All the secrets he keeps are for our own good because they’d be too sweet for us to handle. At four o’clock, he’s got an appointment with three legged dogs. And just before that he’s going to a little charity event in a high school football field. Then an origami class entirely attended by young children and Ryan Gosling and it’s not even weird. THEN it's bedtime around eight o’clock.

Maybe I’m just thinking of an old person's schedule, but still. That little smile on his face is the cutest. This looks like the best image of what America can be and that involves deeply charming, unthreatening celebrities attending grassroots charity events without alerting anyone. It’s not a big, swanky sponsorship for a water that saves kids (which is also cool but obviously a little more formal) but just a little act and that’s really sweet.

17 When Ryan Gosling Was A Hero

This is one of those acts of kindness and goodness that didn’t cost a cent but seriously, what a good story. What a memory of having your life low-key saved by Ryan Gosling. That’s crazy and really good that he saved the day so casually. Of course that’s the kind of superhero Ryan Gosling would be; the kind that stops your day from going deathly wrong in the course of a moment with a single act of not paying attention.

And then, just like that, he just walks on and disappears into the crowd and it’s a totally casual form of having your life saved.

There's no jumping from building to building or hanging off a bridge to pull you out of a riptide. Just reminding you not to put that purchase on your card because it’ll set off your overdraft fee and that’ll set off a whole domino effect of awful financial repercussions. You can thank Ryan Gosling for saving your credit score since being realistic, Spider-Man wouldn’t make the time for that. But he’s not the one we need to save us from ourselves. Spider-Man can stick to defeating super villains and for everything else, there’s every day hero Spider-Man.

16 When Kelly Pickler Shaved Her Head In Solidarity

Kelly Pickler is a great friend. Maybe she’s not nice to strangers (I have no grounds for saying that and it’s pure speculation — it's  just a possibility that I’m mentioning, even though I have no grounds to), but she’s definitely got the backs of the people she loves.

Look, would you rather she be kind to strangers and mistreat the people closest to her or be an amazing friend? I have no idea why I’m making this an ultimatum, because it’s not. She could totally be both a compassionate friend and person to strangers.

Anyway, this picture is super cute and taken just after she shaved her head so her friend going through cancer wouldn’t feel alone with her shaved head. Both of them look terrific, so really no one needs to stand in solidarity with anyone. But it would be super scary and revealing to make this change in your life, but like, both of them are rocking that look. If anything, this is a super sweet act that’s also just a great look for everyone involved. Kelly got a cool transformation out of this and her friend had someone’s hand to hold while waiting to see what she looked like bald.

15 When Aaron Paul Saved His Favorite Taco Truck

For some reason, this one is so much more touching to me than Justin Bieber giving gifts or a huge donation to pay off someone's debt. I shouldn’t put down other people’s nice acts to compliment this thing, but it just feels more meaningful. It could be because he saved this small business owner’s form of providing for himself (and his family? Honestly, he could have kids or not but it’s still someone’s life). Or it could be because this involves tacos. But honestly, it could be because this wasn’t something done for a holiday but done out of caring about these tacos and Henry.

Whoever Henry is, I’m glad he can live to make tacos for another day.

Seriously, I think it’s because it’s a great use of fame to save your favorite restaurants from closing down. Can celebrities use a petition to bring back their favorite fried avocado burrito to their nearby burrito place? Or would that be gauche? Anyway, it’s just an adorable act of bringing the community together that took time from Aaron Paul hunched over his phone, ignoring people around him. To me, that’s really sweet.

Also, tacos can bring us all together but I think we already knew that.

14 When Adele Hung Out With Firefighters

She’s having so much fun! And so are they! Adele’s always been known as a super genuine celebrity who says what she’s thinking, but braless, no make up Adele is a whole new level (you're right — she's probably wearing a strapless bra, but still). The picture was really just the icing on the cake when obviously the best part of this interaction was the memory of it. 

This group shot is so much better than a formal picture together. This is so much better than a selfie where her eyes are even open. This picture couldn’t be cuter, and knowing these are firefighters in London (and that they consequently have British accents) makes it even better. Just a bunch of British guffawing and telling stories.

It’s like Adele visited someone else’s family dinner table. I really like imagining these firefighters talking over each other and making fun of each other to crack her up. Also, may I add, those are dope firefighter helmets. This just clearly isn’t a photo op or possibly even that well planned of a visit, it was just how she wanted to spend the day by brightening up someone else’s day. Ugh, I can’t get over Adele without make up cracking up with these dad-looking guys.

13 When The KarJenners Fed The Homeless In Style

Okay, it definitely takes some steam out of this post to read the first comment and realize how right they are. That’s obviously from an organization with a lot more experience managing these things and that’s one of the most rightfully critical comments I’ve ever seen. No one likes a comment that’s the voice of reason, but it’s rough seeing these people crowd around the back of a car and know some people were shoved out of the way.

That said, what’s so nice about this is that the Kardashians were trying to help these people feel dignified by providing a gourmet meal.

Sure, more food could have been purchased that was of a lesser quality, but the point was that they feel special and human. Okay, it wasn’t the smartest way to distribute it out of the back of a car while people crowd around… But they tried. Better planning could have gone into this than whoever is the guy whose car this is. That guy obviously has more experience with managing a restaurant than community service.

That said, that reindeer cookie is adorable and this was a kind act done for no other reason than that they could do it. Next time, yeah use better planning. But still a sweet thought.

12 When Taylor Met Her Oldest Fan

It’s your call whether to find it more touching that a veteran of World War II loves Taylor’s music or that she visited him. Both are pretty adorable, so I won’t ask you to choose between the two.

Taylor hasn’t just met her fans that look like her, she’s also found the ones who come from different walks of life and made time for them, too. Look, what really matters about this is that there’s a very old man out there, somewhere, who has most likely heard “Our Song” more than once and deeply approves. And Taylor Swift is aware of that. Sure, her music is an international hit so it only makes sense, but it’s still adorable and ridiculous at the same time.

Just look at that smile on that old guy’s face. And the hat? Who would have guessed they’d see an old guy in a 1989 tour hat? Ugh, they totally made each other’s day. And I don't want to take away from a great moment, but please look at this grandpa's amazing teeth. It’s not the point of this picture but you can’t help but notice that he looks great. Is the secret to immortality Taylor Swift’s music? Nah, probably not but this is still really nice.

11 When Amy Saved The Farm

This one was an act of kindness, compassion, and generosity aimed at her own family, but it’s still a fairy tale ending that Amy Schumer was able to buy back her parent’s farm.

A lot of why this feels great to read was knowing how great it must have felt for her to do it and take care of her parents. She was able to work so hard and put some of those earnings back to the people who've helped her. 

I , mean we’re talking about a farm with some seriously idyllic corn fields, so how could this not be adorable? Is there a little red barn and a black and white speckled moo-cow, too? Yeah, that’s right. A moo-cow. I’ll even go out on a limb and say there was a pink-oink-pig. I don’t care what you think — this is cute enough that I’ll say nonsense like that.

If Amy had to leave the farm when she was still little, she probably called the stuff on the farm something silly like that. And sure, I have no way to confirm that information but I’m obviously going to let my imagination run far, far away into this cartoonishly beautiful field of corn stalks.

10 When Taylor Saved The Day

Of course Taylor Swift would be the fairy godmother of godmothers. She’s a fairy godmother to people she barely knows so the sick baby of her close friends? That’s just fodder for adorable, awe-inspiring acts of kindness. It’s just really nice that her gift made it so this family could find the bravery to share a horrifying—and probably more common than any of us want to consider—experience with the world.

The money obviously made a huge difference and will go on to save lives. We’re talking about doctors who operate on baby hearts, which sound super cute but are mostly likely extremely delicate and very scary to have to fix. If your job description is “fixing baby hearts,” you’re probably very close to being on the verge of a hero.

So yeah, Taylor was funding some of the most important, well-meaning work. There’s definitely that. But on a less tangible level, it’s also a pretty incredible act to make someone feel safe enough to be vulnerable with the entire world, which was the byproduct of Taylor’s gift. Yeah, it’s got levels, dude. Oh, and then there’s the fact that Taylor never intended for us to even know about this so there’s the top level to it all.

9 When Ryan Reynolds Reminded Us To Learn CPR

Look, sometimes we all need that annoying nag to become better people. Improving yourself isn’t all flashes of insight and a new purpose in life coming to you in a dream. Sometimes becoming a better person means pressuring your friends to vote in their local elections and not stopping until they do — even though they want to stay on the couch. Maybe it’s about not driving with an expired license, so you take it one step at a time and make an appointment for the DMV online instead of just showing up... (you’ll save a ton of time, doing this BTW). Or maybe it means making the time to learn those small essentials, like how to do CPR.

Sure, it doesn’t matter right now while you’re somewhere where no one’s choking (I assume but if I’m wrong — stop reading this and help them. I don’t care if you know CPR, you can’t just read this and do nothing), but someday, it will and you’ll owe Ryan Reynolds quite the apology for never learning — even though he told you to.

Oh, and an apology to that person’s life you could have saved. And everyone they ever loved. See? Ryan Reynolds is doing kind of an amazing service here by reminding me to guilt you into doing this!

8 When Britney Taught A Children's Dance Class

I mean, of course. Who would be better for this than her? No one, that's who. There’s plenty of other qualified teachers sure, but who’s more qualified than her? Really, though.

Sure, she can’t go around teaching every single children’s dance class in the world because it just doesn’t work like that (and isn’t she busy with that residency in Vegas? Or if that's over, her two sons?), but when she can do it, that’s probably an amazing class. S

he could also teach like, any other dance class, too. But can you imagine having Britney Spears teach your children’s dance class? Whether it’s your kid or you’re the kid, it doesn't matter. It's a moment that can't be bought. I think what I’m saying is, it’d be incredible if Britney Spears opened up a dance studio, but I don’t actually expect her to because she definitely doesn’t have the time.

But if she did… I mean, wow.

As fun as performing for millions is, it looks like she’s having a great time here. I’m not suggesting she halt her career but you know the Instagram stories that would come out of Britney teaching children would be pretty amazing. That’s all I’m saying. I’d watch that show.

7 When J.K. Rowling Was All Ears

I can’t tell you how J.K. Rowling’s days usually unfold, but I feel like they involve her getting more than a few tweets daily. By a “few." I actually mean millions, but you get the picture.

It probably takes Rowling 30 seconds to respond to one tweet. So, 30 seconds times a million is still a whole lot of minutes out of your day... I guess that just means a lot that she would respond to this one, especially from someone who wants and needs her support.

Everything about this girl’s tweet implies so much more difficulty than she could ever begin to let on.

That sentence: “In Egypt, girls can’t do anything as freely as boys.” Anything — not just writing or complaining about creeps and discrimination but… anything. It just implies so much... There's too much struggle that could ever fit into one tweet. So yeah, a little encouragement from an internationally beloved author probably goes a long way.

Imagine feeling so low about your hopes and dreams, reaching out to one of the most famous authors of our time, and actually getting a response back. If that doesn’t give this little girl the boost she needed in life, I’m not sure what would. Rowling’s words are inspiring and so is this girl.

6 When Ariana Made All The Puppies Happy

First of all, that is the most joyful bath mat I’ve ever seen in my life. Second, that dog’s smile is so perfect. Oh my goodness. Sure, dogs don’t express joy through smiling but this picture is so ridiculous.

It’s not just that Ariana kissed a puppy or brought a bunch of dogs up to admire an amazing view. Anyone with two lips and access to an elevator in downtown New York can do that (okay, so that’s not many people, but still). Most people are more than happy to do so, as well.

Letting dogs climb all over you? That sounds amazing. Ariana Grande is extremely involved in getting shelter dogs adopted into loving homes through BarkBox’s charity organization. She wanted to deepen the overlap between her fans and dogs, which was brilliant. That’s such a simple solution — humans only start to reach the pureness and unconditional loving of dogs when it comes to the artists they’re fans of. Truthfully, dogs are just always on that level. They’re the two purest demographics, so of course they should overlap.

Also, of course fans would want to adopt dogs sponsored by Ariana and of course she would want them to go home with her fans. Ugh, puppies and the music that makes humans feel like puppies.

5 When Mindy Was A Solid Wing Woman

I can’t fully explain it, but I really love these one-on-one interactions and stories more than celebrities backing charities. They make my heart swell in a way that more formal contributions don't really.

The charity stuff definitely affects more people and makes a bigger push towards the world becoming a better place, but these little anecdotes are so personal.

It’s not the same as a huge donation, but it’s so cool that these people will remember these stories for the rest of their lives. They'll keep them in the back of their mind as soft evidence that the world can be a good place.

I just love that Mindy Kaling’s first response to hearing that someone’s looking for a date is trying to set them up. Good on her. You’re never so famous — you don’t owe it to other people to scan your phone contacts for their happiness. Can you imagine if you ended up with someone Mindy Kaling set you up with? Yes, perfect. That’s powerful women trying to bring other women up to their level by spreading positivity and love. Also, Game of Thrones... Let’s talk about it forever, Mindy Kaling. I’m sure you have fascinating opinions and predictions on the new season.

4 When Robin Williams Stood Up To Bullies

Getting yelled at by Robin Williams sounds like the worst thing, only because he would never stop. He would pick up more and more momentum. He would be like a fire that just gains more and more square-feet and ends up saying insane things that he shouldn’t be able to know about you. He'll just keep cutting deeper and deeper. He’d spit the most personal truths and you wouldn’t have any idea how he guessed that.

Sure, this dude deserved it, but what's way better is that Robin’s tirade was a message to bullies everywhere — don’t punch down because Robin Williams could be anywhere. And he will go off on you anywhere.

think since we lost Robin, we still have celebrities (like Chrissy Teigen) who could be anywhere at all times and would definitely give you a piece of their mind for rudeness. What humanity needs is a squad of vigilantes that are widely known and beloved to shame bullies out of ruining other people’s days.

I’m pretty sure this idea for a Nice Force is genius and if any celebrities want to donate their time to correcting other people’s rude behavior, go right ahead. You don’t even have to credit me. But I do want a say in the uniforms.

3 When Carrie Fisher Was There For A Fan In Need

This is so small and lovely, like an itty bitty pearl of goodness. Carrie was always an advocate for mental health and mental health awareness and we all knew she practiced that daily, but back-up proof is still lovely.

It’s still really nice to hear from one of the many people’s lives she touched, not just through some mass message or organized effort through a committee but because of a personalized act of compassion.

This wasn’t just her cause, it was most of the purpose of her life and that kind of passion is really beautiful in any form. I also love that the advice Carrie gave was too precious to share because it obviously is really significant to this girl.

Ugh, that’s just a gorgeous late night interaction that’s so much cuter than about 99.9% of what goes on in DMs. It’s also so lovely that in the wake of her death, Carrie led a life to be proud of even if it’s being shared with thousands of stranger. You have to really try hard to be a good person to be proud of your actions if they’re broadcasted over Twitter. That takes serious commitment and a good heart.

2 When Chris Martin Got Caught

Guys, we’ll never know all that’s transpired between Chris Martin and countless kids, but it's in the best way. That’s so cool that he tours four concerts but is also visiting hospitals to try and cheer up as many kids as possible... That's just a low key, beautiful thing. Just selling out stadiums and spreading a wave of positivity for a bunch of patients.

That said, I’m not sure if I believe that many children are huge Coldplay fans, but it’s still nice that he’s doling out free guitar lessons to sick kids for literally no incentive. I don’t think Viva La Vida is a huge hit with the under 14 years old crowd, but still, it's super nice.

Are kids still listening to Clocks? I mean, what a sweet guy. And for the hundreds of kids that haven’t thought about Coldplay since they did that song with Rihanna, I’m sure there’s one kid that’s totally crazy and rabid for Coldplay. So even if Chris Martin is met with a few blank stares from some hospital patients, he just keeps visiting and finding those Coldplay nuts to teach the guitar to. And that's possibly one of the coolest ways to learn to play the guitar.

1 When Rocky Took Care Of His Co-Stars

Have we ever seen Sylvester Stallone smiling with... animals? I know I haven’t, and I’m already a huge fan. Let’s throw a baby goat in there and make it the best day ever, shall we? Nah, goats might be cuter than turtles, but I really love the thought of Sylvester cleaning a tank.

Sure, he’s got someone to do it for him probably, but I like the image of him standing with one of those little nets above their tank.

It’s nice when actors fall in love on set but it’s straight up adorable whenever animal actors and actors fall in love on set.

To top it off, it’s even cuter 44 years later when they’re still going strong! Sure, that time constraint makes it so really only parrots and turtles are eligible for the title of cutest on-set romance and how many movies even have appearances from those animals. But still, this is so heartwarming that probably a Stallone-family heirloom will be these two turtles when they’re totally ancient. I’m so glad he decided to never say goodbye to his two turtle friends all those years ago when he set out to just shoot an action movie.


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