Bless Their Heart: 15 People Who Mistook Regular People For Celebrities

It's not every day that you run into a celebrity. Usually, the first instinct upon seeing a famous person is to run up to them and quickly ask for a photo. Sure, it's probably a little rude, and some celebrities really hate that, but the moment needs documenting in the only way we know how: through a selfie. And those selfies will get posted on social media so that we can show all our friends that we met someone famous. But what happens when you see a famous face, but it really isn't a famous face at all? Sure, some people do look like celebrities, but sometimes, people just want to see a celebrity so bad that they snap a selfie with someone who is about as far from that celebrity as possible. But that's funny, so we're posting some of those photos for everyone to laugh at.

15 Chuck Norris in a Brazilian nightclub?

Via: Reddit.com

Chuck Norris is so tough that Chuck Norris is afraid of Chuck Norris. We have all seen the memes that surround the actor who has become a sort of character in and of himself. So, meeting Chuck Norris is a a pretty big deal because just by breathing the same air as the man, we then become invincible (or so the stories go). This guy got really excited at the prospect of meeting Norris; so much so that he didn't really think much about what the actor actually looks like. The caption for this photo reads: "I was like 'wtf is Chuck Norris doing in a Brazilian nightclub?' Um ... we hate to break it to you dude, but that is definitely not Chuck Norris.

14 Not Twilight

Via: Reddit.com

Once upon a time, the biggest fandom on the Internet was Twilight, the hit book series turned film franchise that every teenager found themselves obsessed with. What's not to love? There were handsome sparkly vampires, dark and brooding handsome werewolves and a girl torn between the mortal and supernatural world. That means that the faces of the actors who portrayed those characters were everywhere. So why wouldn't one of them get caught hanging out a lake or vacation place randomly, just like one of the regular folks. In this case, though, this young woman, who was not Kristen Stewart of Twilight, had her vacation interrupted by a man who thought she was someone she was not. She doesn't even look like Stewart, but that didn't stop him from snapping a photo.

13 The Force is not with him

Via: Reddit.com

It's not a big stretch to meet celebrities at big conventions and events because they often go to those. So it's not a huge stretch to think you might have bumped into George Lucas at Star Wars celebration because he actually attends some of those events. However, if you're at the Star Wars conference, you should probably know what George Lucas actually looks like, unlike this guy and his brother, who somehow think that this average guy is the man who gave us the wonderful world of Star Wars. All we can ask is this: is there a lot of drinking going on there? Because the only resemblance this man has to Lucas is the beard and there are a lot of bearded guys in this world.

12 Not chilling with Danny DeVito

Via: Reddit.com

This photo is almost insulting in its ignorance. Apparently, at least according to this couple, all short people look alike. So this short guy is obviously the actor Danny DeVito. Except that he isn't. He doesn't even look like Danny DeVito. In fact, this actor bears a strong resemblance to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's Deep Roy (and we think it probably is him, and isn't that insulting?). This is not just a case of taking a photo with a celebrity when he isn't really that celebrity but more like a case of taking a photo with one celebrity while thinking he's another celebrity. The beauty is that someone posted this to social media so that we could all laugh at this poor couple's ignorance.

11 Two celebrities for the price of none

Via: Reddit.com

We're not sure what Marcotte's is, but we're going to hazard a guess that it's a bar or somewhere that serves a lot of alcohol. Because the person who posted this photo was obviously very drunk with vision that was less than perfectly clear. Sure, maybe through the haze of intoxication, these two look like Dave Chappelle and Michael Douglas, but didn't this person have the sense to wonder why those two actors were not only together but were together at a local bar hanging out with regular people? Is that something they even do? And didn't this person not wonder why other people weren't even staring at these two "celebrities" in the bar? Or were they just too far gone to know or care? Whatever the case, these guys are definitely not famous.

10 Almost Michael Cudlitz

Via: Reddit.com

The Walking Dead has a bad habit of killing off characters that everyone loves. A few seasons ago, the series killed off two beloved characters in one episode, Glenn and Abraham. That means that the two actors who portray them are now free to roam the world and get seen by fans. And fans really want to see them because they miss them on the show so much. We're going to have to give this woman some credit, though, because this is a mistake we could've made, too. This guy really does look like the actor who portrayed Abraham, Michael Cudlitz. There are a few differences in the face that tip us off to the fact that this is just a lookalike. But if she wants to think she met Cudlitz, we'll let her have it.

9 That's not Woody

Via: Reddit.com

The chances of meeting a celebrity on a flight are pretty slim. The chances of meeting a celebrity you actually recognize on a flight is even slimmer. But it does happen, as seen on Instagram and other social media sites. People occasionally get that rare sighting of a famous person in first class and attempt to get a photo before flight attendants shove them back into the economy section of the plane. This man saw a celebrity on his flight, or so he thought. He snapped a photo with someone who sort of has a smile similar to Woody Harrelson's. But this is, obviously, not Woody Harrelson. He doesn't even look like the actor and we doubt Harrelson actually flies in economy. But this dad seems so excited, doesn't he?

8 Iron Man?

Via: Reddit.com

This guy lost his mind when he bumped into one of the biggest celebrities in the world, Robert Downey Jr. He thinks he met Iron Man in the flesh, minus the Iron Man costume. Although the facial hair is similar, this is definitely not Iron Man. But it is a funny example of someone getting freaked out because they thought they met a big celebrity and managed to capture a photo with them. What's even funnier is that this regular guy totally posed for this photo while the Iron Man fan fawned over him. We have to admit that if someone came up to us and thought we were famous, we might just do that, too. Why spoil a good time, right? We just hope this guy remembered to breathe at some point.

7 Drake

Via: Reddit.com

If you search the Internet for people getting mistaken for celebrities, one name comes up a lot. That is Drake, who, apparently, has a lot of doppelgängers out there, unbeknownst to him. And this guy does sort of resemble Drake, at least with the facial hair. But we're guessing this was at a bar or party because these girls were probably drinking and that made this guy look even more like Drake; so much so that they made him take a selfie with them and then posted it online to let everyone know they met someone famous, although they didn't really. So did they look at this photo when sober and realize their mistake? Who knows? But it's now out there for everyone to make fun of.

6 She knows nothing

Via: Reddit.com

Game of Thrones fans probably see their favorite celebrities everywhere. They probably think that woman with the long blonde hair shopping at Whole Foods is Daenerys actress Emilia Clarke. Or that really big guy hanging out at Walmart is actually Rory McCane, AKA The Hound. This girl was just hanging out somewhere when she spotted a guy with curly hair and a somewhat pretty face. And we have to give her some credit because he really does look a lot like Kit Harrington, the actor who portrays the hunky, brooding Jon Snow on the series. But in the end, she knows nothing because that's not Jon Snow but a man who just sort of looks like him. Nice try, though.

5 Tyrion Not Lannister

Via: Reddit.com

Speaking of Game of Thrones, one might expect to find actor Peter Dinklage hanging out in Vegas because that's something his character, Tyrion Lannister, might do. Tyrion loves women and booze, after all, and what better place could he get both things than in Sin City? These girls thought the same thing, although it's pretty insulting, too. They saw a man with dwarfism and a beard and instantly assumed that he was an actor from their favorite TV show, although it's pretty clear that he isn't. He sort of looks like Dinklage, but at the same time, he sort of doesn't. But as you can see, booze was involved, which is the one thing that links nearly all of these false celebrity sightings. Nice try, girls ... not.

4 Hulk Smash with someone who is not Stan Lee

Via: Reddit.com

Not everyone is really a comic book nerd, so not everyone knows what Stan Lee, the man responsible for writing some of the most beloved Marvel comic book characters of all time, looks like. This guy is probably a fan of Marvel movies, and at least has bought some Hulk merchandise (he's got the fist in this photo), but he obviously hasn't paid enough attention to all those Stan Lee cameos in the movies because he thought this man was Stan Lee. Sure, he has a mustache, but that is pretty much where the similarities end. So sorry, guy, you did not get your picture with Mr. Stan Lee. The godfather of the Marvel comics is nowhere near your vicinity, apparently. But nice try. And if it made you happy, so be it.

3 Rick Grimes crashes wedding?

Via: Reddit.com

Imagine this: you're just going to a friend's wedding, or maybe you're actually in that wedding. You turn up in your suit and tie, look over at your fellow groomsmen and one of them is actually someone you recognize from television. What are the odds? The odds are pretty low, but somehow this guy thought that he was in a wedding with The Walking Dead's Rick Grimes himself, actor Andrew Lincoln. I mean, we sort of see the resemblance (not really); both Lincoln and this random non-celebrity do have beards. But that's about it. Again, we have to laugh that this guy who doesn't even look like the actor took the time to pose for a photo with the guy who thought he was a celebrity.

2 Not a Leo

Via: Reddit.com

There is one thing about Leonardo DiCaprio that makes people think they see him everywhere: he actually flies coach and sometimes gets seen with us little people who are nothings in the grand scheme of things. So, hey, seeing Leo just out doing his thing isn't all that far-fetched, is it? But it might help if you actually know what he looks like and, apparently, this guy and his friend who posted this photo have no idea what Jack from Titanic looks like. This guy is so not Leonardo DiCaprio, but at least two people in this world somehow believe he is (at least until reddit trolled him and told him otherwise). So, sorry, guys, but your heart will not go on because that's not who you think it is.

1 Johnny Derp

Via: reddit.com

This is another one of those cases where we are just going to assume that there was alcohol involved. Because if you squint and you're a little drunk, this guy may resemble Johnny Depp...maybe. But for these girls, they pretty much thought they had spent an entire evening hanging out with Depp, because the actor apparently has nothing better to do than hang out with random girls and get fed hot dogs by them. We're not even sure Depp would ever even eat a hot dog, but there it is. They're all excited because they now think that Depp is one of them, so we'll let them have their fun until the Internet points out otherwise (it already has). And hey, that random guy probably got a free hot dog out of the deal.

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