Check Out This Blind-Friendly Sculpture Made From More Than 20,000 Screws

A statue made entirely out of nails and screws is on show at a Hindu festival in India. It is effectively a blind-friendly braille sculpture.

The art world is often one that has society split. Most of us have works of art that we enjoy and even periods throughout art history that we prefer. On the contrary, there are undoubtedly certain pieces of art and entire eras that downright infuriate you. You have likely said or at least heard someone asking "how is that art?" a time or two in your life.

If you are even further removed from the art world, you might question the point of its existence entirely. Yes, it looks nice on the wall but why do people go mad for it and sometimes fork out millions of dollars for just one painting? Well, whether you think modern art is all a bit silly, or that art has no real use in today's world, then maybe this will change your opinion.


A sculpture recently unveiled at Durga Puja can definitely be considered modern art, and it has more of a use than to just make the place look pretty. The statue is made entirely out of nails and screws, more than 20,000 of them in total, and its intention is to give blind festival visitors something to experience.

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Durga Puja is one of the biggest Hindu festivals in India, and The Samaj Sebi Sangha, a committee that helps puts it together, is always trying to look for ways to be innovative. This year, it was via the tactile statue that is effectively art's answer to braille. It took a painstaking three months to complete and sits right near the entrance way to the entire festival.

As well as giving the festival's blind visitors their very own work of art, Samaj Sebi Sangha has also been trying to raise awareness of the struggles that blind people go through. Near the statue, visitors will also be able to find the M.P Birla Eye Bank. There, people can sign up to donate their eyes after they die. It's something most people don't realize they are able to do, and according to Business Insider, 85 people have already signed up via the bank.


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