19 Body Doubles Hollywood Producers Should Hire ASAP

What you see isn’t always what you get, especially when it comes to the silver screen! Remember that time in We’re the Millers that your childhood fantasy of seeing Jennifer Aniston in her panties, came true? Well, think again. In Hollywood, many of the heavyweights, both men, and women, use body and stunt doubles. So, while they play their part, their doubles play their game.

Most celebrities do not want to hurt their pretty faces, and some are too shy to show off their junk, so they call on their professional stunt and body doubles to do the dirty work. What many of you do not know though, is that some of these body doubles are so smoking hot, that fire alarms are setting off.

Is it not crazy that while watching a film, we actually do not know if we’re looking at the star or someone who looks almost identical to them? Read on to see the hot body doubles that get the job done.

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19 Brie Larson Has Two Foxy Stunt Doubles

via inquirer entertainment

Any Captain Marvel fan surely goes bonkers over Brie Larson, but did you know there are two other women out there that can make your temperature rise, too? When Larson won the award for Best Fight at the MTV Movie Awards, she brought both of her ultra foxy body doubles on stage.

We were right when we thought we saw three Larsons, but now, we don’t know who we’re more in love with.

18 Reese Witherspoon’s Hot Long-time Body Double

via YouTube

Reese Witherspoon is the American sweetheart we all love; she thought women worldwide how to bend and snap. Wait, was that her in Legally Blonde, or was it her body double?

These two blondes share an uncanny resemblance, and they can pass as twins – identical ones, too. Marilee Lessley, we want to check your DNA.

17 And We Thought Emilia Clarke Was A Hot Queen...

via Pinterest

We just lost our cool and our complete ability to form a sentence. GoT fans, we all know why you fell in love with the show, because of Emilia Clarke, of course. Now that we have your undivided attention, go check out the sultry and incredibly gorgeous Rosie Mac.

We did not know it could get any hotter than Clarke, but Mac is a fireball. All hail Queen Mac.

16 Elizabeth Banks And Her Body Double Are The Kind Of Power Rangers We Like

via Worldnation

We would all find it pretty rad to have a body double; one that looks oddly exactly like us, like actress Elizabeth Banks and her body double. These two look so alike, that it is virtually impossible to tell the difference.

How awesome is that for Banks? It must cut her some slack as fans approach her body double for photos. Go go Power Rangers!

15 We Wouldn’t Mind Sword Fighting With Either Of These Two

via Us Weekly

Blondes do have fun, and so does PLL actress Ashley Benson, but when it comes to physical stunts, she doesn’t really see the fun in it. In the film Pixels, Benson used her body double, who has extremely toned legs, and a stunning face, to battle.

We want to see more of this badass body double with a tight figure and fierce look on screen.

14 Jenny And Her Body Double From The Block

via Marie Claire

Why would Jennifer Lopez need a body double? The singer and actress that is every man’s dream turned into a reality cannot risk getting a scratch on her pretty face, so, she uses body doubles. How can anyone look like the sun-kissed goddess that J-Lo is?

Well, there are two beauties out there with junk in the trunk that come quite close.

13 Can We Handle Three Karen Gillans?

via Pinterest

What a lucky man Jack Black is! During the filming of Jumanji, not only was he surrounded by the striking Karen Gillan but two other redheads that look like they came from the same father.

If you ever wanted to be mind-blown, just keep looking deeply into the above photo. We’re seeing triple and we know you’re going to have sweet dreams tonight.

12 Margot Robbie’s Body Double Is Arguably Hotter

via Instagram

We are still picking our jaw up from off the floor. Just when we thought we found the most beautiful Australian woman in the world, Sarah Scotford, Robbie’s body double, came in our lives.

We solemnly swear that she’s hotter than Robbie, and it isn’t blasphemy – go look at her ‘gram account. We’re going to keep on the lookout from now on.

11 A Real ‘Fox’-y Duo

via E! News

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new ‘it’ girl, and that is Megan Fox’s body double. Anyway, where has Fox been? That “girl” is Greek-American model and actress Maria Papathanasiou, and she kind-of puts Fox to shame.

Her exotic look and dark features are not exactly like Fox’s, but everything else is, which is what made us buzz.

10 Just When You Thought It Was Jen Aniston

via new york daily news

Fooled you – oh yes, the Friends star made us all believe it was her running around in her lingerie. How dare she betray us after all these years?

Aniston’s lingerie-clad body double has such a similar frame, that we’ll accept it, even though she looks much younger. Can we see more of Aniston number two, please?

9 Mila Kunis’ Body Double Is Just As Dreamy

via Kachina Dechert

Seeing double? Not really. It turns out that in Hollywood, not all celebrities use stunt doubles that resemble them. In this case, Kunis’ body double, Kachina Dechert, barely does, but it works like magic.

Their physique is similar, but Dechert is a piercing beauty. Her look is raspier and edgier, but we won’t even complain.

8 Priyanka Chopra’s Stunt Double Kicks Butt

via marvel cinematic universe wiki - fandom

*In walks Aja Fray, with an impeccable body and perfectly sculpted face and tan, taking Chopra’s place behind the camera.*

Fray has taken over for Chopra in Quantico, as well as Baywatch – now that is a real bae-watch. Chopra may be off the market, but her stunt woman may be available!

7 Scarlett Johansson Or Her Body Double? Or Both?

via Reddit

It is tough as it is to watch Johansson on the big screen, and now we found out about her body double, Amy Johnston.

This chick just made us go up to 7800 Fahrenheit, and that is a melting point. Her innocent look and deep blue eyes are exactly like Johansson’s; it is freaky and mind-boggling at the same time.

6 Elsa Pataky Was Once A Body Double Y’all

via YouTube

Before all women worldwide became jealous of the perfect Elsa Pataky because of her relationship with Chris Hemsworth, she played a body double. If Pataky was a movie, we’d watch her forever.

However, what’s surprising, is that she once served as a body double for the brunette, Natalie Portman. There’s a slight resemblance, but she’s one-hundred percent perfection.

5 This Known Body Double Doesn’t Have The Last Name Moneymaker For Nothing

via wikifeet

Shake your moneymaker, smoke it if you got it – well, Heidi Moneymaker has got it. The ultra-fit body double has played parts for the badass Michelle Rodriguez, despite them not looking alike.

Does that rattle your bones? We don’t mind it because this body double knows how to let her hair down and fight.

4 Troian Bellisario’s Double Is To Go Bonkers For

via iStunt

Not many men know of the Pretty Little Liars actress, but after they stalk her body double named Mallory Thompson, they may watch more of her.

This fit chick has the “girl next door” allure but looks like she’s ready to take down the house, too. We love #girlpower.

3 Our Eyes Are Seeing Double

via iStunt

Alicia Vela-Bailey has been a body double for many flawless actresses, like J.Law, and Adrianne Palicki (above), so how haven’t we noticed her yet? She’s tall and thin and pulls off the ferocious superhero look that men nowadays are digging - yes, men love women in uniform, too.

Also, we’re still doing a double take.

2 Leilani Munter Can Drive Our Car Anytime

via Pinterest

“Baby, you can drive my car!” We all love the timeless Catherine Zeta-Jones, but now that she’s older, her body double comes to the rescue. IRL, Munter is a professional race car driver, which explains why Zeta-Jones would choose her to fill her shoes.

What a surprise - Munter can certainly take our wheel.

1 Sorry, Cameron Diaz, Chloe Goodman Is What We Want

via Daily Star

Diaz has never been the curvy type of woman, but she’s always made men go bonkers; she has that school-girl look. However, contrary to her figure, her body double, Chloe Goodman, is curves galore.

We can’t stop looking because we’re trying to find the resemblance – no, we’re lying, Goodman has us hooked.

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