Boy Meets World: 19 Flattering Pics Of The Female Stars All Grown Up

Boy Meets World was one of the longest running TGIF lineup shows from the nineties, and one of the few that continues to appear on syndication almost twenty years after its final episode. Being able to watch the Matthews family grow up over seven seasons has left many fond memories with fans, and many lasting memories.

In particular, there were many stars of the show who fans consider to be their "first crushes". The stars of this show were incredibly relatable as young adults, so it was understandable that other teenagers would be drawn to them. In the nineteen years since the show has ended, social media has allowed fans to remain connected to former Boy Meets World stars, and one thing has been proven - they are all still incredibly gorgeous!

Looking to find out what happened to the John Adams High gang? Check out 20 Flattering Photos Of The Boy Meets World Stars All Grown Up:

19 Danielle Fishel (Topanga)

There are very few people that grew up watching Boy Meets World who did not have a crush on Topanga Lawrence. She embodied what many thought was the "total package" - a beautiful girl who was incredibly smart.

Danielle Fishel is now in her late 30s, and is still what many consider to be the "total package". She has certainly maintained her incredible looks over the years, and still remains an active presence on television and social media.

18 Maitland Ward (Rachel)

Maitland Ward first appeared on Boy Meets World in the show's sixth season as Rachel. When shows begin transitioning their characters from high school to college, they usually add in new characters and often get mixed reviews. Thankfully, Rachel was the exception to the rule and became a big part of the show during her run.

These days, Maitland Ward has retired from acting and has since transitioned to adult modeling and cosplay work. For all of those people who wished to see more of Rachel while she was on Boy Meets World, now is your chance!

17 Trina McGee (Angela)

While most of the main cast of Boy Meets World were actually in their teens while on the show, Trina McGee came in ten years older than her cast mates. While this did not make much of an age gap during filming, this currently clocks Trina in at fifty years old. However, she still looks spectacular!

Trina's Angela was best known for her on-and-off-again relationship with Shawn Hunter. As one of the first inter-racial couples on prime time television, she was involved in some groundbreaking episodes for the show. Her time in front of the camera has dwindled over the years, but she can still be considered a pioneer.

16 Linda Cardellini (Lauren)

While people love Linda Cardellini these days for her roles in Green Book and Daddy's Home, she was incredibly hated on Boy Meets World. When Lauren first appeared on the show, she was instrumental in breaking up Cory and Topanga.

While has certainly moved on (and still looks fantastic) from her Boy Meets World role, it is difficult for fans of the show to look at her as anything but a Matthews family home wrecker!

15 Danielle Fishel (Topanga)

While Fishel still looks incredible when cruising her Instagram these days, it is even more spectacular to think about her glow-up from when she was much younger. Topanga was originally portrayed as incredibly geeky and hippie-esque during the first seasons of the show.

As time went on, Topanga was shown to be much more confident in her looks and embraced her femininity. To think back to the girl with incredibly bushy hair and tweed dresses is strange, particularly when she grew up to be so beautiful.

14 Candace Cameron-Bure (Witch Millie)

She may have only appeared in one episode of Boy Meets World, but Candace Cameron-Bure is no stranger to fans of the TGIF lineup. As a main cast member of Full House, she had a large following before her guest appearance alongside the Matthews.

Her only appearance was during the Halloween episode The Witches of Pennbrook, where she appeared as a witch trying to seduce Eric. She was gorgeous then, but she is certainly just as gorgeous these days!

13 Larisa Oleynik (Dana)

As the quintessential "girl next door" of the 1990s, Larisa Oleynik seemed to be in almost every television show and movie throughout her early teens. She seemed to come as one of the nicest people on screen, which attracted all of her fans. Even through her minimal appearances on Boy Meets World, she certainly made an impression.

Shawn Hunter may have dated a lot of girls, but Dana Pruitt made an impression on him. It was unthinkable that a "nice girl" would date Shawn Hunter, but he proved to her that he had a heart of gold. If he could get a look at her now, he would probably still go for it!

12 Lily Nicksay (Young Morgan)

Morgan Matthews was a role that did not get a lot of screen time on Boy Meets World, particularly during the early years of the show. As the kid sister to the older brothers, she was mainly used for one-liners and cute catchphrases.

Lily Nicksay originated the role during the first two seasons of the show, but was quietly phased out over time. While certainly a very cute girl on camera, she has grown up to be a very successful - and very beautiful - actress. Focusing most of her time on stage work, she has began to rack of awards for her work.

11 Lindsay Ridgeway (Older Morgan)

Once Nicksay had moved on from the role and Morgan Matthews was put into purgatory, she finally returned as Lindsay Ridgeway who would continue the role until the series ended. After what she called "the longest time out ever", Morgan returned to the show in a larger capacity.

Following her role, Ridgeway moved on from acting and has focused more on her singing career. With still the faint look of Morgan Matthews, she has certainly grown up from her time on the show.

10 Maitland Ward (Rachel)

Rachel was fawned over by many of the boys on the show, including a long-running love triangle including Jack and Eric. While Jack ended up winning her heart, fans ultimately won because they got to see Rachel on their screen each week!

These days, Ward balances her time between her new adult career and satisfying cosplay fans with her titillating pictures on Instagram. Certainly not safe for work!

9 Danielle Fishel (Topanga)

There is no denying just how sought after Topanga Lawrence was when she was on Boy Meets World. Many have described her as their first crush, but those people should see her now!

Danielle Fishel has grown into a beautiful woman who continues to tease us to this day. She may be a well-mannered mother and wife these days, but should certainly still know that her fans have never stopped loving her.

8 Trina McGee (Angela)

Trina McGee may have removed herself from the spotlight following her most prolific role, but she was one of the many cast members invited back to reprise her role on Girl Meets World.

The spinoff show invited most of their main cast back to reunite during their short stint, and seeing Angela interact again with Shawn was the reunion that fans didn't notice they wanted. While always a tumultuous relationship, it was great to get a vision of these two years later.

7 Candace Cameron-Bure (Witch Millie)

Both Boy Meets World and Full House were staples of early nineties pop culture. These shows on the TGIF block here considered must-see TV for most teenagers, and this generation still looks back fondly at those times.

These days, if it wasn't for Candace Cameron-Bure, fans would not have been able to relive their favorite shows once again! When Fuller House became such a success, it opened the doors for other '90s reboots, including Girl Meets World. Thanks, Witch Millie!

6 Kristanna Loken (Jennifer)

Kristanna Loken certainly took her two episode stint on Boy Meets World and ran with it. Following her small appearances as the intimidating and domineering Jennifer, she has developed a great career as a film star.

Loken's filmography is littered with action films, including her breakout role in Terminator 3, but it all calls back to her role as Jennifer. As someone much taller and stronger than Cory and Shawn, she pushed them around to get what she wanted. Now, she does that on a much larger scale!

5 Maitland Ward (Rachel)

The beauty of social media is that it connects you to celebrities on a much larger scale than what used to be possible. Getting in touch with celebrities and actors used to be nearly impossible, but not their personal lives are much easier to get involved in.

Maitland Ward has used social media to perfection to promote herself and her modelling brand over the years, and may be one of the most successful former main cast members of Boy Meets World as a result. Her pictures are certainly a sight for sore eyes, but something you should be looking at in private!

4 Jennifer Love Hewitt

Another big name celebrity who only made one appearance on the show, but it was certainly memorable. Jennifer Love-Hewitt was already a mainstream star by the time she appeared on the Halloween episode And Then There Was Shawn, but that does not mean we can't appreciate who she has grown up to be.

Love-Hewitt played Jennifer Love-Fefferman, a parody of her "Scream Queen" roles from the nineties. Fans loved seeing a big name appear on the show, and have certainly loved watching her career since then.

3 Lindsey McKeon (Libby Harper)

Lindsey McKeon had a small role on Boy Meets World as another one of Shawn's girlfriends, but she is also one who looks almost identical to when she appeared on the show. Despite there being almost twenty years since her last appearance, she has certainly maintained her beautiful features.

McKeon's acting career has bounced around since her role as Libby, and while it may not have reached her level of stardom from the nineties, fans remember her fondly.

2 Linda Cardellini (Lauren)

Few fans associate Linda Cardellini with her role from Boy Meets World, but for many it is difficult to think of her otherwise. The snow bunny Lauren came very close to ending Cory and Topanga's relationship, but was ultimately unsuccessful. However, if that means she is still free then there would certainly be a long lineup from BMW fans!

Cardellini has done very well for herself over the years, and continues to impress each time she is on the screen. Perhaps it is time that Cory and Topanga fans finally start to forgive her.

1 Danielle Fishel (Topanga)

Part of the beauty of being able to keep taps on former Boy Meets World stars is seeing just how normal they are in every day life. Many readers can also remember a time where they have rode a cart from Target - now they can say they share the same experience with Topanga Lawrence!

Seeing Topanga grow up in front of our eyes on the show was great, but being able to watch her on Instagram is even more fun. Not only is being able to see her with the click of a button a great experience, but she is always willing to share piece of her life with her fans.

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