12-Year-Old Boy Raises Money To Buy A Headstone For His Best Friend

A boy from Michigan is choosing to work odd jobs around his city for the sweetest reason that will warm your heart. The 12-year-old wants to earn money to buy a headstone for his best friend who sadly passed away from heart failure caused by chemotherapy treatment for leukemia.

12-year-old Kaleb Klakulak had been best friends with Kenneth "K.J" Ross since the 2nd grade. They were typical childhood friends who enjoyed spending time together. Tragically, KJ died in May from congestive heart failure after his long fight with leukemia. He was buried in his family plot in Detroit but his mother couldn't afford a marker for his grave. Kaleb decided this needed to be fixed and stepped in and began taking on work raking leaves and collecting bottles to buy KJ a headstone.

He has raised $900 so far with a goal of $2500. All of it will go to KJ's mother, LaSondra "San" Singleton to get the marker that KJ deserves.

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Yahoo reported on this touching and sad story. Kaleb is doing this because he loves KJ's mother and wanted people to see KJ's grave when they went to visit him. Kaleb's mom Kristy Hall helped her son to start the fundraising efforts. On Facebook, she wrote, "I really think this is a great thing for Kaleb to focus on and help him with his healing as well as K.J.'s mom, who misses her baby and has to visit an unmarked grave." Singleton is overwhelmed by the support from Kaleb and the love he continues to show for her son.

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Kaleb and KJ considered each other brothers and enjoyed spending time together. They were friends before KJ got sick and Kaleb would continue to visit KJ in the hospital as he waited for the heart that he needed. When he lost his battle, Kaleb was the strong friend to KJ as he always was. They were true friends and always will be.

Now that this story has gone more public, we hope that Kaleb will reach his goal and have the money he needs to memorialize his best friend. KJ surely appreciates his kindness and so will his mother.

We're wishing Sal and Kaleb the best at this difficult time.


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