Boy Recreates Disney's Up With Great-Grandparents For His 5th Birthday

A mom and her grandparents helped her son feel as if he was living out his favorite movie via this adorable birthday photoshoot.

Dinsey movies have had a way of making us feel an array of different emotions for a number of decades. They've made us laugh, cry, and everything in between. Don't even get us started on having to relive Mufasa's death all over again thanks to the recent Lion King remake. However, there might well be a Disney movie moment which is even sadder.

The first few minutes of Pixar's Up. Never has a movie broken our heart so quickly and made us care so much for a character we barely even knew. As sad as that moment is, however, the rest of the movie is incredibly uplifting, pun very much intended. One little boy, in particular, is slightly obsessed with the movie, and we don't blame him.

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His name is Elijah, and thanks to some inventive thinking from his photographer mom, he got the chance to feel as if he was a part of his favorite movie. Rachel Perman recruited the help of Elijah's great-grandparents and went about setting up an Up-themed photoshoot. Great-grandad played Carl, great-grandma was Ellie, and Elijah naturally dressed up as the movie's pesky boy scout, Russell.

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Posted by Rachel Perman Photography on Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Not only did Elijah don a scout uniform and great-grandad have a pair of Carl's iconic glasses, but the photos also featured a big old bunch of balloons to boot. It wouldn't be Up without them after all. "He is borderline addicted to Up...it's the only thing he draws and colors and the only books he wants to get at the library," Rachel explained to CNN.

Along with the Up photoshoot, Elijah's twin sister Emilee got to celebrate her birthday with a photoshoot of her very own. Emilee's theme was all about what she loves most: unicorns. What world would your kids love to step into more than any other? For us, we imagine it would be the Pokemon universe. That's fine by us, as we would love to dress up as a herd of Pikachus even more than our kids probably do.

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