UNO Has Released Its First-Ever Braille Deck For The Visually Impaired

UNO has released a deck of its cards with a twist. The cards and the box have braille on them, allowing visually impaired players to join in on the fun.

It's not often we think about the little things in life we take for granted. Things certains parts of society can't, and perhaps won't ever be able to enjoy. Parts of life that people bound to wheelchairs are unable to enjoy, or even something as simple as hearing birds sing in the morning, something someone who has been deaf their whole life won't be able to relate to.

Then there are the visually impaired people within our society. For those of us who have fully functioning sight, or at least good enough sight that we can get around unaided, it is almost unfathomable to comprehend what life must be like for a blind person. Needing to rely on a guide dog or the kindness of others to get around.

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Take a second to think exactly how many things you need your sight to enjoy. It encompasses almost anything. That's why a gesture such as a very popular card game creating a version for the visually impaired is a significant one. UNO has recently done that, reports Comic Book, by creating a deck of its iconic cards with braille on them, and also on the box.

UNO has teamed up with the National Federation of the Blind on the project, and the braille decks are available exclusively in Target right now. We're not entirely sure whether they will eventually be rolled out to other retailers, but we imagine if they're a success off the bat, that will probably happen. A braille deck costs $4 more than regular UNO cards at $10, but in the game creators' defense, it probably costs a little extra to make.

Players who have been visually impaired for their entire lives likely don't know how to play UNO. That's covered too. Instructions for the game are available to print in braille, or as an audible download should you not have the ability to print in braille. Fingers crossed the decks sell well in Target stores across the US and braille is soon printed on UNO cards as standard rather than a novelty in the future.

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