Breaking Bad: 20 Behind The Scenes Secrets That Change Everything

Once every fortnight a TV series makes its way to our screens and is suddenly catapulted to instantaneous success. TV devotees find themselves pouring over every single intricate detail, and spend their time endlessly discussing the latest episodes with friends and the show's ever-expanding fandom! Breaking Bad definitely fits this description; the series, which ran for five seasons between 2008 and 2013, dared to explore territory never before seen on television!

Breaking Bad tells the complex story of Walter White, a chemistry teacher who suddenly finds himself stricken with illness. In the wake of his diagnosis, Walter is reunited with his former student, Jesse Pinkman, and the pair team up to embark on a journey where Walter uses his skills as a chemistry teacher in a strikingly different field of study, and the duo spends the series struggling with their moral compasses.

Read on for behind the scenes tidbits!

20 Jesse Wasn't Intended To Be A Series Regular

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Can you imagine Breaking Bad without the impeccable influence of Jesse Pinkman? Breaking Bad without Jesse Pinkman was nearly reality when the brains behind the outfit, Vince Gilligan, had early insight into Breaking Bad's story where he originally planned to end the character's run!

According to Huffington Post, Vince decided to keep Jesse on board due to Aaron Paul's performance as Jesse. Yeah, science!

19 Bryan Cranston Was A Prankster Pop

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For a show about such a serious subject, it makes total sense the actors would want to seize as many opportunities as possible to share a laugh!

It goes without saying Walter White would never qualify for a father of the year award, but the actor who brought Walter to life played a dad-like role as a prankster. The target of his silliness? Aaron Paul!

18 The Series Nearly Starred Ferris Bueller

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Back in the '80s, Ferris Bueller thought school wasn't for him and decided to take a day off. The actor who brought Ferris to life gave such an iconic performance, it's sometimes difficult to imagine Matthew Broderick playing a role besides Ferris!

In an alternate universe, Broderick was considered for a role on Breaking Bad. Mental Floss reported the network was extremely interested in Matthew.

17 Fans Thought Skyler Stunk

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When your spouse's double life is revealed after a period of lies and deceit, it takes a powerful woman to continue standing by her man. Walter White's wife Skyler had to act fast when his truth came to light; what more could she do?

Members of Breaking Bad's fandom were vocal about disliking Skyler to the point where her real-life counterpart had to speak out!

16 Walt And Jesse's Shenanigans Were Never Planned

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The story of Walter and Jesse's relationship is compelling through Breaking Bad's five seasons, finding out the show's writers didn't map out every single intricate detail of Walter and Jesse's story!

Vince Gilligan revealed to The Ringer, the creators "knew for certain [they] wanted the show to end as well as it could. Not to say we wanted an appropriate ending."

How cool is that?

15 Hank's Fate Stunned The Actors

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Knowing the writers and creators of Breaking Bad did not plan hardly a single element of the show's story ahead of time, the actors were able to be taken aback by a storyline!

Walter's brother Hank was portrayed as a "manly man" through the series, and Vince Gillian wanted to preserve this character trait, but the exact details weren't fleshed out, to the cast's surprise!

14 Southern Culture Inspired Breaking Bad

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Incorporating a sly nod to your origins while creating a piece of art can make the creative process feel much more personal and fun.

The entire basis of Breaking Bad at its core was inspired by Vince Gilligan's roots! According to the New York Times, the title of the series was "a southern phrase for 'going wild.'"

"Breaking bad" certainly rings true for the series!

13 Bryan Cranston Brought Behind-The-Scenes LOLs

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Laughter can pass the downtime on a TV set and Bryan Cranston seems to have mastered this so-called "party trick!"

Fans know Cranston was a prankster, so to hear the extremely serious Walter White has a sense of humor is hilarious! His co-stars surely snicker at his goofiness. Aaron Paul describes him as "A kid trapped in a man's body," via the New York Times!

12 Dean Norris And Betsy Brandt Were Pals IRL

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Hank is often extremely serious, and his wife Marie is more on the kooky side; a pairing which provided for some interestingly funny storylines!

If you've thought Dean Norris and Betsy Brandt, the actors behind Hank and Marie, have good chemistry together, it's probably due to the actors having a close relationship in real life! Brandt described the pair as "well-matched," according to The Ringer.

11 Walter White Was Based On Bryan Cranston's Father

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When you hear Bryan Cranston modeled Walter after his father, it's understandable to do a double-take! How were the family dinners?

Cranston chose to model Walter after his father's physical attributes! According to the New York Times, he explained, "Walter is always a little hunched over. The message to the audience is that the weight of the world is on this man's shoulders."

10 Breaking Bad Failed To Break Ratings

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Sometimes, life can bring unexpected twists and turns. If you thought real life didn't apply to the glamorous existence of Hollywood, think again! The writer's strike of 2007 was extremely memorable. Huffington Post reported: "roughly 12,000 TV and film writers were striking" due to "stalled negotiations."

Breaking Bad was still fairly young amidst the strike. According to Esquire, the crew described the show as "fragile."

9 Bryan Cranston Earned An Emmy After Seven Episodes

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With a faltering future during the writer's strike, it would make sense the cast of Breaking Bad would be craving some good news! Exciting news turned out to be around the corner, in the form of multiple golden statues!

According to Esquire, the series received four nominations, and the news came as a surprise to Bryan Cranston. He didn't have a speech prepared!

8 Aaron Paul Was Pinching Pennies

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Being an actor can be difficult; you never know what kind of fortune you'll have from one month to the next! Some career periods may be better than others, and it's important for actors to never give up.

Aaron Paul knew this to be true before he landed the role of Jesse. He described his pre-Breaking Bad period as "The lowest point of my career."

7 Breaking Bad Broke Binge-Watching

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For TV devotees, imagining a world before binging a season in one day was the norm, could cause someone to turn off their TVs in a stupor!

If you can't imagine living a life other than the streaming life, you may want to thank Breaking Bad! According to Esquire, Aaron Paul credits streaming with the show's success. He said, "That's really when the wave started."

6 The RV Was Driven To Its Limits

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Many of Breaking Bad's beloved characters met memorable fates, but there was one vital character fate many fans aren't talking about: The RV!

That's right, Walter and Jesse's RV was the scene where a lot of the magic happened, but perhaps it was responsible for a little too much magic.

Breaking Bad's stunt coordinator told TV Guide, the RV "would've broken apart otherwise" without repairs!

5 The Actors Had To Adjust After Filming Intense Scenes

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Breaking Bad's seemingly endless gasp-worthy amount of plotlines kept fans on the edge of their seats for five seasons; imagine what it was like from the cast's perspective!

Cast members have been verbose about the series' addicting writing but bringing the scenes to life was a completely different process. Understandably, the actors needed to unwind after an intense day. Bryan Cranston talked to his wife!

4 Some Scenes Are Unwatchable For The Cast

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Betsy Brandt described the characters to Esquire as "so real" and "so alive" to the cast, so it's understandable the cast would have to find a line between fact and fiction!

On-screen love can feel just as authentic as real love, and Brandt proved this point when she revealed Hank's death is among the storylines she can't rewatch. She added, "I could cry right now."

3 Gus Fring Almost Wasn't

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Not only is Gus Fring one of the most integral parts of Breaking Bad, he's one of the most memorable characters of all-time! Part of Gus' appeal could be credited to Giancarlo Esposito's performance, however Esposito nearly turned down the role!

According to Mental Floss, he wanted to "develop a character" in the wake of learning Gus' presence was limited to a few episodes.

2 The Series Comes With A Side Of Sweet Tooth

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When you think of food in relation to Breaking Bad, your initial thought may be salty. Do you remember the famous pizza tossing scene?

Sweet moments within the show are rare to come by, but in real life, Breaking Bad once inspired a line of sweet treats! A doughnut business in New Mexico created a line of doughnuts as a celebration for the finale!

1 Mr. White's Teasing A Breaking Bad Movie

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When Breaking Bad devotees said goodbye (both literally and figuratively) to Walter White, the idea of any further chapters in Walter's tale seemed like a dream, and now it's coming true!

The story of Breaking Bad will continue as a film and the excitement has recently been fueled by both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul where the pair shared the same photo on social media!

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