Local Brewery Puts Dogs On Beer Cans To Help Them Get Adopted

The Fargo Brewing Company in North Dakota partnered with a local shelter, 4 Luv of Dog Rescue, to help some dogs get adopted. With their feature on the beer cans, the pups get more visibility. The more people who know about them, the higher the chances they can finally find a forever home.

Currently, shelters across the country are at their limits. Most are at capacity, and there are still animals coming in who were just rescued. Just in the shelters of the Dekalb County Animal Services and the Fulton County Animal Services, a total of 358 animals came in last week. The following week, as of November 5th, 123 animals have arrived. With the centres at capacity, they need to find homes ASAP.

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In partnership with the Fargo Brewing Company, volunteers at the shelter came up with the idea to put some dogs on beer cans. The selected “one-der dogs” are pups who need a home with no other pets other than themselves. This requirement makes it harder for them to find homes, so they were chosen to be given more publicity. For this round, the six chosen ones were Nyx, Bizzy, Jensen, Hobie, Mobie, and Virginia.

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The brewery created 40 special cases with the labels displaying the dogs needing homes. Last Monday, they held an event at the brewery and sold the special six-pack of Fargo Original Lager for $9. Each purchase came with the opportunity to meet one of the dogs up for adoption. After the event, more than half of the special cases were sold, and the public can still buy the remaining ones throughout the week. Any unsold cans will be given to the rescue group, along with part of the proceeds from the project.

Staff at the Fargo Brewing Company hoped they helped give enough publicity to these hard-to-adopt dogs. Especially with so many new animals coming in, they need to find a home where they’re given all the attention they need. With the brewery’s help, the shelter can finally find homes for the one-der dogs; all it took was a special label and some local beer. Who knew that a beer can could help so much?

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