Bride Pranks Groom On Wedding Day With Rival Football Cake

A bride pranked her groom on their wedding day in the most devious way with a very deceiving wedding cake. At first, it seems as though the college football loving groom is perfectly happy with his Alabama Crimson Tide decorated cake. However, when he cuts into it, he is shocked to see the team colors of his college football loving new wife’s favorite team: LSU.

LSU's (Lousiana State University) team colors are purple and yellow, and each color has their own pretty little layer inside the crimson and white cake. As you can see, the groom’s first reaction and reluctance to show his guests is priceless! Thankfully, his LSU loving wife steps in to reveal the prank to guests by plating a piece of it for all to see. Guests then start chanting, “LSU! LSU!”, as the groom takes it all in stride. The video of his reaction has been watched over 384,000 times on YouTube.

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For those of you who aren’t college football fans, Alabama and LSU play in the same rival championship, the SEC, every year. As a result, the Crimson Tide and the LSU Tigers play each other quite often, which has led to this fierce rivalry. Yahoo! Sports saw the humor in this and also very helpfully pointed out that Alabama has a much better record than LSU. Alabama has beaten LSU the last seven times they've played against each other.

The bride, Bekka Campbell, was the mastermind behind this prank at the full expense of her new husband Johnny Campbell. Their July 20th wedding was held in Harahan, Louisiana and had a lot of LSU fans in attendance. A wedding guest even stated that Johnny had been showing off his Crimson Tide cake to all of the LSU fans making this prank all the more brutal and embarrassing. This is one time LSU triumphed over Alabama.

In all honesty, has there ever been a better prank? What a way to start their marriage! It seems that both of them have a great sense of humor and they must have a lot of fun together as a couple. But for now, we’re just wondering what he’ll do next to get back at her...

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