Bridesmaids Dresses That Stole The Bride's Thunder (15 Photos)

A wedding day is all about the bride. Yes, the groom features and he’s needed to make the wedding happen, but most of the planning and the ideas come from the lady wearing the white dress because this is the day she has been dreaming of since she was a little girl. And because this is such an important time, some brides go to extreme measures to ensure the day is all about them.

You’ve probably heard a horror story or two about bridezillas and how they ended up treating their bridesmaids in the months leading up to their wedding, but it turns out it’s also a common trend among brides to dress their bridesmaids in hideous dresses so that they don’t outshine them. And I mean hideous!

Below are 15 photos of super ugly bridesmaids dresses that prove the bride hated her bridal party.

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15 When The Drama Club Become Bridesmaids

Via FashionMeFabulous

Weddings are meant to be something straight out of a fairytale for most brides and they go to great lengths to ensure that their day is all about them. And sometimes, ensuring that their day is all about them means that the bridesmaids look absolutely awful or ridiculous so as not to steal the bride's thunder. I’m not entirely sure if that was this brides intention when she decided to dress her bridesmaids and flower girl as butterfly fairies, but their outfits are certainly going to be memorable for all the wrong reasons.

The only logic I can think of is that they are all part of a drama club and wanted to make a dramatic (read hideous) entrance. Either that, or the bride was really trying to recreate the wedding from a fantasy book she read as a child.

14 These Fruity Dresses Really Lack Flavor

Via Pinterest

Dressing your bridesmaids up as gigantic pieces of fruit is one way of ensuring that all eyes are going to be on you on your big day because it’s hard to look at these two for more than a few seconds without getting a headache. Their outfits are just too bright!

Neons are a good look on no one, but they are favored in the gypsy community and these dresses were featured on an episode of British TV show, Big Fat Gypsy Weddings. So, maybe it’s possible that the bride didn’t hate her bridesmaids when she came up with these outfits, and instead, she’s just a really big fan of fruit. But whatever the reasoning, these dresses still go down in history as being some of the most hideous outfits we’ve ever seen! Sorry, not sorry.

13 This Is What Happens When You Use The Leftover Curtain Material

Via SeekersWorld

When you look at this picture you immediately think curtains, right? That is exactly where this fabric looks like it’s from, from living room curtains, and the shocking thing is they are almost exactly like the curtains hanging up behind them in this photograph.

Even by looking at this photograph you can almost smell how musty and old these dresses would be. The point I’m trying to make here is everything about these dresses is old-fashioned, and you can’t even blame the decade that this wedding took place in either because an ugly print will always be an ugly print. The only positive thing think I can say about these bridesmaids dresses is that they are a nice cut, and although modest, it seems to flatter each one of her bridal party's figures.

12 Is This A Wedding Or A Burlesque Show?

Via E!Online

It’s not even the green that’s the problem with these dresses, it’s those awful sheer gowns beneath them in combination with the green shawl. Honestly, it looks as though these bridesmaids are wearing their nightgowns and covering them up with a robe for modesty. It’s as though they are waiting backstage at a burlesque show and when the music comes on they will whip off their gowns and start their act on stage.

Needless to say, I’m not a fan, and I find black sheer dresses for a wedding to look cheap and inappropriate. I also assume the flowers are fake, which is not always a bad thing, what is, was the decision to carry the green throughout and into the bouquet. It’s highly likely the bride did this so as to ensure these girls didn’t upstage her.

11 Little Bow Peep Called And Wants Her Dress Back

Via i.pinimg

There is personal taste and style preference, and then there is this. These bridesmaids dresses are so bizarre that it’s hard to know where to start with them, but the overall appearance with the umbrellas make them look as though they belong to Little Bow Peep. Did the bride go into a Halloween store and get these as costumes? Or did she actually pay good money to get these horrible blue gowns custom-made?

The color is awful, especially because of the shine, the frills are completely over-the-top, and the full skirt is not particularly flattering. It’s a good thing these women have their faces blocked out, too, because they would be the laughing stock of the internet. As a final thought, I’m almost disappointed there are no sheep roaming around in the background because it would be a fitting finish.

10 Fairytales And Weddings Should Not Be Combined, Ever

Via SeekersWorld

Earlier on this list, we discussed how brides want to make their wedding a fairytale affair and how they should really think twice about that. But if you thought that fairy/butterfly dresses were bad, then you’re going to fall on the floor after looking at this image.

This bride thought it would be a cute idea to make all of her bridesmaids' different princesses from Disney movies. We have Cinderella, Snow White, Belle (it looks like her white and blue dress, as well as her orange dress, were featured), Jasmine, and Princess Aurora, and then the bride would be the biggest princess of them all in her all-white gown.

I admit this idea may have been clever, but it definitely doesn’t make for the most classy of outfits.

9 It’s Official, She Hates Her Bridesmaids

Via roflrazzi.cheezburger.

I mentioned classy in the entry above, and how the princess dresses didn’t make for the most sophisticated dress choices, and then I saw this. In my opinion, orange and camouflage should never be worn together, I repeat never, but least of all on a wedding day and as bridesmaids dresses.

You really have to wonder what was going through this bride's mind when she decided to get her girls to wear orange dresses with a camouflage trim, and the maid of honor in complete camo. Is she a big hunter in her downtime? Is she getting married in the middle of nowhere? Or is it that she just really, really hates her bridesmaids and wanted them to look their absolute worst on her wedding day? You can be the judge of that one.

8 Cruella de Vil Would Have Loved This One

Via Ranker/Pinterest

My first thought when seeing these gowns is that they would be at home in the Disney film 101 Dalmatians because that’s exactly what these women look like. It looks as though they are wearing dalmatian skin, and anyone who has ever seen the film will know just how happy this would have made the villain in the movie, Cruella de Vil.

These two women are beautiful, so you can understand why the bride wanted to sabotage them with some of the ugliest dresses (thanks to the fabric, not the shape) the world has ever seen. But the worst part is not even the black and white spotted fabric, but the awful different colored sashes because they make the dress look so cheap and tacky.

7 My Eyes Hurt From All This Tulle And Sparkle

Via Suzspetals

Imagine being a passenger on the bus that’s driving past in the background of this photo, because they had a front-row seat to this extravaganza and were probably mind blown by it. This is another photo of a gypsy wedding, so we know that the taste of the bride is pretty out-there, so, luckily for these bridesmaids, there is a good chance that they actually like their dresses and feel like princesses in them.

But here’s why we don’t like them; they are way too puffy and oversized that you have to wonder how they will even fit into the door of the church or venue. Then there is the fact that apart from the 100 layers of tulle there is too much bling: silver sashes, sparkles, and diamantes surrounding the bodice of the gowns make it an absolute eyesore. Then last, but certainly not least, the look was finished off with silver flowers and awful blue fascinators. Why, just why?

6 Could She Have Picked A More Unflattering Cut?

Via roflrazzi.cheezburger

You thought the bridesmaids in the photo above were hated by the bride, but you’d be so wrong because out of all the dresses on this list these are by far the worst when it comes to the style and just how unflattering they are.

Sure, some of these other dresses have been the worst prints and fabrics I’ve ever seen, but the cut of dresses have not made the women look frumpy and dated, but boy, do these do that. This bride chose an awful sparkly blue fabric for her bridesmaids' dresses and because it’s clingy it hangs to their body and is extremely unforgiving (it's not surprising that most of them have a hand trying to hide their stomachs). But the hem is also awful and the different lengths fall on the worst part of their legs, not to mention it looks as though it got into the jaws of the neighbor's dog on their way over to the venue.

5 They Look Like Chocolate Wrappers

Via E!Online

Who doesn’t love a good chocolate bar every now and then? And the ones that are packaged with gold or silver wrappings are usually the most exciting to open. But although that works for chocolates, it definitely doesn’t work for dresses and I have no idea why anyone would want to dress their bridesmaids in dresses that look like they were made from the foil of chocolate wrappers.

But, putting the awful color and fabric aside for a minute, let’s concentrate on the dresses and just how incredibly old-fashioned they are. The one of the far right looks like it was made in the Victorian era, while the dress on the far left looks to be inspired by Ancient Greece. So, let’s recap; ugly colors and ugly styles make for an all-around unhappy bridal party!

4 You Can’t Even Blame The Decade For These Monstrosities

Via diysg

If the bride was going to make her bridesmaids wear yellow (probably the most hideous color for bridesmaids to wear, ever) then I have to hope that she at least paid for these monstrosities and didn’t expect her bridesmaids to part with their hard-earned cash on dresses that they intended to burn following the completion of the wedding.

It would be easy to blame the decade for these dresses and their dated styles, but regardless of the decade, sheer sleeves and matching hats that look like they belong on a milkmaid were never going to be a stylish choice for a bridal party. The bride, on the other hand, really stands out against this shade, and I have to imagine that that’s the only reason she chose this fabric because it definitely wasn’t with her bridesmaids' opinions in mind.

3 Pink Leopard Print Is Never A Good Idea

Via Pinterest

Every single one of these women is a great actress because they are actually pulling off relatively convincing smiles and that must be incredibly hard to do when you’re dressed in pink leopard print.

Animal print is tacky on a good day, even the neutral colored ones, but when you start mixing animal prints with bright colors you are headed for disaster. The bride decided to get her ladies matching pink animal print gowns, and they look like they were made out of the same fabric you use when you’re at the beach and need a coverup. It looks thin, itchy and uncomfortable, which is why it’s not surprising that one of the bridesmaids already decided to try and cover up her outfit with a black cardigan.

2 There’s a Fine Line Between Tacky And Classy

Via MyPrettyLady/Pinterest

All these women look as though they are related! How the heck a bride managed to pick so many friends who look exactly like her is something to marvel at, but so too are her bridesmaids' dresses… well, if we can even call them that because they look as though they are only half a dress.

Most brides opt for a floor-length gown for their bridesmaids because this looks classier, and a wedding is usually a sophisticated affair. However, this woman thought it would be cute to dress all her bridesmaids in shocking pink mini dresses with matching bouquets. If this was a sweet sixteenth then yes, this would be super cute, but as it is, I feel they are crossing the fine line between classy and tacky.

1 The Bride Had A Love-Hate Relationship With Her Bridesmaids

Via LoveMyDress/Pinterest

I really think these women can’t wait for the wedding to be over so they can rid themselves of these gowns once and for all. The sad thing is the bride came pretty close to getting this right and the dresses look as though they are well-made and give the wearer a flattering silhouette. There are just a few things that went horribly wrong and they happen to overshadow the otherwise nice gown.

The first issue is obviously the color; who the heck decides to dress their bridesmaids in gray? It’s so boring. The second issue is that really awful white feathered cape, which has no purpose other than it’s gag-inducing aesthetic because there’s no way it’s offering these women any sort of warmth. And then the final issue is that the bouquet is yellow, which really doesn’t compliment gray and makes the entire look so dated. Ugh!

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