10 Basement Apartments That Feel Airy & Bright

Are you looking for a new apartment, but can't seen to find the right one? We know finding the perfect place to call your own can be a very challenging decision, but with the growing popularity of basement apartments,  know that we got you. Basement apartments are slowly taking over, and we are totally here for an underground paradise. Basements no longer have to be that dark scary space under a house, and we made a list of basements that will make you completely rethink your apartment search. Check out these ten basement apartments that feel airy and bright.

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9 College Kid Paradise

There is nothing dark and gloomy about this space. This first one looks like the perfect space for a couple of ambitious college students. It’s colorful, and playful design is everything, and for a basement, this space has a crazy amount of natural light. This space is so bright and airy, we're sure nobody will have any problems getting their creative juices flowing. All that light pouring in paired with the color scheme and layout of this basement makes us forget this is underground. This place shows us that basements are more than glorified storage space.

8 Reclaimed Wood

There's so much to love about this space. It's the little things in this basement apartment that make it feel big and bright. There is a great amount of natural light, and that coupled with the few light fixtures, makes this space feel bigger than it is.

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The accents, pops of color, and furniture choices compliment this space well, and only aid in making this space airy and bright. From the rusty looking blue door made from reclaimed wood, to the single line kitchen, and the retro inspired chairs, everything about this space makes it feel big, open, and inviting.

Contemporary Castle

This beautiful basement is one of our favorites on the list. This is the perfect layout to transform any dreadful dungeon. The white walls, and big windows make this space feel bright and airy, and the staircase makes for some great sky light. The light reflecting off the beautiful wood floors take this basement to another level, and we can't even believe this space is underground. Everything is this space flows so well and has great energy. We even love the colorful accents on the stairs. Talk about a basement apartment anybody would be happy to call home.

7 Basement Bath Tub

We're still not convinced this is a basement. This space is so well done, it has changed our minds about what a basement can be. That tub is amazing! The designers were strategic in designing this one, by making sure to add sky lights and several windows making this space extremely bright. Not to mention, the heather grey, light wood, and white color scheme only adds to the airy and fresh vibe this basement is giving. The light really bounces off the grey walls making everything in this apartment a little more vibrant.

6 Boho Basement

This space is cute and quaint, but giving off bright and airy vibes. The way the light bounces off the walls and fills this space makes us rethink any negative thoughts we had about basement apartments. Even though this space is small, it still feels so big.

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The white walls, coupled with the light wood color, and soft green accents, makes what could easily be a dark space, bright and colorful. The accidental skylight, with the addition of a couple lamp lights, give the space an airy and inviting feel, making this small space larger than it seems.

5 The Glass House

Here's another beautiful basement paradise. Everything about this basement feels airy and bright. From the high ceilings with recess lighting, to the glass panels and bright white glossy paint, this space was meant to feel larger than life. There is something about the dark wood, and chocolate brown accents coupled with all that glittery white that has this space feeling vibrant and full of energy. This space is sleek, beautiful, and it's hard to think this is a basement. We wonder what the rest of the house looks like, if the basement is this good.

4 Sliding Barn Doors

We can't get enough of all the clean lines in this one, and those sliding barn doors are everything. When open, they effectively make the space bigger, by allowing even more light to pour in from the window. The soft white and grey color scheme along with the beige accents really allow for the light in this space to be reflective. Although this basement apartment is clearly underground without a lot of access to sunlight, it still feels airy and bright. The light that is coming through the window really feels this space up, making it feel big and luminous.

3 Basement Walk Out

So clearly this is our favorite one. Like honestly, how could this place not be airy and bright with all that natural light pouring in. The indoor and outdoor layout of this space makes it feel larger than life, and even when the doors are closed, the glass panels still allow for light to pour through, so this space is never dark and cramped.

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The white walls, beige floors, and all the clean lines flow seamlessly together giving life to this space and we assume anyone who enters it. This is a basement we'd love to live in.

2 Modern Antiques

How can all this dark furniture and brown accents still look so warm and inviting? From the awesome skylight, to the way the light bounces off the wood-paneled walls, this basement apartment is the embodiment of bright and airy. For this space to be underground, there is a crazy amount of light coming in. Also, the designers knew what they were doing with all those mirrors because the light reflects off the mirrors perfectly giving the illusion of a bigger and brighter space. This space beautiful, and rustic, and we love it!

1 Bangin' Backsplash

We’re not getting any gloomy basement vibes over here. We give the aesthetics a ten for all the beautiful accents in this space. The way the lighting reflects off that shiny red subway tile really fills the room making it feel bright and airy. Everything seems to glitter in the light, and that glossy white finish on the walls, up against all that dark wood gives this space so much energy and life. We can't believe the designers were about to make this space so vibrant with very little natural light. We might have to rethink our apartment search.

These basements were so bright and airy, we'll never look at a gloomy glorified storage space the same again. Did you enjoy these basements? Do you live in a beautiful basement apartment? Share with us in the comments below!


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