A Pub Crawl For Dogs Is Taking Place In The UK This March

A pub crawl specifically designed for dogs is taking place in the British city of Bristol this weekend and we desperately want to be a part of it.

A great many of us grow up wanting a pet dog. Whether we end up getting one or not, when you grow up and live on your own, you finally realize why it took so much convincing to get your parents to welcome a puppy into the home. For a child, it's just that new companion you have always wanted. When you're an adult, there is a lot of added responsibility.

Dogs need an awful lot of care and attention. One thing you cannot do is simply shoot off on holiday. Depending on the people you have around you to take care of your pup, you might not even be able to leave them alone for the day. Most of your holidays and day trips likely require a fair bit of research in order to discover places that are dog-friendly.


If all of the above sounds like a description of your life then we may have just the day out for you. The UK company Dog Furiendly is hosting a dog-friendly pub crawl this weekend in the British city of Bristol. The event has been aptly named The Hair of the Dog Pup Crawl and will take place across five bars near the city center on Saturday, March 2.

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The pup-themed festivities will begin at Horts at 2 p.m. From there, owners and their canine companions will move on to the appropriately named BrewDog, then The Rummer, Prince Street Social shortly after that, and finish up at Wild Beer on the waterfront. Bristol Post reports that there will be a prize up for grabs for the best-behaved pooch, and also pupcakes for all dogs in attendance.

This weekend's pup crawl will be the third event run by Dog Furiendly. The organizers have already held similar events in Glasgow and Cardiff with a lot of success, hence the addition of a third in Bristol. If this sounds right up your alley and you and your dog will be in the Bristol area this weekend, you can get tickets from Eventbrite for £15 (a little less than $20). For that, you'll get a glass of prosecco, snacks for your pooch, a t-shirt, and also the chance to win a litany of other prizes throughout the pub crawl.

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